The Effluent Overflows

Of course there are leaks out of D.C. Nothing is capable of containing all the effluent being pumped in from various special interest groups, lobbying organizations, and people that want to control the narrative. The media is a most willing accomplice, and is adding massive quantities of wretched malodorous effluent.

President Trump refers to the leaking cesspool as a swamp. He is being much to kind in his description of the cesspool that is otherwise known as our nation’s capital. The capital is so overrun with effluent it is impossible to find the clean and shiny bright truth anywhere. Every leaked word is contaminated with malfeasance from officials that stay in the shadows. None, should be trusted as truth.

The Press has proven to be genetically incapable of telling the truth. After years of spinning the truth, the media has become totally incapable of reporting anything objective, or connected to reality. They have become a self serving corrupt shill for their own propaganda.

I may be a bit off the rails here, and my words may be strong, but I have seen nothing constructive in the media this week. I like others, am reacting to what I see hear and read. On the positive side, my reaction is absolutely nothing compared to the black shirted fascist actions of the political left. They have no problems with the suppression of the freedom of speech, endorsement of felonious activities over endorsement of law and order.

The sad part, there are so many opportunities to make a positive contribution to the national dialog. Trump’s beautiful gate is an open invitation to immigration reform. Trump’s demand that the European Union pay two percent of their gross domestic product for defense, why don’t we pay the same amount. What would be the benefits of cooperation with Russia, anything economic. What would be the effect of a flat twenty percent tax, for everything, with a fifty thousand dollar deductible. These are questions unanswered by the media.

It is true that there are segments of the right that can be unreasonable. There have even been a couple that have thrown a blow or two. They however do not engage in targeted violence against their fellow citizens. Instead, the whole of the Left is simply obsessed with, and promotes hate. Genetically they resemble single cell organisms, the kind that thrives in our effluent cesspool that is Washington D.C. The results will be predictable.

[Edit: shortly after I wrote this, I see two men died defending a woman in a vail from a racist. A female celebrity holds up a bloody representation of President Trump’s head ISIS style. The media IS promoting racist behavior when they insist people are racist]



The Democrat party, the news media, the entertainment industry, and even higher education, are all bound by unionism. As they are bound together they speak with one voice, one belief.

They are intolerant of any belief other than their own. They are bound by the ends that justify their means. Ultimately, they speak with the one voice of failure.



Another act of terror, this time in Manchester England. It was an attack that targeted children. The death of the eight year old was quite wrenching. Twenty two innocents murdered. Then again, in Chicago there were thirty six murdered to date in just this month of May. Sad to say, the Left would prefer if this news did not exist. I actually watched to see what Rachel Maddow had to say. I was actually surprised when she said that some of the children did not die of terrorism, they died from trampling. As if it was the children’s fault.

President Trump also commented. He surprised me by calling the terrorist a loser. To my surprise the radical Islamic terrorist has been rebranded as a simple loser. The presidents logic was to not glorify the act of terrorism. Something like there is some sort of status to being a Monster Islamic Fighter. Still, I think that being a terrorist is much much much worse than being a loser.

I was also disappointed that the terror attack preempted the coverage of President Trump’s trip. I see small hints of cooperation between the major players. If President Obama had made the same trip, the mainstream media would be absolutely glowing in their coverage. Every word would be pure adulation. Instead, there is almost no coverage of this historic trip by the mainstream. Instead, the false news of Trump and Russian collusion pervades.

Just proves my point that the card carrying Left is genetically incapable of the truth. They’re as rabid about this Russia thing as they were about weapons of mass destruction. You know how that worked out.


An Alter Of Equality


It is known that in Masonic tradition the alter of the Holy Book is shared by all the books of monotheistic religions. If you believe in one God, the book is on the alter in the center of the lodge. In Masonic tradition, one Holy Book is not better than another Holy Book. The Holy Books are treated with equal respect. It is not unusual for multiple books to be on the alter. They represent the faiths of the Masons present.

While I am not suggesting that President Trump is a Mason, and I rather suspect that he is not. I however can’t help but see a certain acknowledgment of Masonic dogma as a focus of this trip. I could go on about Masonic brotherhood and charity, but I will stick with religion. A basic tenet of Masonic faith is the belief in the god of your choice. Not a bad thing. Another basic tenet, we are all brothers, no matter the religion.

It would be fun to look for more Masonic symbolism, however I will leave that to the experts. Just happy, that in a small way America is returning to its roots. It is well known that the founding fathers were Masons.

I did not take the photo above. It is of the alter of the Scottish Rite Temple located in Washington DC. I believe it is open to the public.

A Historic Flight

President Trump and Air Force One made what is being described as a historic flight from Saudi Arabia to Israel. It was noted that there were a previously some similar flights. The most notable was President Bush went from Israel to Saudi Arabia. My first thought was, in the previous flights were there some in air flight plan changes. In other words were the flight plans changed in flight to accommodate international protocol.

So there is a very good probability that this flight could very well be the first direct flight from Saudi Arabia to Israel in a very long time. There has been one well reported flight some time ago. It is reported that Mohammed flew from Mecca to Jerusalem on a winged horse. Talk about a journey for the ages.

I did listen to a good portion of President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia. I was impressed. Unfortunately I listened to the speech broadcast on NPR. Within seconds of the speech ending the commentators went negative. I will have to give NPR some points for at least broadcasting the speech in its entirety.

When I had a chance I tuned into Fox to watch some of the coverage of this historic trip. From what I could see, both the leadership of Saudi Arabia and Israel were very enthusiastic about greeting President Trump and his entourage. The Pope will be the next stop on the trip. I hope to see a little bit of him too.

It is a little early to predict an outcome to this journey, the results take time. However the initial impression of this trip is indeed quite impressive. I am thinking that this was very well thought out.

A Harvard Education

Recently there was a Harvard study that looked at media bias. It reviewed major news media outlets, and tabulated whether the news stories were either pro Trump or anti Trump. CNN were on the top with 93 percent negative coverage. Fox news grave the most positive coverage with only 52 percent negative coverage. The overall average ended up being 80 percent negative. That compares with the 41 percent negative coverage for president Obama. This study was very much aligned with my observations.

What did the study leave out? How much of the positive or negative news was verifiable false news, or unconfirmed news. It may be hard to do, as much news seemed to be based on anonymous sources. A new phenomenon is how much of the news was not anti politician, but anti voter. News now questions the motivations of the voters, and passes judgement on the voter. This was left out of the survey.

Speaking of voter motivation, I read a couple of studies on racism and voter preferences. It turns out that there is a correlation. People with really strong political opinions are more likely to be racist. I was actually somewhat relieved to find that out. For my political opinions are actually quite moderate. The major reason I like Trump, he is the negotiator. It is not like, I really really really want some ideology. In my view, the feverish ideologues are the anti Trumpers. So the study on racism more or less clears me, and many other Trump supporters. The interesting thing is, the study kind of indictes the media elite as racist. For they have very strong political views.

The Special Counsel

Actually I have no problem with the appointment of a special counsel. It is something that the Democrats really, really, really want. When it comes down to it, they are a big part of the Republic. It is what they want above all else.

Actually I am a bit surprised that the Democrats care more about prosecuting President Trump than let’s say, healthcare reform, or tax reform, or immigration reform. President Trump, in my view left the door open for input on these important reforms. Then there are environmental issues, trade issues, economic issues that could use creative debate.

Nonetheless, there is a great chorus from the Left calling for investigation and ultimately impeachment. I believe the Trump campaign was a bit disorganized, but certainly not criminally corrupt. My belief is the special interests that control the Left are not happy that they are not represented in the current administration. But that is just my view. I do know people that believe President Trump is to liberal, and would really prefer Mike Pence as president. So as far as they are concerned, bring it on. It is not entirely impossible that the false news could bring on false evidence. That being said, I do have confidence in the process. Who am I to say what the reality in Washington is.

Finally, if there is a time for public input in the investigation, I do have a couple of questions about certain news items. I questioned the news at the time, but I would be really curious if the news was real or fake.

Bring it on!

A President Who Shoots Straight, Finally

Really, President Trump tells the Russians the exact coordinates of an ISIS bomb making factory. A factory that makes small bombs for taking down aircraft. Bombs that took down at least one Soviet airliner, and maybe others. The Russians are known for brutal retribution. The straight scoop? I wonder if the factory in now anything more than dust.

We did not have to use a MOAB or a fleet of cruise missiles, and an extremely dangerous factory has most likely been eliminated. We have made the Russians very happy, and most likely appreciative of American leadership. We haven’t had such brilliant strategy since the first Gulf War.

For some odd reason the leftist flakes think this is treasonous. Oh wait, I just turned on the TV and there is another critical treasonous scandal in the works.


Blue Lives Matter

Last year during a Black Lives Matter rally five police officers were murdered. The president should support the police and give them respect. They have a tough job.

The other day President Trump lighted the exterior of the White House in blue to express his solidarity with the police.

If you have an encounter wIth the police address the officer as “Officer” or “Sir” or maybe even “Mam” though I have not tried that. In doing so you will have established respect. More importantly you will have the full force of the constitution on your side.

To go into an encounter with the police with an negative attitude doesn’t help anyone. I am truly surprised that the police are so tolerant these days.

Of course all lives matter. The only difference between black and blue is ue and ak.