A Rollercoaster Ride

The UAW is attempting to unionize the Tesla factory in California. They have published a bunch of lies on why the Tesla factory needs to be unionized. Elon Musk was not very happy about the lies of the UAW. He then wrote a long letter to his employees explaining the lies of the UAW.

I really like Elon Musk, I think he has the second largest set of brass ones in the world. To be honest, I think he gets along well with the guy that has the largest set. I expect some really unique synergies.

If I had the great misfortune to live in California, I would work at the Tesla factory if I could. Elon made a rather unique promise for his factory after the launch of their upcoming Model 3 Tesla. He promised a rollercoaster, complete with loops in the factory. You could go from building to building, or to the parking lot by roller coaster! What a great way to start the day. If by chance you were a bit unsettled, the loops would be optional. Me I would be thrilled to start my day with a double loop.

Since I met my wife, I have purchased eight Union built vehicles. My dear, and beautiful wife has purchased three beautiful and unique non union built vehicles. Right now I really hope that my next vehicle is non union made. I used to buy union built vehicles with pride. Now, I would be seriously disappointed if I have to buy a union built vehicle.

Tesla currently has a net value of about two billion dollars, they will need almost that much to launch the Model 3 (a car I want to buy) They currently have a market valuation of about 35 billion. Unsurprisingly Wall Street hedge funds are shorting Tesla stock by nine billion dollars. There are many people who have a interest in the failure of Tesla.

It would be cool to have a rollercoaster at work. If you don’t have a rollercoaster at work, you could always get involved in politics.


2 thoughts on “A Rollercoaster Ride

  1. The UAW is directly responsible for your automotive evolution. Ever since the late ’50’s they have blackmailed the Big Three automakers into ever more expensive and intrusive new contracts every three years. It’s a well established pattern where they strike at one of them and allow the other two to gain market share until the target company buckes and give up still more wages and benefits and yields more of their management options to ‘work rules’. One of the most damaging of this blackmail has been the ever more generous health care coverage they have demanded and received..In the early ’79’s the AFT began organizing teachers and added UAW style benefits to teacher’s contracts with ever lower copays and ever wider coverage. Medical service providers saw all that new money and,naturally, sought ways to get their share. That’s why medical costs have increased way beyond inflation. Where there is big money there will be big players. That’s why Tesla can’t let the Union in.


  2. Absolutely correct Ernie, the very first UAW strike targeted the plants with the stamping dies. The unions have always strategied for maximum effect and personal benefit.


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