Stafford Green

There is only one name I remember from grade school. My friend Stafford Green. I probably wasn’t the easiest person to be a friend of. I would disappear into the country during the summer, and come back with a country accent. That was considered uncool. I had another limitation, I needed glasses and nobody seemed to notice.

I was strongly nearsighted. I could not discern faces. Back in school today I see everyone wearing masks we cannot see their faces. When I was 16 I went to get a driver’s license, they would not let me have a license unless I read a sign on the wall. I told them the sign was to far away. They told me to get glasses.

Even though I can now see I still can’t tell people apart. My friends are typically, a bit different. Names are very, very hard for me. I think I may have missed out on something by not recognizing people when I was young. So when when someone says wearing masks can retard development, I have a tendency to agree.

Is there a period of time during development when the brain recognizes faces and assigns names, or on some people does the brai just not get it. When I was growing up my father just could not remember my friends names so it could just be genetic.

so when I went out to the school yard to play, I could always find my friend Stafford. He was black.


The Genetic Divide

I must admit to being intrigued by the geographic red blue divide. It is a stark demonstration of our differences. Yet I have played on both sides of what seems to be an impenetrable barrier. Still on multiple occasions, from different sources, it has been stated that the divide is genetic.

My first thought was, how can where you live determine your genetic composition. Then I remembered that they have genetic testing that is an acceptable way determine where you actually came from. Yet people do move around. So it really is possible that people move to where they are genetically comfortable.

For fun let’s call our two groups the farmers and the traders. Maybe there is a genetic difference. The farmers raise products and the traders distribute products. Sounds simple and equitable. The traders developed architecture to display and store the products. They also developed units of measure to assign value. There is a reason Lady Justice has scales. The ability to use scales is a sign of superior intellect.

Yet the farmer will spend all day giving life. It is rare that products would be simply plucked from a tree. Most farmers preside completely over life cycle from birth to product. They would not succeed if they could not establish a sustanable nurturing environment. Such ability is respected and has value.

So where did we go wrong? The farmers and the traders can not survive without each other. There needs to be a mutual respect for the system to work.

Cities fail, there are numerous failed cities throughout history. I would guess the reasons are many. Yet the reason would be that the system of trade failed. I am not a historian, yet that is my guess.

Slavery subverts respect. Throughout history many cities were built with slavery. The elimination of slavery was a Republican experiment. Wasn’t the elimination of slavery a founding principal of the Republican party. The Democrats, the trail of tears and racial segregation is what the party was founded on. Slavery was part of the system that made the party successful.

The media, the mouthpiece of the traders, makes heroes of criminals. The statues have come down. The revolution is over. Slavery is back, and normalized. The dreamers are now prisoners of a new lower cast. Why? Simple greed is the answer. When you have the power it is easy to demand for more for less.

To intellectually support slavery is to bestow oneself a undeniable privilege. With Lady Justice blindfolded it was tempting for some to to put their thumb on the scale, and smile. For them unearned gains are the sweetest.

Maybe I am oversimplifing things, but that is the the power of the union. The union within the union. Maybe I should have capitalized union, because it is a thing. A genetic thing.