The Hateful Video

Seems the video “Innocence of Muslims” was not the cause of the Benghazi attack, which makes it prominence in the aftermath even more interesting. Seems to be an unintended affirmation of the influence of the media.

Where the Money is at.

The CEO of Exxon Mobil made 33 million last year. Exxon Mobil had revenue of 459 billion, earnings of 32.5 billion. That would mean Exxon Mobil made seven cents on the dollar. and the CEO took home one tenth of one percent of the profit.

Tom Brady made 31 million, The Patriots Franchise had a revenue of 495 million, and an income of 195 million. Meanwhile Tom’s wife, model Gisele made 47 million.

This year singer Tayler Swift has made over a million dollars a day!

Mr. Trump paid himself $14,222 last year. Do not fear though, his other earnings add up to 380 million. 200 million of that coming from his golf courses and resorts. Another 107 million cam from the sales and rent of his condos.

Rolling Coal

Somewhat recently we visited Washington DC. We took the Metrorail into town. I was astounded to see miles of railroad cars filled with coal. I really thought Washington would be powered by something other than coal. I would have guessed natural gas.

Innocence of Muslims

The “Innocence of Muslims” was a U-tube video that allegedly caused the Benghazi attack. It also caused violence across the middle east. How did that happen? Will I find out after the Benghazi Hearings? I find it amazing that a video can cause all these problems, or that even people paid attention to it.

Land Lodging Labor

These three things are what the Pope said everybody should be entitled to. I agree, however I do wonder how the land thing applies to those that live in cities. I know the pope visited a while ago, but I have been pondering this.