I will have my RUM in a TeePee

I may not be the best wordsmith, well that’s probably pretty obvious. But when it comes to politics, I will take my RUM in a TeePee. That is probably not very politically correct statement, however no malice is intended. Now I am pondering if it is insensitive. Whatever it is wordplay. Nothing more.


Pavlovian Responses

My opinion doesn’t matter. Nobody cares what I think, and if I were to think, somebody would tell me what they think, and they would think that I am wrong. That’s just the way I think. So I observe politics devolving into partisan pavlovian responses, that is just the way it is. Who listens a complete sentence? Let’s take a segment from one of Trump’s most famous lines “Temporary Ban” How temporary is temporary? Who are the experts to decide? Just curious as these would be rational questions. Instead it’s totally off the wall responses about crazy Trump.

Most Pavlovian responses to politics fall into one of four categories, name calling, threats, random facts, and silence. Not too often, are there enquiring questions. Maybe you may know more than I about the subject matter?

Pavlovian responses are formed from conditioning. Amazing how we have been conditioned.

Where did the License Plate go?

Just listened to a NPR piece gushing over the wonders of Merrick Garland. How he was so wonderful in the Oklahoma City bombing investigation. As far as I am concerned there were a couple of very loose ends in that investigation. First, who removed the License Plate from Timothy McVeigh’s car that allowed his capture? Secondly who was with Timothy when he rented the exploding van? Previously I thought of Merrick as a D.C. insider. Now I think of him as something worse. As for NPR, what a biased organ of the Democratic party. I would hate to think how the Supreme Court would rule on the extermination of Republicans with such a biased appointee. Really, the first goal of the DNC is the elimination of Republicans. Hillary says so.

Napster and the TSA

Wondering why the Hollywood crowd likes the Clintons? To protect themselves from the likes of Napster. The previous Clinton administration directed the national security apparatus to track down college students illegally downloading music and video without paying any licensing fees to the copyright holders. These dangerous activities by our college students caused our national security organisations to ignore other threats like Osama Bin Laden. The final result? No Napster, and the implementation of TSA. I would have rather had Napster and no TSA. Would you rather listen to music or take your shoes off? Though you must admit, the TSA makes for more union jobs.

Bernie’s Grand

Just have to say the best moment of the campaign so far was the Bernie supporters who threw a thousand dollar bills at Hillary’s motorcade. The first I heard of it was when my wife said that the Bernie supporters were throwing dollar bills at Hillary. I lead a fairly sheltered life, however I could only think of one reason a bunch of guys(bad assumption on my part) would throw dollar bills at a woman. My mind was boggled.

Que Pasa

The government is an organization to provide for the collective needs of its citizens. It is essentially a service industry. Corruption is when the government’s purpose becomes to provide for the needs of a few, at the expense of the whole.

My initial attraction to Trump was his huge success in the service industry. Secondary attraction is the self funding aspect, and the implied immunity to corruption. Like a great corporation seeking a new CEO, our government has elections to select it’s leaders. The CEO can come from inside or outside the organization.

In my view it comes down to customer service, and corruptablity. One candidate has proven history of customer service. Two candidates are demonstrating aspects of incorruptiblity.

Me and the Machine

I never really liked politics, however I like machines. So would I like the political machine? Good question. My father was politically active, and I thought it made him unhappy. Though he did enjoy the process. After working for his candidate, he suffered a bit of buyers remorse. He was emotionally involved with the process. I try to be emotionally detached, in the past I have made observations that have gone against grain. Folks do not believe me. So here I write them down, then I can see and say what I thought. I participate because it is more fun to have a horse in the race, do I make a difference? Most likely not. At best I reflect the thoughts of others. For myself, I have been immensely impressed by the process. Do I like it? No, it is more like a street fight, I think some people have a lot at stake, be it real or imagined. Myself, I view it as civic duty. I am happy and have a job, and would not be directly impacted by any policy discussions of any campaign. I’m inclined to view national debt as the most important issue. If anyone was to actually listen to me, I would want an exemption for part 103 ultralights to replace the five gallons of gas with thirty pounds of batteries. The problem is nobody knows what I am talking about. So I just keep my mouth shut and paddle along. In the back of my mind I dream of affordable electric aircraft.


Is Donald J Trump the perfect candidate? Hell no! However no sane person would want the job. I see dozens of mistakes in the campaign. Just one example, when he called Ted Cruz the biggest liar, he should have said the biggest Republican liar. However that would have reduced the dramatic effect of the moment. This is why people say Donald is bombastic.

To be honest, this is why I and others support him, heroes are not perfect people. We see the Clinton machine as corrupt and the Bush machine as inept. Any other machine as inadequate. Now the Trump machine is real, the man has accomplishments. A few failures also. He brings money into the country, and has a history of providing good service. Sure there are faults, but is his ego that is his strength. He will not fail.