Thank You Peggy Noonan

Many more people read my comments in the Wall Street Journal than here in Bubba Trump land. Maybe it’s because the WSJ is still a place of multiple views. I am quite convinced that has been become a restricted site, and I am almost OK with that. However it does concern me that political speech is restricted. For is nothing more than a political commentary.

Peggy Noonan is an editorialist for the WSJ. She is an excellent and eloquent writer with a liberal bias. As such, she provides me with the thought process that some liberal minded people are trying to articulate. For that I am grateful, for I do have a problem trying to understand their thought process.

The WSJ also allows comments at the end of each article. As a commentator you are required to use your real name and page with a history of your comments. A fair deal, there is some trolling but it is not real bad. So I may or may not make a comment on what I read.

Many Democrats would like to end the Republican party. For them, any Republican is the embodiment of evil. This was to be the election to fulfill their desires. The Republicans were on the ropes, or so they thought. So what if they they succeeded? What would the country be like without Republicans? Would it be a country without evil? Currently we are arming both sides of multiple battles in Africa and the Middle East. Our heavily armed jets are flying merely feet away from Russian heavily armed jets, in the dark, without lights, in a conflict with no real goals. Not really an idyllic situation. So many branches of the government are beholden to the Democratic party, it is hard to know if any are independent. The Justice Department would soon have to tow the line, and with that the media and entertainment industry would soon be completely in line with party ideology.

It must be hard for some Liberal Democrats to live in such a dystopic reality. For those in the fold, it would be much harder to break with party line. The party most likely doesn’t take kindly to what would be considered treasonous behavior. Makes me wonder if some of the people in all those nice houses with the Hillary signs out front are really going to vote for Hillary. They may be in the fold, but it is a secret ballet.

No more than ten people read Bubbatrump when I post a link on Facebook. However when Peggy Noonan wrote an editorial entitled “The Great Disappointment” there were more than eight hundred reader comments. My comment was voted by the readers as the second most popular comment. I am a bit pleased with that. So I think that hundreds of people read and appreciate my views in the WSJ.

Having, to my surprise, been labeled a “Deplorable Trumpkin” I am forced to defend myself, and other Trumpkins. My premise is simple. Tired of partisanship and corruption in D.C. we support Trump. If you cannot see the partisanship and corruption, open your eyes. I am not trying to appeal to the Republican base, I am trying to appeal to disaffected Democrats. For to have a true revolution you have to appeal to all parties. I don’t want a single party system, we need two parties, with give and take.

So with that, I would like to thanks to Peggy Noonan. For she allowed me to have a voice.


The Contract

  • FIRST, propose a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress;
  • SECOND, a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health);
  • THIRD, a requirement that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated;
  • FOURTH, a 5 year-ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service;
  • FIFTH, a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government;
  • SIXTH, a complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections.

Trump’s contract with American Voters, the first section. Something that you do not see with the typical media outlets.

More Lies and Polls

With fourteen days to go I must admit to a certain amount of fatigue. I have cut way down my listening to NPR. The outright lies about Trump supporters has become completely untenable. I struggle with the logic of their motivation. Being a long time Trump supporter that is public with my support, I know more than a few Trump supporters. Some of them public in their support, some not. Not a one of the Trump supporters that I know match the NPR stereotype of a Trump supporter. Such an onslaught of lies against supporters by mainstream media is surprising, and fatiguing. I can’t imagine being an actual candidate.

I must believe that there must be some sort of powerful political motivation for the lies. Going into this election I believed in political bias in the media, however it has turned into so much more. I am still partial to the Unionism theory, though I could be completely wrong. A secondary theory is the Soros agenda of corporate gain from global chaos. In other words, politically sow chaos for financial opportunity. A most disturbing analysis, but there is some evidence of this.

So I must admit, every Trump supporter is concerned about the polls. Turn on the local news and Donald Trump is trailing by double digits. This is funny because Trump supporters believe that the mainstream media has bias. The question thus becomes has media bias manipulated polling data? I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks.

Trump’s Concession Speech

Could Wiki Leaks finally have finally someone who has hacked Donald Trump’s email? Among assorted random documents is the draft of a concession speech. So let’s see what the future will bring.

My fellow Citizens, even though I have have won the popular vote. Pause. Hillary, pause, has, through trickery, conniving, deceit and pure evilness, has overwhelming won the electoral college. Thus, I support her.

I expect all my supporters to also support the winner of this election, for you will be better off if you do. Hillary has not only dominated the many election commissions, she now controls the IRS and the Justice Department. During the election I have learned that she has almost complete control of the internet. Now that she has won, she will consolidate her control of the internet. She, and her administration, will shortly have complete access and control of the internet. Dissent will not be tolerated. As my many supporters learned, Hillary has had completely controlled what is called the mainstream media. Any type of media that didn’t fully comply with her wishes were called the Alt Media. Through financial manipulation, the Alt Media will soon come to an end. That will be assured.

During the campaign, we assumed that we could speak freely about about the candidates. Elections are part of the democratic process, and the electorate has the right to learn about the candidates and express opinions and support. Those days are now gone. Your future views and actions will be judged on political correctness, as determined by the new administration. So please pay attention. As we learned during the campaign, your safety is at stake.

Soon Hillary and her administration will have monolithic control of the government, media, internet and opinions. Do not allow your opinion to get you into trouble.

Support Hillary, our new leader!

Of course Donald doesn’t do email, so the above is false. Donald does all his communications with Twitter. That of course is public record. Most importantly, Donald doesn’t rehearse. He will deal with the results as they come.

Just Ducky

Among the days revelations about the Clinton campaign was one that I thought was rather funny. Hillary wanted to have people dressed as Donald Duck at Trump campaign events. On the face of it, what is wrong with that? As long as Disney gets its royalties, it’s kinda funny. Donald Duck with a comb over, HaHa. Actually it was kind of a relief to find out Hillary actually wanted to mock her opponent instead of his supporters. As far as I’m concerned, mocking a presidential candidate is acceptable behavior. Mocking a candidates supporters or family is not. So actually I support Hillary’s use of Donald Duck.

I Googled around a bit to see if Hillary paid Disney for the use of Donald Duck. I didn’t find any evidence of royalties, however there seems to be some campaign finance laws that were broken. To which I say whatever. We all know Obama will pardon Hillary for any criminality she may have incurred to make the world a better place. There will be no repercussions.

Donald J Trump loves us all, he has said so. He even loves Hillary, because you do need an opponent to campaign against.

My opinion, Hillary is Quackers.

Trump Is One Bad Hombre

What was once a nice guy developer that dabbled in the entertainment industry has turned into something that most people find evil and revolting. Even people that plan on voting for him find him repulsive. How can this be? Because the public persona of Donald J Trump has been finally crafted… By Hillary Clinton. Really.

The politics of personal destruction. The Clintons perfected the formula of personal destruction. It is really a simple formula. I shall explain, though not endorse it.

Donald J Trump has probably a thousand hours of public domain video of him. Take the worst fifteen seconds of that video. Making sure it is out of context or situation. Then play it a hundred million times with a completely misleading narrative.

She has now created a pariah, simple and effective. It’s her standard method of operation. It takes a compassionate person to see beyond the incessant negativity. I use the word compassion correctly, for to suffer such continuous negativity is a misfortune.

Unfortunately it’s not just Donald J Trump that is suffering from such negativity, we all are suffering from it. It’s become the focus of our national discourse. Hillary has enshrined negativity as the ultimate tool for her campaign.

It is true that Donald said those things that are not so nice, most people say something they shouldn’t at some point. In a thousand hours of talking, fifteen seconds, or even fifteen minutes can be excused. At one time the press would have just cleaned it up, to protect our children you know.

Nowadays the press can’t get enough advertising dollars as it repeats the negativity. Dollars that unfortunately come from foreign countries seeking to influence our elections. Hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign countries bringing negativity to our children. It’s just not right.

Negativity. It’s not Donald’s fault. When it comes to his opponent, crooked is his favorite word. Personally, I find that kid friendly.

Wiki Warfare

When Kerry and Biden announced “limited” cyber attacks against Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks, I wondered what the results would be. There are probably unknown unknowns in cyberber warfare. In the past we have engaged in cyber warfare against the Iranian military. There may be other times I don’t know about. So now the United States will engage a document leaker to prevent him from leaking emails that could be damaging to Hillary’s campaign. Should be simple right?

It’s been four days since Joe Biden announced a “Denial of service attack” on Julian Assange. Seems not to have worked. Wiki has continued with its releases, and today expanded the leaks to include seven key members of the DNC. It is part one of their new “Hillary Leaks” series. Additionally rouge supporters of Julian Assange launched a massive denial of service attack on the U.S. today. If you’re internet seemed slow today, that’s why.

The reason for this cyber war? Hillary considers the emails that Julian is releasing to be stolen. Furthermore because they are stolen the should not be published. Sort of like inadmissible evidence in a court of law. Her detractors say are and should be part of the public record, in part because she was and wants to be a public servant. Any emails generated as a public official are part of the public record.

I find it interesting that Hillary and her campaign had no problems with releasing Donald’s tax returns. Most likely they were also stolen, and even worse, they may have even been stolen by an IRS employee. You really shouldn’t be able to have it both ways.

So Hillary, along with the United States is now involved with a Cyber War with Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks. I will editorially say this is a totally stupid thing, and I truly hope nobody gets hurt.

The unfortunate thing about all this, Mainstream Media will have to learn how to say “Wiki Leaks”, it’s going to hurt.

The Al Smith Dinner

Wow, just watched Donald and Hillary at the Al Smith Dinner. It was pretty funny! Of course I thought Donald was funnier, though Hillary had some good lines. Both probably went over the standard lines of decorum. But he speaks the truth.

Suspense Sells

Seems the big line of the debate last night was Donald’s remark that “I’ll keep you in suspense” when he was asked if he would accept the results of the election. The main stream media is having a field day. They pretty much say that Trump wants to end the Republic. Such short minds.

During the first debate, when asked if he would respect the outcome of the election, Donald replies “The answer is, if she wins I will absolutely support her”. So that is his answer, how many times does the mainstream media have to ask? If you can’t remember, well how about some suspense? When you ask Donald a question and he answers it, don’t ask again.

Suspense sells, just ask Alfred Hitchcock. Those with a little bit of sophistication realise that Donald is pawning the media. Mainstream has gone “One Note Johnny” it will be their demise.

I Raise My Glass

I mixed myself a drink for this debate. For I shall enjoy it.

A bit of talk about the supreme court. Reality is about two thirds of Americans believe in the second amendment. Then the pro Life Roe Vs Wade. No news here. Pick your choice.

Immigration? Trump has the endorsement of the Border Service and ICE. Hillary than trashed Donald’s ideas, says we are a nation of immigrants. Trump says we are a nation of laws.

Wow Wiki Leaks was mentioned! Hillary promptly blamed the Russians, and Putin. Donald said Putin has no respect for Hillary. Hillary says Donald would be Putin’s puppet. Trump says Hillary has been outsmarted by Putin. Hillary than gave a lesson on how to launch nuclear weapons.

Hillary wants to help small businesses and increase the minimum wage. Also debt free college. The wealthy will pay their fair share. Trump says our allies are now paying their fair share. Trump says he will bring our jobs back, and Obama has doubled the national debt. Hillary says her husband reduced the national debt. The moderator then compared Hillary’s plan to the failed Obama plan. Hillary disagrees. The moderator then said the numbers don’t add up in Trump’s plan. Donald then mentioned India, and how their economy works. Trump then talked of the plight of the American workers. Hillary than blamed Donald for using foreign products. Donald then said that Hillary has experience, bad experience. Hillary said she has experience, where Donald had the Celebrity Apprentice. Donald has built a great company.

Bimbo Eruptions was the next topic. Trump says Hillary and her campaign pay people to disrupt his campaign. Hillary then says Donald belittles women. Donald says nobody has no respect for women than he. Hillary’s claims are lies, just like what is proven in her emails. Hillary then looks like she goes into a state of shock as she recited her negative campaign talking points.

Hillary was then asked about pay for play, then she talked about AIDS. Trump said the Clinton Foundation is a criminal operation. Hillary then said her foundation was better than the Trump Foundation. Trump says One Hundred percent of his foundation money goes to charity. Then there was some talk about a flag. Hillary said there are undocumented immigrants who pay more taxes than Donald. Donald says he follows Hillary’s law’s.

Crooked election? Trump says the media is biased. Then there are problems with voter rolls. Donald will keep us in suspense, and Hillary should not be allowed to vote. Hillary than called Donald a whiner. Donald then said Hillary is crooked.

How about the war on ISIS. Hillary says she will not put American troops in Iraq. She will not let Terrorists have weapons. Trump says it is sad we have to retake Mosel. Trump says we need the element of surprise. Also Trump should write us a thank you letter thanking us for Iraq and Nuclear weapons. Hillary then said Donald wanted the war in Iraq. Donald said “wrong”.

Then Talk about Aleppo, so sad. I have no idea what the right answer is. Hillary sounded angry. Donald said we were outplayed.

Debt! Our debt is 77% of GDP Hillary’s plan would increase that and Trump’s plan would increase it much more. Trump says growth would bring us out. We need to use great people. Hillary says Trump says he will make America Great. Hillary then said that Donald criticised Ronald Reagan. Hillary would not increase debt by a penny.

The next topic was entitlements and taxes, the reality is any solution will have to be endorsed by both Parties, the House and Senate, and of course the President.

I stopped writing at the last bit, and grabbed a bite to eat. All I can say, if you just watch mainstream media, and not the debates, let alone alt media you will love Hillary. If you have read Wiki Leaks or follow alt media You will love Donald. If you watched only the debates you would wonder what they are talking about at times. However I would hope that questions would be raised for further investigation about some of the topics.