The Fog Rolls In

Long days and crazy people in an unfamiliar environment. How do I cope with the tangles in my brain. I don’t really, it is just brain fog. Sure I know there are things out there, yet I have a coffee in my hand and I keep on going. I wonder if the fog will lift. My navigation radio is analog in a digital world. The music is smooth jazz as I seek my harbor. A breif reprise reveals a glimpse of a beautiful world, wafting in and out of view, yet I am concerned on the dangers hidden from view.

Poorly socialized I seek safety, fjords to nowhere beckon constantly. Enter and the winds will blow aground. The high seas providing unsustainable comfort. Decisions must be made as mind rejects what is reality.

Age is cruel and beautiful. There will always be a future shared by all. We live in our bubbles wafting in the fog. Never knowing when they will pop.


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