Media Lies Matter

False News? How do you know what the truth is? It is not very often that an individual would actually be in a position to be an eyewitness to news. We are dependent on the news to provide factual and nonpartisan reporting. It doesn’t happen. Not only is media biased. They lie. Playing a small part in an actual election I have observed many lies. I include the local and national news in observed deception. I have previously chronicled a number of instances. Now I am no longer involved, so once again I am totally at the mercy of the media for information on the outside world.

In all likelihood, we will all be lied to. It’s hard to have strong opinions when I realise that my opinion may be based on lies. Likewise, I will suspect anyone that has strong feelings and opinions biased on what they see in the media. Especially politically motivated media. The money in media because of politics, is wow.

I do believe that the lies in media will only get worse. I include the entertainment media in this statement.


2 thoughts on “Media Lies Matter

  1. Yes it’s disheartening. I watch WMUR in the AM then CNN and MSNBC for liberal lies and Fox for offsetting lies and read a lot of openly conservative newsletters online and all the Trump posts. All together I think I find the truth.but it takes a lot of time. Also WTJ, NY Times, Boston Post and Washington Journal headlines andManch’ Union Leader. I think I can strain out the truth from all of that. Sadly, we have a whole generation who get their news from Snapchat and Facebook and vote. WE, as Republicans, need t find people who are smart enough to get our message to them.


  2. MSNBC is totally one sided. No opposing opinion whatsoever. What they would really like is war. That sells and they make money. If they can’t have war, well a good scandal will do. Even if they have to create it. It is an agenda that is completely and totally self serving with no interest in decency, morality or balance. I never used to watch Fox because I believed their propaganda that it was bad. I formed my opinions while listening to NPR and watching CNN and MSNBC. For this last election I started to watch Fox for balance. I used to scan the Drudge Report to see what the “Crazies” are up to. For in depth reporting, I am a long term reader of the WSJ. So I am well rounded in traditional media.

    My world is filled with Trump supporters, I do have a few liberal friends too. But most people, young and old are Trump supporters. The media is an anathema. So out of touch with the reality of my world.


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