Bubba’s view on Trump

I would like to dedicate the thoughts of this site to Timothy Carson. He was a friend and colleague. These are things I would have discussed with him on the factory floor, or at the bar.

Any political activism on my part, I definitely dedicate to my father Yorick the II. I have also chronicled my political activities on this site.

Politics are changing, and this is my view. Now and then I will make a post to this site. I will spare my friends, coworkers and neighbors my views. However if they want to know, here they are. Every year or so I am responsible to vote. So I do try and pay attention. However there are things that I do care for much more than politics. Politics are not my life.

Political commentary can be dangerous, so for now I prefer to remain anonymous. After what may have been a nanosecond of thought, I adopted the pseudonym Bubbatrump. Largely because this site is about him, and the media reaction. I have long believed the media has distanced itself from reality. Welcome to my reality, that of a Trump voter.


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