Enlightened Coexistence

So I get an unsolicited email from “Enlightened Coexistence” the self proclaimed “Purveyors of sustainable coexistence and cooperation”. So I must admit, that sounds interesting. I am all for peace and inner harmony. So what is inside the email? I am truly shocked to find an all capitals rant against some unknown entity. They proclaim that the adorable is cruelty and so much more.

Curious I read more. Turns out it is a semi political blog with an odd twist. The writer seems to be tormented by what they see in the news. Have I discovered an alter ego? I read some more and discover that the blog is a group of writers with a multitude of views. Some of them pretty radical. Most of the writers were very opinionated in my view. Happily one of two were factual.

This brings me to the use of words. I will start the word coexist. The word means to exist at the same time and place. Yet people with anger management issues will use the word to identify themselves. Honestly, those with the coexist number sticker have road rage and other anger management issues. They will be more than happy to tell other people what to do. Not quite the live and let live attitude that would define coexistence.

Next is sustainability. My father introduced me to the word. He suggested that if he were to divorce my mother he would have to financially sustain us in the lifestyle that we were accustomed too. I may be moving the words around a bit, yet it ment to me our lifestyle would need to be sustained. I now think he must have talked to a lawyer, and they have a tendency to be a bit wordy. Yet the gist of sustainability was to continue as is.

Sustainability as a word has become politicized. The coexist people, if they are unhappy with something will declare it unsustainable. I prefer to define sustainable as efficiency. To be efficient is to be sustainable. It is what I teach.

My last word for today is Transcendence. So far the word has not become politicized. The simple meaning for transcendence is to go beyond. So I would really like to keep this simple. Transcendence, to go beyond the politicization of words. Full stop.