Gestapo is a very strong term, and I would not have used it. Of the Trump volunteers I know, all have been subject of having their Trump signs damaged or destroyed. These are signs on their own personal property or vehicles. Personally I have been run off the road, and yelled at by town officers. Of course right now I am listening to Hillary using real violence in her language against Trump and his supporters. Stop and ponder that for a moment. Most Trump supporters are involved in the political process for the first time. The supporters I know respect all candidates, and a majority like Bernie.  I did hear a story at the town dump that somebody had damaged a Hillary sign, I said that was wrong. There should be some sort of respect for people’s opinions.

When someone spray painted a Swastika on Trump’s Hollywood Star on the Hollywood walk of fame, where was the outrage? The outrage was directed at Trump, and his supporters. In retrospect, it was a sign that interlopers will not be tolerated. The reason that I and others believe in, and support Trump is because we believed the system was corrupt and needed refreshing. Really, it is worse than we thought. I’m not ready to say it, but the thought has crossed my mind. Beware the political machine, it’s effing evil.

Trump has taken on a truly huge challenge, it will take bombast. No wonder he is bombastic. By the way, look up the word.


Fifty One Percent

Electoral College, Caucasus, are archaic remnants of the pre-telegraph stagecoach era. Or so I thought. I was surprised that when Al Gore won the popular election, and lost the Electoral College, that there were not demands for reform. There were a few calls to change the rules during the process, but no calls after. After losing, they just blamed Bush. Then called for climate change.

The rules are the rules, not sure if the spirit of the rules, or the letter of the rules are being followed. However that is the name of the game, and why I do not like politics.

Battle of the Ladies

Having been labeled a low information, uneducated, homophobic, racist, sexist, fascist, I thought I will let my opinion known. I do not care what the candidates say, it’s all about the ladies, the First Ladies that is. I shall discuss the two potential First Ladies from the leading candidates, and ask for an enlightening opinion.

They are both highly intelligent, they both meet any diversity requirements that may be required for the job. They are both absolutely gorgeous. They both are unequivocally supportive of their candidates. However they both give constructive criticism to their respective candidates. Most importantly they embrace their chosen candidates ideology. So who would you choose to be our First Lady, Melania, or Huma?


Mark the day, something historic happened today. After staying the course for fifty years a great ship is changing course. I am talking about a ship greater than any battleship, more powerful than any starship. I am talking about the great ship from the empire state, the engine of Manhattan, the New York media. I saw the imperceptible shift in course this morning in the WSJ. The N.Y. media shapes world opinion, be for or against them, the N.Y. media shapes your opinion. Ninety nine percent of voters shape their opinions from the opinions offered by the media. Really, how many people actually go listen to any candidates. Most people’s opinions are shaped by the turn of a phrase, subtle intonation or the additional verb. This is known as media bias.

Dismissed as Canon fodder for the tabloids, Trump has been continuously maligned by the influential N.Y. media. Now New York matters. With a decisive primary is just over a week away, the media suddenly blinks. They know they control the outcome. After towing the party line for fifty years, they realize that this could get messy, and not in their best interest. The media overlords, the Democratic party has become difficult to deal with. And more importantly, there has been an obvious Voter revolt with the status quo. Despite obvious media bias, Bernie is hugely popular. That is shocking to the party, and they do not really know what to do about him. Hillary has erected so many firewalls that she has become almost unapprochable. Then there is the Texan that is the embodiment and personification of the evil republican, he thinks he has a shot at the top job. Typically the media would help him out. However he has become just a mouthpiece for the never Trump movement, that is actually an echo of the N.Y. media. Then there is a shadow of republicans past, shouting the rhetoric of decades ago. Really then, it has become the choice between two New Yorkers.

The tabloid Prince is comfortable with the media. Willing to engage and debate. The autocratic heiress apparent would relegate the media to a simple lackey, carrier of her message. The choice would seem simple, but the change in course is titanic.

Where do you think Donald has been the last couple of days, he has been making the deal.

Hola Brasil

Just wanted to say Hi to the folks in Brazil. I do this blog mostly to organize my own thoughts. Also I do it so if someone is wondering what I think about politics, I can point them here. Then there is the very small chance that this blog could lead to something larger. Interestingly there is a page I can look at that says what countries viewers of the page come from. Much to my surprise, people from all over the world look at this page. Brazil is about tied with the U.S. for total viewers. Really, for all I know, the viewers could be some sort of internet spider bots. But just in case they are not, I just want to say hi people. Hopefully I do not offended any one. These are just my views, you are entitled to Vote as you see fit. Na Zdrowie