The Maxwell Enigma

I was driving down a scenic country road the other day when a when a thought crossed my mind. Tucked away on the side of that very road was a carved stone with a waterline. Earlier this year the wife and I were walking in downtown Manhattan when we stumbled upon a a very well guarded building, the friendly men in the guard house explained we had found the home of Ghislaine Maxwell. As the men in the garden house were slightly bored we engaged in conversation. We obviously had not been that way before. They were slightly surprised when I mentioned that I had pulled into Ghislaine`s tucked away driveway and took a picture of the stone. After the conversation the men kindly suggested we change our route. We complied.

The trial is over and she received twenty years. What a change of life. For what? She was convicted of providing four underage girls for one man, who died in the jail where she is currently held. I like a salacious story as much as the next person, yet this was a bit of a let down.

The allegations were incredible, from multiple media outlets. Planeloads of young women for multiple world leaders. Everyone was painting their political opposition as affiliated with this particularly despicable man, and woman, Ghislaine. It was apparent that some of the stories were false. I saw pictures of the plane, that was not his plane. When his fleet was liquidated it was much more impressive than I was lead to believe. There was propaganda out there that implied Jeffrey was a nobody wannabee. It came out out later that Jeffrey funded disinformation about himself. Pay no attention to that man over there, the whispers are not true. So does that make it true?

The vast majority of media is a lie, so where is the truth? The courts? They pretty much convicted a dead man, and cleared everyone but his girlfriend. Is it conceivable that she may also be a victim, nope.

I want to touch on the issue of opportunity versus exploitation. I am talking about the young women, it may be hard to get a conviction if their lives have been bettered. Everyone is different and I do not know the answer. Yet rules are rules. Still there are so many unknowns, are all the media stories lies?

I may be dreaming here, but what if there was a block chain for truth. I probably do not care about most of the stories, yet I am curious about some things. That stone “Tucked Away”, why does it have a waterline on it. Was it once on a lake? Or was the waterline artificially added, as a distraction from the truth. Or is my imagination simply overactive. I wonder where the lake may have been. Who put the rock there. Was it commissioned, or simply staged. Yes an odd thing to obsess over, I simply can’t help myself.

At the end of the day what has been tucked away? The truth.