Gestapo is a very strong term, and I would not have used it. Of the Trump volunteers I know, all have been subject of having their Trump signs damaged or destroyed. These are signs on their own personal property or vehicles. Personally I have been run off the road, and yelled at by town officers. Of course right now I am listening to Hillary using real violence in her language against Trump and his supporters. Stop and ponder that for a moment. Most Trump supporters are involved in the political process for the first time. The supporters I know respect all candidates, and a majority like Bernie.  I did hear a story at the town dump that somebody had damaged a Hillary sign, I said that was wrong. There should be some sort of respect for people’s opinions.

When someone spray painted a Swastika on Trump’s Hollywood Star on the Hollywood walk of fame, where was the outrage? The outrage was directed at Trump, and his supporters. In retrospect, it was a sign that interlopers will not be tolerated. The reason that I and others believe in, and support Trump is because we believed the system was corrupt and needed refreshing. Really, it is worse than we thought. I’m not ready to say it, but the thought has crossed my mind. Beware the political machine, it’s effing evil.

Trump has taken on a truly huge challenge, it will take bombast. No wonder he is bombastic. By the way, look up the word.


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