Covfefe Is My Mantra

I wrote some about the weeks News, but it is not good. So you don’t have to read it. So I thought I would just repeat my mantra. Covfefe covfefe covfefe covfefe.

Covfefe.     Covfefe.      Covfefe.

Covfefe      Covfefe.      Covfefe


Poking The Bear

Poor President Trump is not allowed to talk to the Russians. Not by the Democrats, not by the Republicans. Nobody will trust him to talk to the Russians. Basically because the Democrats blame the Russians for their loss. Then for some reason the Republicans agreed with the Democrats?

So Donald has no choice but to simply poke the bear. The presidents logic is simple. If the bear puts it great Russian paw across the line Donald will stomp on it with all his might. So do you think the bear will learn not to put his paw across the line? Personally I think the bear is smart. The bear may even be smarter than we are. So is Donald a bear trainer? Or is the bear training us?


Oh The Humanity

Last week a lone gunman carried out a carefully planned attack. He had planned to capture his victims in a chain link enclosure, a baseball field with one gate for access. He would pick off his victims one by one with a high powered rifle. He expected no resistance in the gun free zone. After the attack I suspect that he expected to get in his van and drive away. Most fortunately one of his victims had an armed security detail, they returned fire and probably saved many lives.

Within a hour or two the would be assassin had a name James T Hodgkinson. With a few swipes on the phone it was revealed that the would be assassin had specifically targeted Republicans, conveniently they were practising for the congressional baseball game. His Facebook page revealed he was a Democratic that supported, and volunteered for Bernie Sanders. He did not like Hillary Clinton and hated Donald Trump. He was a union tradesman and demonstrated for taxing the rich, he wanted a much higher tax rate for the rich. He was a fan of Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow.

Basically James T Hodgkinson was the confluence of what I call the Media Union Democrat alliance of hate. Other reactions were the Democrats on the hill put down their partisanship for a day and prayed with the Republicans for the five people wounded by the would be assassin. Bernie Sanders was properly horrified by the despicable act.

That evening I watched Rachel Maddow for her reaction. The shooter had written that hers was one of his favorite TV shows. He also liked her for president in 2020. I wanted to know what do you say when you’re an inspiration for the despicable. Rachel gave a graphic description of how the violence happened then she said Steve Scalise was not a victim of a hate crime, but a victim of gun violence. Normal gun violence. Essentially she said Republicans like guns, and by association gun violence. I do not think that she actually said it, but she sure inferred that he got what he had coming. I had tuned in a bit early so I would not miss her first words. She was preceded by Chris Hayes, he said that violence was not the solution, then he reminded the viewers that Steve Scalise was known to associate with the KKK.

I only watched about 15 minutes before I changed the channel. I needed time to think. In the next day or two a judge in Boston convicted a girl for talking her boyfriend into killing himself. She used electronic media to do so. So I wonder if Rachel is guilty of manslaughter because a fan of hers got himself killed by letting hate sown by her and media germinate within him.

The D.C. Swamp Rat Times

Attorney General Jeff Sessions unbelievably went wading into the viper infested swamp by giving testimony under oath in open session. This is dangerous for the best of lawyers as their will be thousands of opponents in politics and media ready to pick apart the testimony looking for flaws and inconsistencies. Legally very very dangerous waters.

I actually watched a bit of the testimony, and my reaction was what a waste of time and money. The Trump Russia connection is very obviously false news. Implored by the false media, politicians, and civil service employees, to dig just a bit deeper, nothing has been uncovered except for rumor and innuendo propagated by the same false media, politicians, FBI directors and others.

I am beginning to think that we have the worst media in the world. Al Jazeera and the Russia Times seem like beacons of truth in comparison. Sad.

Know what they did in Venezuela today? Protesters burned down the Supreme Court! I buy Citgo gas when I do buy gas because I know it comes from Venezuela. If it comes from Venezuela it does not come from Saudi Arabia. That is my simple logic. Venezuela was a socialist paradise funded by oil. Unfortunately the price of oil has gone down and the government can no longer fund itself. Until recently Venezuela has been held up as a shining example of socialism by the left. Now they cannot feed themselves.

Nobody wants to go to Cuba. Cuba was expected to be the next vacation hot spot. The newly scheduled airline flights are empty though. If you want an uncrowded flight, go to Cuba. Then you could probably go to Venezuela from Cuba on another uncrowded flight. From what I understand, the flights out of Venezuela are packed.

A plea from me to you, drain the swamp. It makes me sick.

The Weeks Real News – ATC, Apprenticeship, Qatar, and the First Cabinet

For some real news I would like to mention the Trump infrastructure plan to privatise Air Traffic Control. This may or may not be a good thing. There is obviously room for huge improvements. The infrastructure is hugely outdated. I believe that some of the electronics used by Air Traffic Control still uses tube electronics. I am familiar with the current plans for updating ATC and it is not a very good plan. It is even more complex than the current system, it is more expensive too. The worst part, for the local airports there is no improvement in service. The current plans should immediately be placed on hold while something better is rolled out. I’m hoping that something better is approved. Personally I think it is because there is something better out there that there is not a lot of information about the plan to replace ATC. Let’s look for recommendations from some other parties beside the FAA.

Another Trump plan unveiled this week is to promote and encourage apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is a historically traditional method of achieving employment. Hands on learning is not a bad thing, and rewards can be great. Let’s see where the president goes with this. As a bit of background, I spent most of my life working with my hands, also I never watched the TV show “The Apprentice”.

In the middle east Qatar (pronounced Cutter?) Has suddenly been isolated by their Arab neighbours. The only access to Qatar is by plane or ship. This is because there is now a blockade of Qatar by those neighboring Arab states that have broken off diplomatic relations with Qatar. The diplomatic spat was reportedly caused by Qatari support of terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar, the richest nation in the world on a per capita basis, has responded by flying in four thousand cows so they could have fresh milk. Qatar has stated that they will not allow their sovereignty to be impugned. Qatar is the home of outspoken news organization Al Jazeera and has no problem letting their opinions be known. Qatar has no intention of being dictated to diplomatically for any reason. Additionally, just to keep it interesting our largest military base located in the middle east, is in Qatar. So this is a very interesting situation that gets very little news. I was reading a WSJ article about terrorism and Qatar and saw a comment in the comments section claiming that the whole Qatar thing had absolutely nothing to do with the Trump anti terrorism agenda as proposed in the article. The diplomatic spat is instead all about natural gas, and the Qatari desire to run a natural gas pipeline to Europe through Syria. Something that the Russians do not want, as they want to supply natural gas to Europe. This is the real reason why the Russians are involved in Syria. I was shocked to read this. Those who do not like Trump are pretty unified in their belief that the war in Syria was caused by global warming, not by what was proposed by this particular anti Trump commentator. Personally I am more inclined to believe that the war is about control of natural resources. Qatar and Iran are cooperating to make sure Qatar has all the food and other resources that the need.

Finally in what could be the most important news of the week, President Trump now has a full cabinet. He had his first full cabinet meeting yesterday. Hopefully they will develop a positive and successful agenda.

I will resume my coverage of fake news as soon as I see it.

Zero Population Growth, a Retrospective

I just want to contemplate if this planet can be overpopulated. Or if population is simply self-regulating. Ernie Bridge, who has commented numerous times on on my thoughts here on Bubbatrump started hospice today. He has been concerned about the overpopulation of the planet, and wants us to contemplate the implications. Simply put, population growth has been exponential. In nature there are many population cycles. I have not really thought to much about natural cycles, mostly I am aware of extinction events caused by cosmic events. I like to say individually we are more likely to go extinct as a species than winning Powerball. In reality there are also resource based population cycles. When food is scarce, females have fewer babies, or there is starvation. We, mankind, are also capable of self extermination. Not sure of there are any other species capable of self extermination.

Do we have a natural self preservation instinct as species? It is natural to in many natural cases to self sacrifice for the cause of the species. Or have we evolved into a individual centric ideology that places the value of the self over the whole of the species? Religion proclaims go forth and multiply. Trying to think if religion advocates the benefit of the group over self. Nationalism however rewards the health of the nation over individualism.

Ernie thinks we may be exceeding our available resources on the planet as he passes to the beyond. These were the same beliefs of my father as he passed. Ernie and my dad both had different political ideologies, but they agreed in this principle. I wonder if my father will be there to greet Ernie when he arrives. Anyway I inherited a bit of my father’s contrarian ways. So I believe that mankind can grow and thrive. We can develop new resources and explore new worlds. We can increase productivity and efficiency to match our growth. In fact that has been what is happening. We have become more populous because we have improved our abilities. Yes there will be setbacks, we are not perfect. Hopefully we will learn from our mistakes and recover.

“On The Beach” is a book of the post apoplectic world after nuclear war that takes place in 1963. A book that I have not read yet. I wonder if it is sequel to the book Nineteen Eighty Four, an older book that defined my generation. Both books define the dangers of the future that were perceived at the time.

Nuclear war is a danger. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. I hope all nuclear weapons will be dismantled. I do believe that it could be a possibility to do so. For my fears I look to history. My fear of the moment is the Cultural Revolution. Probably not a real fear, but something to be concerned about. More or less I am optimistic about our future. Life is good.

Godspeed Ernie, may peace be wIth you.

The Comey Nothingburger

What a yawn. The highly anticipated (by the left) testimony confirmed nothing new. There is still zero evidence that President Trump had anything to do with the Russians. General Flynn lied about something to do with the Russians, and was fired for it. We still do not know what he did. Comey confirmed that he was a leaking information to start investigations into the Trump administration. Lastly there was a big argument about the meaning of “Hope”.

So I tuned in to the Rachel Maddow Show to see how the left viewed the testimony. She is number one in cable now that Bill O’Reilly is gone. Since the Left all think the same thought, all I have to do is listen to Rachel for a few minutes and I would know what the Left is believing. She was absolutely giddy to inform me that there was a secret meeting between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Russian Ambassador. This is why the the Attorney General would recuse himself from the Russian influence investigation.

I was wondering how Rachel would know about a secret meeting that nobody (without intelligence access) would know about. The answer in my mind is that the Russians are actually colluding with the Democrats. So then I wonder what was said? The answer is probably pretty obvious. The Russian Ambassador to Jeff Sessions that the American media is going to crush your president. Then he implied that he leases a thousand internet media trolls for a very good rate from American media companies.

In the snowflake reality world, the media did a faceplant. There was no Trump collusion, only lies from the media. President Trump for his part patiently waited till the next day. Then he came out swinging. Willing to testify under oath about what he said were lies in Comeys testimony. We shall see.

Back to the Rachel Maddow Show. After she told me about the secret meeting, she said that it is all known to the intelligence committee. Politics continues to amaze me, for I was totally not expecting what happened next. Rachel points her finger at me and says that I have to run for public office. She then goes on about President Trump is guilty of obstructing justice. That is what is going on in those secret meetings, and to find out how (she points her finger at me again) I absolutely have to run for office. She was quite adamant that I run.

I was aghast! It would cost millions to run for Senate. People would call me names, ask me questions. I would have to do stuff. Not only that, if I had to do stuff. She wouldn’t like it! Then she would like about me. Not only is the woman a liar, she is a nut. I changed the channel to watch The Five instead. Slightly closer to reality they were.

The Snowflake Reality Winner

This is a sad sad sad story. Trump supporters have labeled those who cannot accept the election results as snowflakes. Presumably because they had existential meltdowns. This is the story of one snowflake, who just happened to have the name Reality Winner.

The first sadness is that our systems have failed us. Our educational system produced acceptance of irrational response as a political ideology. Science Math Engineering Technology are no longer relevant to education. The religious belief of the evils of Co2 takes precedence. Words of anger have replaced rational response.

The second sadness is 25 year old Reality Leigh Winner broke the law and was caught. She will probably go to jail and be a footnote in this partisan battle. Otherwise she would have been a fine bright young lady. Reality is a loser in this. Hillary the loser made the snowflake Winner, and will pay no price. There would be no snowflakes if Hillary had won! However she lost because she is not a winner, so we now have snowflakes. In the world of snowflakes, Reality Winner is the big loser. Thank You Hillary. So sad.

The third sadness, and potentially the biggest sadness, is I think that this is hysterically funny. The double entendre is more than I can stand. It is a sadness that we have snowflakes. I am sure Reality Winner believes she did the right thing. The courts will figure out the penalty for her beliefs. I offer no judgement. Distraught by the election this Reality Winner believed the climate would now destroy us. She then professed hate towards the president and released national secrets in an attempt to discredit him. A stereotypical snowflake, with that name, does such a boneheaded thing. So sad, and I find it funny.

Words Matter

A frequent criticism of President Trump is that his words matter. Much is made about his tweets and his use of words. It’s true he has used negative words like little, lying, low energy and even crooked when describing his political opponents. He likes descriptors like big, amazing, winning, and big league for things he likes. If he doesn’t like something, get ready for failed and loser. Pretty much the President uses simple words. I may be forgetting some words like extreme and great, but you get the idea.

The Presidents opponents use much fancier words, words with much more meaning. Unhinged, Racist, Fascist, Misogynist, are just the beginning. I am talking about what his political opponents say, let alone what the media and the partisans have to say. By using creative verbiage they endeavor to verbally bludgeon those who disagree with their opinion.

I myself have succumbed to creative verbiage. In fact I enjoy the creativity. However other than calling Liberals a simple organic lifeforms with a singular strategy for survival I try to be kind. The key to Bill Clintons success has been attributed to the slogan “It’s the economy stupid”. In the decades since, the word stupid has been used to describe those who do not agree with the Clintonion logic. It has been a very successful tactic. I have endeavored not to use that word as a descriptor. It is to much overused.

Everyone has the right to an opinion, I suppose the president does too. For he is the armchair quarterback that bought the team. The sidewalk superintendent that built the building. The salesman that made the sale. He has his right to an opinion as you are to yours, and I am to mine.

The words of the president are ultimately much softer and kinder than his opponents.

Thought Bubble

The Congressional Budget Office assesses potential changes in the tax code. It is not really a transparent process. For those who agree that there should be a balanced budget, there is not an agreement on how to balance it. Cuts or spending? Whatever, lets see what the lobbyists say. Nooo! Not that I expect any sort of answers, and just for fun between friends, I wonder what the effect of a flat rate tax of all income of twenty percent would be? There would be a standard personal deduction of fifty thousand dollars, and no other deductions.

It would simplify tax code, and save money filling out the forms. Of the twenty percent, ten percent would be for social programs. The other ten percent would be to run the government.

The same twenty percent would also apply to business earnings. I think that there would still be lots of rules on business deductions. Not sure how that would all work out. If I work, I expect health care from my employer. So I would have to expect that would be a business expense for my employer.

Not that I am suggesting such a thing, just curious on what the potential effect would be.

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