Eloquence In Poetry

I have written hundreds and hundreds of posts, or as I would call them thought bubbles. I expect nobody to read them all. There is a good possibility that they do not make a whole lot of sense. I do have a tendency to be a bit wordy. Eloquence is the ability to wrap a whole lot of emotions in just a few words. When I speak I can be pithy. Not very often when I write. So unsee what you have seen, and start anew now.

If a thoughts be a bubble, The world would be afroth. Behind the curtain of Oz, the oarmaster stirs the pot. I be like a cork, wondering if the bubblies will ever pop.

Close, yet I am not quite happy with that. Let me try again.

The oarmaster stirs a pot behind the curtain of Oz

The world is afroth with our thought bubbles

Lift a glass of bubbly

Well that completely sucked! Try again.

Behind the curtain Oz an oarmaster stirs the cosmos

A froth of thought bubbles involuntarily fill the voids

Swirling like a cork in the churning froth consciousness is lost

Will these maddening bubblies ever pop?

Maybe I should stick to run on sentences.


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