Hyper Joe

I wish I had a cup of coffee with that much energy. Before the election Joe Biden was hard pressed to make a fifteen minute speech. Trump called him sleepy Joe, and nobody argued. In his first week Joe reportedly signed 22 executive orders. In his first week Trump signed 4 executive orders. Joe is doing a lot more than undoing Trumpism. A bit of me is just hoping that this is how build back better works. Yet I do not understand why they are letting guys compete in girls sports. Or why we will be better off if the price of gas goes up.

For some, Hyper-Joe Biden was unexpected. True, he was expected to undo the hated Trump legacy. Some expect Joe to punish Trump, and his hated supporters. The more canceled the better. Yes, I am a bit nervous. Though nothing has happened to me, yet. Trump was the same before and after the election. Joe, well a different Joe emerged. In retrospect Joe’s low energy campaign consisting of the simple message of “Trump Bad” made sense. Why campaign when you know the fix is in.

Elections have consequences. There are winners and losers. That is why we vote. I have reinvented myself before, and I can reinvent myself again. Hate will not be part of my picture. I will fit in, if allowed. Hoping for equity as they say. Cancel hate is my motto.


The Drone Show

I would like to congratulate President Joe Biden on the drone show during his inaugural. I managed to find the show on Youtube and was impressed. From what I read it is difficult to set up a drone show in restricted airspace. The permitting was started even before the election. So the event was planed to proceed whomever may have won. Pretty much a non political procedure. Sure the display would honor the victor, that is the way it should be. So thanks again to the big guy for letting the show go on.

The Riots Continue

I am afraid of riots, they signal the end of civilization. Over the summer there were hundreds of riots. Mostly in Democrat cities. Many were planned, with the tact approval of liberal politicians. I am sure the secretive Soros foundation had a hand in preparation. Yes it is called the Open Society foundation. It is the second largest charity in the country, second only to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Open Society invests in political activism, with more money than Donald J Trump.

Joe and company built a wall around Washington D.C.and all the State Houses. Said the Trumpers were going to start an armed insurrection. I do not really mind it when people tell me what I am thinking, except when they are wrong. I find it especially deplorable when they accuse me of bad thoughts, that they themselves are thinking. Some things I am not capable of doing. Why do they say what they do?

So Antifa attacked the Democratic party building in Portland. There were also a few other small Antifa riots. I did not see any Trump violence during the inauguration. So unlike what happened four years ago. Were we promised that the riots would stop if Joe was elected? I heard more than on commentator say that very thing. Now they tell us that the Trump people will be rioting. With all the riots in the last year, there was only one glorious riot with Trump’s name on it. The Capitol riot. It was the only riot that did not target innocent civilians and property. The Trump riot targeted the corrupt politicians of this country. The riot failed. The guilty will be prosecuted, it is over. I am only sad that innocents had to suffer. Yet with all the other riots, much was condoned, and very little prosecuted. So many more innocents suffering. It is sad.

I paid slight attention to the inauguration, hoping I would hear “Build Back better”. Nope did not hear it. Some nice young lady in yellow did read a poem though. Not really interested in staying tuned in. Yet I am sure I will hear it. I wonder how many people watched the Biden inauguration versus the Trump inauguration? Yes I will include the TV viewers in that number. It would only be fair. From what I understand the drone show was pretty good, I will have to see if I can find it.

TDS Continues

I would like to say TDS stands for Technology, Design & Safety. Sadly TDS continues as Trump Derangement Syndrome. Personally I would like to integrate Technology, Design & Safety into Build Back Better, a phrase I once heard from the Biden team.

I am not sure who the official mouthpiece of the Biden administration, so occasionally I check CNN. As usual they have nothing nice to say about Trump. Note to CNN, Trump lost. Your guy won. Act like it. So far what I have learned is to question the results of the election is to be guilty of treason. So I will not question the results. Yet I want to see more. What we did get was more troops in DC. Reportedly over twenty thousand. Qin Shi Huangdi would be proud. Oh yes, we built a wall around the government too.

Interestingly I have been cancelled by my readers from China. I do not know how far the great arm of censorship will reach. I do not advocate violence, nor do I repeat the party line, I just express my opinion. They must no longer care about my views. From what I understand the Chinese economy is half the size of the U.S. economy. The Russian economy is about the size of Texas. So if either was to take over our government, it would definitely be leveraged. Wonder if it will go as planned.

Like I said earlier, I have not heard anyone support Biden. They only bash Trump. I did hear about one person that just wanted to vote for free stuff. So I am just waiting to hear some good news. So until then, all we have is bad news. Unfortunately I do worry. If anyone knows where I can find some good news, please let me know.

I Believe In Budda

Spin a wheel, and your good. Fly a flag, and you’re good. Rim a bowl till it sings, and you’re good. I really do not know much about Buddhism, however it seems like a simple religion. Bow to a pleasantly plump fellow and you’re good.

Having been betrayed by the media I need some solace. I am sure others will have their ways, yet I will turn to Budda. Never mind the words, they are on the wheel. Spin the wheel and I am good. Never mind the words, they are on the flag. Fly the flag, and I am good. Never mind the words, they are on the bowl, I can make the bowl sing. So I am good. I like that logic. I need the solace.

Of course I am just one betrayed deplorable. Others will have different reactions to being called deplorable, and worse. Being called a deplorable enough times may actually cause deplorable behavior in some people. Being told what your thoughts are may cause irrational thinking. So what is Karma? I am not sure. Some suffer that should not have. My heart goes to them. Yet others, it may have been Karma. To wilfully cause suffering may be cause for suffering. It is just so sad that others had to suffer, just so a few could experience a brief moment of Karma.

I do know the words say, but I believe they say to be compassionate, love and be a good person. Be free and kind. Maybe someday I will find out. However I am sure that the words don’t say hurt people and break things.

Be a good person, spin the wheel, fly the flag, sing the bowl. Do not cause suffering. My words for today.


Treason is trending. December 18th my Senator Jeanne Shaheen said something like. These who refuse to acknowledge our free election are bordering on treason. Then again on December 31st Shaheen said any challenge to The results of Biden’s victory was outrageous and it borders on treason.

I actually have not heard of a single person who voted for Biden, I only know people that voted for or against Trump. I have read about many allegations of election irregularities. I do not know if they are true, Yet to question is to be treasonous? I am not a constitutional scholar, however it is my understanding there were procedures in place that culminate on the sixth of January. To subjugate the constitutional process in place would be? I fully expected that the fix was in and the results would be to Senator Shaheen’s satisfaction.

I believe treason is punishable by death, so I dare not question the results of the election. However I question if Senator Shaheen is actually upholding the constitution. What are the ramifications if she is not?

I also find her distrust of the process to be questionable. More importantly her distrust of the process mirrors the same distrust of process that caused the protesters to storm the capital on the sixth of January. Coincidence? Most importantly, why are only some that distrusted the process being prosecuted. I also question are the right people being prosecuted?

Deplorables acting Deplorably

The imagery was epic. Crowds of of deplorables waving Trump and American flags inside the halls of the nations capital. Historically epic. What does it mean. Let me ponder.

Trump rallies have become flag waving affairs. There has always been the threat of violence to those participating ever since the inauguration. To participate in a Trump Rally is to risk being shot in the head. It has happened. The risk is low because of the safety in numbers, however Trump supporters have been being beat up and killed for a while. It is a fact. To participate in a Trump Rally has a risk of danger.

During the summer their were many protests, riots, violence and deaths. Realistically they were all politically motivated and supported, albeit surreptitiously. Trump rallies did not knock down statues of burn down buildings, or look to incite violence. I know people will disagree with the last bit. However it takes someone to provoke the limited violence that happens at a Trump Rally. The few instances are well repeated. The Juneteenth protests had massive violence that hurt so many innocent people. Compare the reactions.

So I think no-one truly expected violence from the Trump side. It was expected that there would be violence against the Trump people, there always has been. Yet the Trump people so much believe in their cause, they were willing to accept the threat of violence against them.

The FBI is looking for forty people for committing violence in the capital. I have seen some reports that some individuals are affiliated with White Supremacy, Q-Anon, Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Unsurprisingly the Trump Rally was infiltrated, such things happen. I saw one video where the crowd was urging that the window not be broken, I have no idea if the soundtrack was added later. If what I read was correct. Desperate groups were united under the Trump banner. Give that a moment to sink in. They all knew the risks of their actions. Reportedly most were just caught up in the moment.

I saw a dramatic moment to the end of an era. Trumpism was dead. Nothing changed, Trump failed. Nothing left except retribution. I wondered if I was going to loose my job. I shook his hand once. I could loose friends too. Cancellation is real, and there would be more reason than ever. I was hoping that build back better would be my saviour, yet I am not so sure. Being sad, I did not want to talk about it. It was over.

I went back to work. I work in a very liberal establishment. They have MSNBC on the TV. I do not talk about politics, I value my job. I did let slip once that I had shook his hand. It was the wrong thing to do. I was labeled. It is true, I am a deplorable.

There are two wrongs. The first is to tell people what to think. The second wrong is to tell people what they are thinking. Yet these wrongs are rewarded with Pulitzer and other awards. They think they know what I think. Yet They are so wrong.

When I am at work I do not think about politics. Politics is a free time type of thing, I thought we lost. That is it. It is over. Of course they wanted talk about politics, for hours. The same rhetoric, over and over. I said you won, it’s over. They were not happy. They realized they had disenfranchised seventy million voters. I was surprised to hear that. Granted I was only talking to two people. I said Joe can handle it. He has the House and the Senate, he can do what he wants. I felt that I just wanted to be done with politics. They thought the violence would continue. They expected it to happen again. I thought to myself that I had always heard about the upcoming civil war from the left first.

I write about politics, it is what I do. I Tap on my kindle to relieve stress. Maybe that is why I do not swear. I have heard so many lies over the years that I have to write what I think. I will not let people tell me what I think. I may be wrong, in fact I am sure I have been wrong at times, yet I am right when others are wrong. I realize that my words could be used against me. However they may also save me. My desire was for dialog, yet that has not happened. I do not trust people politically, yet everything I write is in public domain. Does it seem like thinking for yourself is a crime? Have you ever thought that?

I went home thinking, they do not think it is over. I have recently written that the rich get what they want. If that is the case it is not over.

So what does it mean? I am thinking of the imagery. So epically historic. So spontaneous. What did you see if you did not see defeat? I had saw defeat, but now I have to think again. I will put my final thought at the end, in bold print. I have written many things, some inflammatory, and some not. I am not sure where I am going from here. Maybe I will say maybe, or not. Then there is my code word. Bubatrump. I write and have thoughts that I articulate. I actually think that I do not articulate very well, however I do better than other people I know. If I am told what I am thinking, and want to disagree I might say Bubbatrump. I do not know if this is positive or negative. Yet it this is my thought. What I saw in the historically iconic movement illustrated is…

Rebellion Against Vassel Fascism

A Sad Day

I watched a bit of the news today, and it is a sad day. I am against violence and the destruction of property. Yet both happened in the nation’s capital today. It is true that there were thousands gathered to support our president, yet I knew that as soon as darkness fell the bad elements of society would prevail. I am pretty much against protest, it really serves no purpose. Yet I admire the flag waving supporters. One is right, the other is wrong. Yet They were standing side by side today. I hope that the ones that were wrong are prosecuted. They deserve to be prosecuted, as do any that engage in violence and vandalism.

Another reason to be sad is they never gave President Trump a chance. I really do not know the reason for this, other than simple use of hatred to achieve power. The liberal establishment loved Trump until he started winning. Then they turned on the hate. These people eat their own. Stay away. It is a sad day.

Actually the answer is rather simple. Money gets what it wants.

Mandarin Surprise

A year ago I would have never guessed that the Mandarins would be in charge. Yet with the cooperation of the American fascists they engineered a leveraged, and rather hostile takeover. Genetically incapable of a simple complement the new Mandarin ruling class have permeated society, and now they are in charge. Happy new year.

So will life get better, I hope so. I had figured President Trump would preside of the new roaring twenties. Guess I was wrong. Trump was an aberration, a moment of truth in a history of lies. Looking at history the ruling class has typically been genetically incapable of telling the truth. Why should these times be any different? Anyway I will say to the Mandarins something they were genetically incapable of saying. Congratulations, you are in charge.

It is true, I work for the Mandarins. I can do so without compromising myself. I teach how to manufacture. Manufacturing is apolitical. Making a thing is not a political act. We, as in humanity, depend upon things to make our lives better. If we make better things our lives will be better. Politics is the process of allocating things. The allocation of things includes the process of making things. Sometimes politics just is the process of taking things. That does not necessarily make for a better life. Currently the Mandarins are pretty good at making things. So there is hope in the future.

Yet I caution the victorious. Your political machine was powered by your hate of people like me. I am very wary of you, and your machine. You are duplicitous and incapable of the truth. Yet I depend on you for sustenance, and you my loalty. It is true politics determine winners and losers, that is a given. Yet there should be no room for threat of retribution. I believe you want to inflict hurt onto people like me so that you can attain power and wealth. Violence is an ancient methodology to attain power. A method that I had hoped we have moved past. I have in the past advocated that people find a good cooperation to join. That is even more true now. A corporation will have a better chance for more clout with the government than a small company. So I hope we can get along.

I will go back to my machines for I desire the preservation of humanity. Manufacturing makes life better. Even if politics determine what machines are productive. Hopefully I will be able to work on productive machines. Biden did say build back better. So I am in on the building and better part. For me happiness is a productive machine. Machines make our life better, we live longer and eat better because of machines and manufacturing. Sure people take and give. Yet they take and give things made by machines. Productivity, utilization, efficiency are keys to sustainability. Mankind, and humanity are dependent on manufacturing.

Of course I wonder what Donald J Trump will do next. Larger than life before he became president he was a presence. As president he was the most influential president in my lifetime. So post presidency, what will he do? Start a new political party? I can see his frustration with both parties. Maybe he will just go on a prolonged vacation. He can afford it. Yet he is not the type of person that can relax. He will have to do something. Possibly he will go after his detractors. They really wronged him. I kind of hope he goes back into real estate. Build even bigger better buildings. Maybe he will buy an island. I was thinking Greenland. Then he could hire his own politicians, they would be a lot less troublesome for him. Anyway it would be a fun guessing game. However the political hate is so intense that it would not be a fun thing to do. I will not ask people what they think Trump.Will do next. That is the way oppressors like it.

I was planning to end with the guessing game as to what’s next with Trump. Most politicians, when they retire have made millions of dollars(how do they do that?). It is estimated that Trump lost two billion while he was president. No book deal will make up that amount. So what is next? Then I remembered the hate machine. Highly refined I have to wonder to what it will be aimed at next. Palace intrigue was a thing during the Trump administration. Not really a Democrat or Republican he could not really know who his friends were. Everyone that high up in politics has an angle. I could imagine the intrigue in a Biden administration could be even worse. Global Mandarin interests versus local socialist interests. Old school Democrats have been quite tenacious in retaining power. Yet They are now under the control of the Mandarins who may have other ideas. Democrat methodology employs some rather unsavory characters and strategies, that could definitely add to the intrigue. However it is true that the party has lasted a lot longer than I expected them to.

So I can imagine that the Democrats cannon of hate will still be aimed a Trump for some time. Obama claimed it was Bush’s fault for years. Such a sorry legacy. So it will be interesting to see what Trump does next. I guess the only thing that is certain is, it will be unexpected.