James Comey

I thought the guy was a flake, so my first thought was, it is about time. Of course when the president fires the director of the FBI people will talk. Interestingly a couple of days ago Hillary Clinton was blaming James Comey for her loss. As I wrote here at the time I thought the Weiner laptop affair was inconsequential. I don’t think I wrote about it the time, however I wondered about the motivation for the revelations.

Those who are not blinded by partisan motivation will agree James Comey was involved in several odd activities. In honesty, if there was any partisanship, he seemed to favor the Republicans. That brings the remote possibility that he was employed by the Russians to help Donald J Trump in the election.

President Trump prides in having a team of winners. James Comey was not a winner. Sometimes big wheels turn slow, the firing was probably inevitable.

Of course the Democrats believe that Comey was sacked because he was about to reveal massive Russian Trump collusion effectively throwing the election. I believe that they believe that the election can be overturned if they just try hard enough. The investigation will get along just fine without James Comey.

My view, if there was collusion, it would have already have been leaked. But let’s just look at what would be the motivation of Vladimir Putin. Foremost, he would like the price of oil to go up. The economy of Russia, as many other countries is dependent on the price of oil. Then there are some border disputes, and sanctions. Russia, unlike many other countries are not dependent on American aid. Our major costs incurred because of Russia, is the arms race. If the costs of the arms race could be reduced, both countries would benefit.

My view on the motivation of the Democrat leadership, they would prefer war with Russia, or Korea, or anybody so they could blame Trump. They must blame someone, it’s in their DNA.


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