The Anathema Of The Left

The incestuous relationship between the Democrat Party, the Mainstream Media and the Entertainment Industry has resulted in no genetic diversity in their political opinion. That in itself is not wrong. It is the opposition to the diversity of opinion that has caused a problematic genetic regression of the left.

Honestly and morally, even the opposition of diversity of political thought is not wrong. What is wrong is the suppression of diversity of political thought. It is the suppression of political opinion that is morally, and rightfully wrong. When my political signs were stolen, it was wrong. When I was threatened on the highway, it was wrong, when I was yelled at by public officials it was wrong, when I am censored it is wrong.

As far as the Left is concerned it was justified, as their cause is just, and the world is unjust. It is OK to steal a sign, as it is just. It is OK to threaten, as diversity of thought is not to be tolerated. It is OK for public officials to intimidate, because it is for the best for them. These are just my experiences.

When I turn on the TV, or watch the internet, I see many instances of violence being used to suppress thought. Then of course there are the lies, lies and more lies. The Left invented fake news. After dozens of Trump signs disappeared, the county chair complained to the local police and press. The next day the was a front page article about the destruction of Clinton campaign signs. I used to count the signs for fun. It was a simple method of keeping score in my world. The Clinton and Bernie signs were constant. The Trump signs came and went.

I would watch the speeches too. Then the news the next day. So many lies, in front of my eyes. Yet the left lost.

This is why the Left is an anathema. Instead of just one more lie, one more threat, one more act of violence, they have doubled down. A hundred more lies, a thousand more threats, and lots of violence. At this point if they were to happen to tell the truth, I wouldn’t believe them. It is my belief that the Left is genetically incapable of telling the truth.

Capital Gains

Just a note on my views of the capital gains tax. My view is not a reflection of any other view. It’s entirely my own. Contrary to what others say about me, I have very few political views. Of course I thought Donald J Trump was going to be the next president, that was just an observation, that proved to be correct. At times I am surprised, and am not always correct. However I do not parrot the views of others, and I use a multitude of sources.

Currently the capital gains tax is lower than the standard tax rates. Now the very well to do receive their compensation with options. Thereby paying a lesser rate than people who receive a salary. This is what Warren Buffett talks about when he says he pays less in taxes than his secretary.

Any tax discussion, by either party leaves the the gains tax out of the discussion.

Media Lies Matter

False News? How do you know what the truth is? It is not very often that an individual would actually be in a position to be an eyewitness to news. We are dependent on the news to provide factual and nonpartisan reporting. It doesn’t happen. Not only is media biased. They lie. Playing a small part in an actual election I have observed many lies. I include the local and national news in observed deception. I have previously chronicled a number of instances. Now I am no longer involved, so once again I am totally at the mercy of the media for information on the outside world.

In all likelihood, we will all be lied to. It’s hard to have strong opinions when I realise that my opinion may be based on lies. Likewise, I will suspect anyone that has strong feelings and opinions biased on what they see in the media. Especially politically motivated media. The money in media because of politics, is wow.

I do believe that the lies in media will only get worse. I include the entertainment media in this statement.

James Comey

I thought the guy was a flake, so my first thought was, it is about time. Of course when the president fires the director of the FBI people will talk. Interestingly a couple of days ago Hillary Clinton was blaming James Comey for her loss. As I wrote here at the time I thought the Weiner laptop affair was inconsequential. I don’t think I wrote about it the time, however I wondered about the motivation for the revelations.

Those who are not blinded by partisan motivation will agree James Comey was involved in several odd activities. In honesty, if there was any partisanship, he seemed to favor the Republicans. That brings the remote possibility that he was employed by the Russians to help Donald J Trump in the election.

President Trump prides in having a team of winners. James Comey was not a winner. Sometimes big wheels turn slow, the firing was probably inevitable.

Of course the Democrats believe that Comey was sacked because he was about to reveal massive Russian Trump collusion effectively throwing the election. I believe that they believe that the election can be overturned if they just try hard enough. The investigation will get along just fine without James Comey.

My view, if there was collusion, it would have already have been leaked. But let’s just look at what would be the motivation of Vladimir Putin. Foremost, he would like the price of oil to go up. The economy of Russia, as many other countries is dependent on the price of oil. Then there are some border disputes, and sanctions. Russia, unlike many other countries are not dependent on American aid. Our major costs incurred because of Russia, is the arms race. If the costs of the arms race could be reduced, both countries would benefit.

My view on the motivation of the Democrat leadership, they would prefer war with Russia, or Korea, or anybody so they could blame Trump. They must blame someone, it’s in their DNA.

Than You For The Kind Words Nancy

Nancy Pelosi had some kind words for Republicans that supported repeal and replace with something better. “The bill will be tattooed on your forehead and you will glow in the dark” are just a few of the gracious words she heaped on Republicans that care for healthcare.

Personally I would just prefer to wear my BUBBATRUMP hat with the golden bill. As for luminosity, I prefer my luminous words right here in Bubbatrump.

At times I think when it comes to advancing partisanship cooperation, the Democrat leadership is genetically incapable of anything other than fascist hatred. However the kind and understanding words of Nancy has proven me wrong. It is so admirable that Nancy cares about cooperating with the Republicans after the dastardly partisan tactics the Republicans have used in the past. What am I saying? They hate us!

Oh well, just a few more mindless unconstrained words from another hateful politician.

Two Out Of Three Is Not Bad

Just thought I would rate the major Trump campaign promises. In no particular order.

Build The Wall, then make Mexico pay for it: First I give the media a failing grade for failing to ask about the big beautiful gate. Trump however gets a just passing grade because illegal immigration is way down. As of right now it appears nobody is paying for the wall. It has been pointed out that Trump himself is the wall. However he can improve his passing grade if he manages an architecturally pleasing wall. Then if the wall is reasonably secure, at least a B grade would be in order. I would be happy to award the Trump administration with a Golden A if a big beautiful gate is part of the wall.

Temporary Ban of Muslims. Absolutely a A! President Trump used precedent created and outlined by the Obama administration to Impose his Ban On Muslim immigrants. Fulfilling a campaign promise of a ban on those who would want to kill us, A ban was crafted using logic provided by the previous administration. It proved to be very temporary. President Trump fulfilled his campaign promise rapidly and effectively demonstrating the reactionary tactics of his opponents. The only issue would be the lack of clarity in understanding of what is going on with those who want to kill us. I still don’t understand the religious motivations of those who think it is OK to kill innocents.

Of course the previous promises were made with a twinkle in the eye. I think most people biased with prejudice missed it. I sincerely believe that you can fool all the people some of the time, in politics it is a prerequisite. Sometimes you get what you need.

Finally I will mention the Big League promise, Repeal and Replace, with Something Better. In actuality this will be the keystone of the Trump Presidency. Obviously this is a work in progress, and I will not make a prediction on the results. So far with things like his appointment of ¬†Judge Gorsuch President Trump has proved true to his word. So when he says “something better” I believe him.

So far, two out of three is not bad. Then about the third I will paraphrase the words of Don Jr. about his father. “Impossible is just the starting point, never bet against him”.


The Failure of Demonstration

It was May Day yesterday. Once May Day was a celebration of spring, the fertility of nature. Some people would enjoy the Maypole dance. A ritual where ribbons were wrapped around a pole. Then about a hundred years ago the communist party claimed May Day as a day of workers rights. They replaced celebrating the beauty of spring with demonstrations for the workers. Yesterday the resistance called for a hundred thousand demonstrations against President Trump. Yet there were just a few violent anti Trump demonstrations.

There do seem to be fewer anti Trump demonstrations, it may be because the police have started to arrest the anonymous Black Bloc anarchists. Or it may be that the anti Trump people are just getting tired of protesting. To be sure, I am not celebrating the lack of demonstration. I instead morn the lack of celebrating the fertility of spring. Somehow the joy of celebrating the blooming of nature’s bounty has been replaced with the violence of anarchist hatred with a political motivation.

So I wonder when has demonstration been successful. Some say that the protest of the Vietnam War caused us to loose the war. At best it caused us to quit the war. Protest and demonstration did not reconcile the casualties of war.

There have been many demonstrations to bring awareness to the plight of the African American. Is their plight any better? If anything the demonstrations and protests have become more violent. I am not aware of any statistics that their plight is any better, or worse.

Well, there is one success. A man who organized peaceful protests has a national holiday. It is celebrated on a dark February day when most people have to go to work. In my state it replaced a holiday that was on a bright spring day that was at the time the nations oldest holiday. It was a day that celebrated the death of the state’s governor.

Let me explain the holiday celebration that was lost to protest. In pre revolutionary days the state was ruled by a governor appointed by the crown. For whatever reason the governor became ill. At the time it was believed that if one person did not eat, another person would get better. This was called fasting. So it was declared that a beautiful spring day was to be declared a day of fasting. I really do not know how pious the general population was at the time, or if people really fasted. There could be a possibility that the population feasted, as the governor died. The most peculiar thing is that the next year a day of fasting was once again declared. So I figure that they must have had a really good time. To be honest, I do not really know how or why people celebrated the day. What I do know that the day was celebrated on a really nice spring day. The old timers knew a nice day.

Thanks to the power of demonstration, what was once a nice spring holiday to celebrate the demise of a leader past has become a dreary day of work. This is simply an illustration of the failure of demonstration to improve our plight.



The Normalization Of Hate

I was discussing with a friend what we listen to when we are driving. We were planning a prolonged road trip, and I was talking about music. He said that he listens to NPR as it is non controversial. I surprised myself by involuntary blurting out “But they advocate violence”. My friend was equally surprised by my reaction. I quickly composed myself and exited the conversation by saying “Wait Wait, don’t tell me”.

I do not talk politics unless someone else brings it up. With my views it keeps me safer. Because I have carried a Trump sign I have experienced multiple occasions of political violence. Plus many more occasions of political hate. I have listened to an editorializing NPR advocate for people to protest candidate Trump. Then somewhat unbelievably NPR also advocated that people should exceed their personal moral limits of restraint while protesting. This lack of restraint was justified because of the absolute moral righteousness of stopping Trump and his supporters. Personally I interpret that as an advocacy of violence. Violence against people like me.

After the conversation I realized that hate has become normalized in political media. When the advocacy of violence by media is considered normal, it because hate has become normalized. I then thought of the many political conversations I have had where the word hate is used as a descriptor. The word hate is used by otherwise normal people in their description of politicians and policies. Myself, I simply disagree, or have an opposing opinion.

Thankfully during the prolonged road trip we did not listen to the radio, we engaged in conversation. Nobody brought up politics, but the conversation was good. For an epilogue to this piece, I consider my involvement in politics as a bit of a social experiment. In the beginning I believed that Donald J Trump would be the next president. So I picked up his sign to see what would happen. This blog is about my experiences.