Unintended Consequences

Talk about unintended consequences, Chicago will probably now be MAGA-Country. Jussie Smollett, thank you. Now more than half the voters of the great city of Chicago realise that their esteemed Democrat leaders are nothing more than self serving fascists.

Not only are their elite hearts filled with hate, they don’t care. So plain to see too.


The Good Life

Before I start let me preface this this by saying, by most measurements or metrics, I am below median. That would indicate that most are better off than I. At least in this country. I also realize that many are not as well off.

We live in good times, look at history. Living today is better than living at anytime before. We have food from around the world. Our homes are warm or cool. We live longer, and have easier lives. The poor today live better than the wealthy of before. Jobs are plentiful, warfare is rare. The economy is growing, on the whole, we live in good times.

In terms of history, how many people had flushing toilets? We do! Toilets keep us healthy, and let us live longer. That is just the beginning of advantages we enjoy. Cars, planes, spacecraft too. The list is endless.

So why are so many people dissatisfied? I am not sure, could be simple human nature to complain. Sometimes people just like to complain, it’s their nature. Then again we have so much, maybe some think we have not enough? Could be.

When I was growing up we were taught that we are better than the Russians. I had to assume that the Russians were taught that they were better than us. In the end the space race settled the score. Today what are the measurements or metrics? Economic growth? Something different?

Culpability? Media influence. Pardon, let me rephrase that. Media influence. Could be that I repeat myself. That’s it! The media seeks to influence, to do so they repeat and repeat themselves until they influence. Why do they influence, with all this prosperity they want more. To bad they want it at the expense of others. Bubba’s basic fact. Our major media outlets are completely fascist. The logic for that statement is has been explained in the history of this blog. That brings me around full circle to the MAGA hat. Although I realize that it wouldn’t really matter what was on the hat, hate would be generated because of success. The Democrats political machine would oppose any and all opposition. I do not think anyone expected that the MAGA hat would be so successful. Well actually one person did. The creator Donald. It was the tweak “Again” that exposed the corrupt machine for what it was. For he knew it for what it was.

Again and again corruption is endlessly exposed. We are great, we just have to acknowledge it. To control the media is to control the nation. Unfortunately we do not elect who controls the media. You, I pause for dramatic effect. Yes. You either believe the media, or you don’t.

Headgear Harassment and Headaches

After the election I put my MAGA hat on a shelf in the garage. It has remained there ever since. The harassment I received for wearing it was quite a headache. Trump was president, he needed my help no longer. I raise my glass to his success.

Recently I have read that people should be ashamed to have a MEGA hat in their attic. To have MEGA hat in storage is the same as having a KKK hood. I have read this more than once. I have personally heard people compare President Trump to Hitler on multiple occasions. Typically I respond that I shook his hand. Sometimes the attacks get worse. It is my opinion that the hat for some reason makes people crazy.

I was not offended by Hillary or Bernie hats. At times I have found the Muslim headscarf distasteful. My best man was murdered by Islamic extremists. I also view it as a symbol of the subjugation of women. However I can also accept the headscarf as a stylish accessory. I guess it may be a matter of context. However I have never harassed anyone for their headgear. My pain is my own.

If people are just minding their own business in a public setting, their headgear should not be an issue. Or should it?

I am thinking of the pink hats. Pink hats seem to have been a public call for the overthrow of a legitimately elected government, because of, well hate. Millions of people do not spontaneously don matching headgear and take to the streets calling for violence. Such coordination is not a sign of independent thought. Sorry to say this, but after some reflections the pink hat movement is a sign of singular thought. My definition of singular thought is Fascism. Something that I do not support.

At first I was impressed by the creativity of the pink hat crowd. They are talented people. I also was impressed that they had the time and money to protest like they did. I had to assume that they were members of a privileged class.

It is my observation that the well off are anti Trump, the working poor are very pro Trump. Then there is the geographical differences. Trump had his rallies, and then there were the protests, and protests, and protests…

Endless protests of the false flag variety. The privileged are upset. Why? They call me names because?

White Supremacy? Never met one. According to a website that tracks such things there were fewer than two thousand instances recorded last year. That includes anything like a swastika in a bathroom stall. Any report is tabulated, I looked it up. Compare that to the millions of people with pink hats running around. Their hate has modified my behavior.

I made my own hat. I have never worn it in public, I look at on the shelf next to the MEGA hat, and wonder what to do.