Trump still the Man

As far as I know Donald Trump has still not bought commercial any air time from the media. Astounding that he can get away with not paying for publicity. Somehow I think that is the first step in breaking the grip of the media on our American Culture.


Thrilled to see the GOP’s unity in the last debate. Really any one of them would make a good nomine, or president. However the Media-Union-Democrat  SuperPAC would take him or her down. United Republicans will stand. It will be a long uphill slog, however I predict it will happen. The “MUD-PAC” can be defeated.

/I know a little town called Unity



Some think that with the new crop of presidential candidates, that this will be the end of the GOP. However I think that the GOP is morphing into relevancy. The new crop of candidates are brilliant, and outstanding in their fields. Of the leaders, none are lawyers.

Grass Roots

There used to be a web site called grassroots that had pictures of all the presidential candidates lawns. it was sponsored by a fertilizer company. Herman Cain had the best looking lawn by far. This Bubba judges a man by his lawn. Donald Trump’s sixteen golf courses? Heaven.


Where did the United Nations go? With attacks on UNECO Heritage sites, you would think there would be more of an uproar. With the largest refugee crisis since world war two, wouldn’t the UN be involved? Bush Sr. worked closely with the UN. Is the UN now irrelevant?