Thank You Peggy Noonan

Many more people read my comments in the Wall Street Journal than here in Bubba Trump land. Maybe it’s because the WSJ is still a place of multiple views. I am quite convinced that has been become a restricted site, and I am almost OK with that. However it does concern me that political speech is restricted. For is nothing more than a political commentary.

Peggy Noonan is an editorialist for the WSJ. She is an excellent and eloquent writer with a liberal bias. As such, she provides me with the thought process that some liberal minded people are trying to articulate. For that I am grateful, for I do have a problem trying to understand their thought process.

The WSJ also allows comments at the end of each article. As a commentator you are required to use your real name and page with a history of your comments. A fair deal, there is some trolling but it is not real bad. So I may or may not make a comment on what I read.

Many Democrats would like to end the Republican party. For them, any Republican is the embodiment of evil. This was to be the election to fulfill their desires. The Republicans were on the ropes, or so they thought. So what if they they succeeded? What would the country be like without Republicans? Would it be a country without evil? Currently we are arming both sides of multiple battles in Africa and the Middle East. Our heavily armed jets are flying merely feet away from Russian heavily armed jets, in the dark, without lights, in a conflict with no real goals. Not really an idyllic situation. So many branches of the government are beholden to the Democratic party, it is hard to know if any are independent. The Justice Department would soon have to tow the line, and with that the media and entertainment industry would soon be completely in line with party ideology.

It must be hard for some Liberal Democrats to live in such a dystopic reality. For those in the fold, it would be much harder to break with party line. The party most likely doesn’t take kindly to what would be considered treasonous behavior. Makes me wonder if some of the people in all those nice houses with the Hillary signs out front are really going to vote for Hillary. They may be in the fold, but it is a secret ballet.

No more than ten people read Bubbatrump when I post a link on Facebook. However when Peggy Noonan wrote an editorial entitled “The Great Disappointment” there were more than eight hundred reader comments. My comment was voted by the readers as the second most popular comment. I am a bit pleased with that. So I think that hundreds of people read and appreciate my views in the WSJ.

Having, to my surprise, been labeled a “Deplorable Trumpkin” I am forced to defend myself, and other Trumpkins. My premise is simple. Tired of partisanship and corruption in D.C. we support Trump. If you cannot see the partisanship and corruption, open your eyes. I am not trying to appeal to the Republican base, I am trying to appeal to disaffected Democrats. For to have a true revolution you have to appeal to all parties. I don’t want a single party system, we need two parties, with give and take.

So with that, I would like to thanks to Peggy Noonan. For she allowed me to have a voice.


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