A Few Words

Sometimes words are written, that should not be. Sometimes we agree to disagree. A standard for one may not be for another. Who is to judge? Most importantly, is the standard consistent?

For example, the media, the arbitrators of our standards considers “Be Better” to be a fine example of loving words spoken by a loving person. However “Be Best” are considered to be hateful words spoken by a hateful person. Most people can be better, only a few can be best. But when it really comes down to it. Most people can be best at something.

So words really don’t matter. When it comes to the reviewer, what matters are not the words, but whom is speaking the words. Some say words matter. Really? No perceptions matter. Or is it really preconceptions matter.

Some words are bad. Very bad. We do not use them in polite company. It should be the desire of all to use words that don’t inflame. Even if they don’t matter. So I will end with a few words, that don’t really matter.

It’s the Hypocrisy Sweetheart ; )


Miracles Happen

Miracles do happen, in another week there will probably be another miracle. Democrats believe that there shall be a resurrection, that their party will rise from the dead. The polls say that the Democrats will win back the House. A few optimistic Democrats believe that they will also win back control of the Senate. I believe that a few million Democrats actually believe that somehow President Trump will be replaced with a Democrat in the coming year. Really, most people do not believe that, but a few do.

Miracles Happen.

On the other hand, Republicans believe that it would be a miracle if the Republicans kept the House. History says that the party in power looses in the midterms. It would be a miracle if the Republicans did not loose seats.

Miracles Happen. Yup, we know it’s probably going to be a miracle. We just do not know who for.

A Sad October Surprise

“It’s the economy sweetheart”. Yes that is a riff on the Clinton era “It’s the economy st*p*d”, I just refuse to use the Clintonion “S” word. Having had that word used against me many times I do not like it, and refuse to use it. It is emblematic of the tyranny of today’s politics. Agree or prepare to be belittled, or worse. So I will stick with sweetheart. Sweetheart, it’s the economy.

The Republicans seem to be sticking with the positive economy. Funny how anytime the news says that the Democrats are leading in the polls the market drops. It may be a rather simplistic view, but it is what I see. Not really what would be considered an October surprise, but a good talking point.

Typically a October surprise is timed for maximum impact, like the caravan of migrants through Mexico. I just do not understand how it is a political advantage to advocate breaking the law. “Surprise! We premeditated breaking the law”. It is not very often that is a successful strategy. Follow the law. If you do not like the law, find a lawyer. Or buy a politician.

Sometimes an October surprise is a random event. Like the Trump supporter that also was a mail bomber. Although some say the weight lifter was a Democrat plant, I am willing to take this bit of bad news at face value. A fervent Trump supporter mails his favorite Democrats the pyrotechnic equivalent of party popper. Although he intended no harm, what he did was wrong. He will pay dearly for his actions. What he did was to give the Democrats some excellent talking points.

The problem with what were essentially fake bombs, is they could inspire someone to use real bombs. Or that the bomber with fake bombs cold have a real bomb in the mix. That being said, if the worst Trump supporter was a man with a fake bomb problem, then Trump supporters are really not as bad as people say. I like to say we live in good times. I was going to write that if the worst in our time, is a man mailing fake bombs, then indeed, we live in really good times. Then the other shoe dropped.

A fascist, with a deep hatred of President Trump burst onto the scene, killing eleven, and injuring six others. Hate is such an evil thing. A little bit of name calling is one thing. However hatred is wrong. Sadly this brings me full circle. Sweetheart.

To classify, and then eliminate a whole group of people is wrong. However it is still being done. We are individuals. We are allowed to associate with like-minded individuals. As long as we are causing no harm to others, we should be free to believe.

Whistling The Dog

Word Press tells me nobody reads my blog. Well they do report the occasional view from China, or Canada. Interesting combination, I must be rated a “C” blogger. No links from Facebook, where I occasionally post a link to my thoughts. It is a very plausible scenario that nobody actually cares what I think. It may be odd of me to enjoy reading the commentary on editorials.

So I have read that WordPress has been known to suppress viewer statistics. I have no idea if it is true. Also it is said that Facebook does the same thing by suppressing links. In actuality this is plausible. Hillary said that her dream job would be to run Facebook. Think of the mischief she could do. It is very plausible that large corporations would manipulate internet content, it is what they do.

Why? Dog Whistling. I have read that it has been determined that “Conservative Bloggers” “Dog Whistle”. The explanation is they unconsciously spew racist hatred. It is called a dog whistle because they do not hear themselves. I have seen Liberals on TV use the term. Took me a while to figure out what it meant.

So the reality is I have no idea what is going on. It is quite probable that the internet is being manipulated, TV is most definitely being manipulated. So I will leave with a final thought today.

A couple of years ago when I was driving around the Trump Truck I noticed that as the press whipped the hate against Trump more people gave me the finger, I wondered how many people would have given me the finger if I had driven a Hillary Truck. But I had made my choice I could only drive one truck. Yes, many people gave me the finger. I thought that was rather impolite.

So now I find it funny, that when I want political news I go to Whatfinger.com. Supposedly it is “Military Hardened” against nonsense.

Party Time

The Democrats desperately want a one party system. I have seen editorials extolling the virtues of a one party system, well that was a couple of years ago when they expected Hillary to be the leader. I have not seen an one party editorial in a while. Till now. Mine.

Back a couple of years ago I was still in favor of a two party system. I always thought that there should be an alternative point of view. Unfortunately, for years the only alternative  has been simply a mouthpiece for nonsense. I hesitate to endorse a single party system, however I see no intellectual arguments against a one party system.

It is my belief that Republicans have a habit of caving into the demands of Democrats. So if the Democrats demand a single party system, why shouldn’t the Republicans give it to them. We will find out in a couple of weeks.

Donald Trump is a human. If something happens to him we have Mike Pence. Mike is not like Donald, he doesn’t inflammatory tweet. He doesn’t call people names. You would think Mike, if the worst happens that would be a change that we can believe in. You have a problem with term limits?

So wether we like it or not, we are heading down a new road. It is not like I am against a two party system. It is just now I see no alternative to a single party system. As long as people continue to choose their representatives I am OK wIth it. Party On.

Good Morning America

If I watched Good Morning America, I’d probably hate myself too. Even worse I would probably think that I would be undeserving of due process. That is just the way it is.

Despite all that, life is good. True it may be wrong to say life is good. By simply saying life is good, it means that I am not part of the struggle. My belief is that the “struggle” is too ill defined. Some might say that my proclamation of “Life is good” is simply a sign of white privilege. I cannot deny them their beliefs.

The sky is blue, the grass is green. It is not that way for all people. So it may be a privilege. Hopefully I do not deny others the same privileges that I myself enjoy. Nor do I desire to deprive others of due process.

Yes I know some of the well off do protest, for they believe they are part of a greater struggle. Me? I am glad I am not part of the struggle. I do not believe what they say on TV.

Good Morning America

Reading the Script

I did watch a bit of the Kavanaugh hearings. My takeaway was the Democrats were all reading from a script. This simply confirmed my belief that they are incapable of independent thoughts. I can only wonder who is writing the script.

Who is writing the script for the Democrats? Part of me says that there is no longer any central planing for the party, there is no leadership. What we see is just the twitching of the corpse of a once great party. However, the leadership was definitely reading lines. Follow the money, it could be claimed that Nancy Pelosi was the de facto leader of the party during the hearings. So who was writing her script?

I have to think about her driver, a few months ago there was a short story about her driver being a long time Chinese spy. Not much more came out of the story. Interesting. I read that the Chinese are making big investments in Hollywood. Who writes the lines, follow the money. Am I positive? No, I am not sure. Is there an alternative? Hollywood, the Mecca of the Left, the home of Liberalism, is reading a script. Seriously, who is writing their script?

I have no idea who Kanye West is. However he was in the news because he was in the Oval Office with President Trump. I also saw a bit of that also. My takeaway? Kanye was not reading a script. He was saying what he believed. I have to respect that. Dragon power.

I am no Kanye West. I do not have the courage to wear my MAGA hat. To much liberal pushback for me. I am afraid of the violence of the left. It permeates our society.

Just a note on what Mr. West said about the “Again” in MAGA. Unlike some folks, I do not believe that “Again” means bring back slavery. My view is that America is great. The “Again” is simply a tweak on those that constantly complain about our country. America is great, we just have to accept and acknowledge that. So if I cannot wear a MAGA hat because of fear, America is not great. The A is simply an acknowledgment of the script of the left that disallows free thought. I stand by my “A”.