Trump Tax Plan

Took a look at Trump’s Tax plan. Looks like everyone gets less taxes. Even the capital gains rate goes down? Looks like we will have to cut three carrier fleets.

John Kasich

Saw John Kasich’s new TV ad. He swoops down in a Helicopter with his name in big letters on the side. How Trumpish! Loved it. John Kasich is my favorite of the traditional candidates. With only a two percent poll number he does not have much of a chance. However I give him a big point for the use of a helicopter. Planes for everyone!

Keystone Pipline

I see that Hillary came out against the Keystone Pipeline Project. Score one for Warren Buffet, his railroads will continue to transport dangerous crude oil and endanger the lives of those that live near railroad tracks. Interestingly, Warren Buffet has endorsed the pipeline project. There will be no blood on his hands.

The Pope & China

Right now there are two head of states in America, and that is not even counting our own. One is the head of state of the smallest country in the world. The other is the head of state of the most populated country in the world. Pope Francis received a first class welcome from the President, top grade security, and massive media coverage. I like the Pope, he is a good and humble man. Sure is a lot of attention from an administration the dose not like the teachings of the Catholic Church.

On the other coast, Xi Jinping, the President of Communist China has been wonder around with almost no publicity. He has visited the most wealthy of American corporations. Maybe trade with China is good? Funny not to be reading any commentary on this visit, the only thing I have seen is how much China has been spying on us. They probably know everything there is to know about me.

Intrest rates

It was the genius of the Clinton administration the drop the  interest rates. This reduced the cost of financing the national debt, and enabled a balanced budget. With interest rates at zero, we can no longer reduce the rates. I miss being able to put money in the bank to make money.

Income Inequality

Why do the rich keep getting richer? The capital gains tax rate is less than  the income tax rate. Looking forward to seeing Trump’s tax plan. Never mind all the rhetoric. What are the numbers? Too many forked tongues in the past.