Home, A Nice Place To Be

I have been thinking about writing a few stories. Things like “Women of the Vote” “Winning Made Easy” or ” My Safe Space” however I have been putting in long days at the school, and have really not had time. Life is good. Even though some people think that I am a deplorable, I wanted to write something uplifting.

The hate in politics disturbs me. I see it daily, people repeatedly lie, anger and emotion. The students are my savior. I keep my politics to myself, I preach not. Let the others preach. I however take solace in a student’s well timed eye roll. Or probing question. Yes, the students understand. Or at least the ones I deal with do.

As it was when I was young, the youth had no tolerance for the status quo. I personally take a certain amount of joy in todays rebellious attitude, as I am already there. So I was saddened when COVID 19 came around and sent everybody home. My job was to teach students skills in the shop. Now the shop is closed. The school is still open, I still have a job. I have remote access to the school networks, however I have to work from home.

Home is a nice place to be. I get to look out a nice window. I have pretty things on the wall. I upped my data plan and the computers work. Life is good. Now how to help teach? My first task is to make up a lab on heat treating.

I do not know how many times I have reinvented myself in the past. I am sure I can do it again. I am just stunned and amazed that I get to do it from my beautiful home.