God and Politics

God doesn’t care about politics.

I believe that God is like gravity, a divine essence that treats us all the same and keeps us here on the earth. The sceptic might say “but man has made it to the moon”. I would reply God is energy, it is energy that brought us to the moon and beyond. You might see where I am going here.

Religion is our definition of God. We believe that God wants us to be better than we are. It is pretty much that simple. God is out there and he wants us to be better than we are. That is religion.

Because I think that Donald J Trump is an extraordinary politician I was told that I think that Trump is a God. Nothing could be further from the truth. I believe that Trump is a flawed human being, doing the best he can. There they go again, telling me how I think. Whatever, let them go back to worshipping their own flawed god.

I have no problem with a person’s religious moral beliefs determining who they vote for. I do have a problem with voting to determine a person’s religious beliefs.

When it comes right down to it, God is beyond energy. Right now we are lucky to be able too vote for our beliefs. Not everyone is able to do that.

So if religion is about morality, what is politics about? Power, money, security? Yes all of that and more. Politics is about determining the society in which we live. Something that is different than how we choose our own personal morals. It is because we have different personal morals that we need a society to protect our liberty and provide justice for all.