Fascist America

The premise was a well oiled machine unhindered by partisanship would make America great again. The liberal media suggested that one of the great American political parties was doomed. When my liberal friends mentioned this little bit of propaganda to me, I would reply with a twinkle in my eye, which one? The media meanwhile showered praises on China as a golden example of the successes of a unified central government. The only way to compete in a global world would be with a strong centralized government.

Donald Trump was supposed to be a straw man, build him up, then knock him down. Unfortunately for the Democrat Party, it didn’t work. Their expected triumph turned into a tragic loss. Their great political machine collapsed. Unfortunately great portions of it are still alive.

The media has recently reminded me a number of times that Trump supporters are a minority. With that I must agree. In fact most of my life I have been a minority of some sort.

Please note, the government, the entertainment industry, the news media, and the energy are all unionized. Unionism was once needed. Now unionism is self serving thuggery belittling any opposition till it gets its own way. Unionism gets its way by getting people into government that will then unequivocally support union prosperity. In return the politicians will receive the support of union thuggery. Thuggery that now includes media manipulation and collusion.

Unhappy about the unexpected Trump ascendancy, they realised that attacking the man was not enough. The professionals of professional thuggery started attacking the supporters of the man. These attacks were vicious cruel and rather mean spirited. It was a new low in politics. Simple working people suddenly become the most despised minority on earth. For these simple people their reaction was to be resolute disrespect of the unholy alliance between government media and entertainment.

If I had a union job I would have probably supported Hillary. However I really hope that  would have recognized that the people that did not support her would have had a legitimate reason for doing so. Just because someone doesn’t agree politically doesn’t mean they are a racist or a misogynist or a fascist.

Because the headless beast that is the Democrat party is continually unable to engage in political discussion without using racist accusations, we may just end up with the fascist system that they so desired. Not that I am in favor of fascism. I believe competition improves the breed. So I really do enjoy globalist competition, things like Formula I and the World Rally Championship. I was actually somewhat afraid that if the Democrat Party had its way, we would have had a genetically superior president. WIth the genes of two previous presidents, Chelsea would have been a logical and superior choice. Probably would have been reasonable to expect her to be president for life.

I and others like me broke the dreams of the progressive politicised unionised thuggery. So now we find ourselves defined by the unionized media as the most despised political minority. I have decided why on earth should I now allow anyone with that progressive union card shape my political opinion?


2 thoughts on “Fascist America

  1. Brilliant question! Right now I do not believe anything that unionized media has to say about politics. Funny I have found some real news on Facebook. I think I sent you a friend request a couple of weeks ago. Myself, I have resolved to always be a kind and understanding person. It goes well with my values.


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