Check Mate

I, and those like me may be amongst the most despised. My thoughts, are said to be the most deplorable of thoughts. My intelligence, I am continually reminded, is sub par. Some of these are things that I may actually agree with.

That being said, President Trump is the leader of a more harmonious world. Are things perfect, no. However historically speaking, yes. Over and over, former antagonists are cooperating for the betterment of the world.

A couple of years ago a number of people asked what is it like to witness the demise of a major political party. I thought I knew the answer when I demurely replied “which party”. However I was wrong, the reality of a lost party is an awful thing. I was unprepared for the reactions. The agony of of snowflakes melting into a muddy reality. A media obsessed with the avoidance of the truth. Politicians unconcerned about those they serve. Such things expose the ugly DNA of a party in demise.

Of course the party isn’t over yet. There is still an election or two to go. If I am wrong I will be more than happy to issue a Mea Culpa. Something some folks are unable to do.

I am not the best at chess, I am just reading the writing on the wall.


The Stormy and Dark Knight

As much as I would like to ignore the background noise of politics I cannot escape hearing about Trump’s Stormy Knight. What a waste of time. Talk about hair brained nincompoop ideas for news stories.

For once upon a time a self proclaimed king, and a self proclaimed queen had a chance encounter. They exchanged pleasantries and memorialized the the encounter with a digital rendering. Business as usual. Move along.

It is my guess that there may have been a moist moment at the sound of the shutter, a random thought to be saved as an antidote for a latter day. Nothing unusual at all, till the lawyers become involved.  I have no idea why they became involved, but involved they became. Somehow what was an innocent moment become a matter of profit. Seems to be a specialty of the law trade. One lawyer two lawyers, three lawyers, more. As silly as that seems, that was just the beginning. Why should the lawyers have all the fun? Welcome to the media circus. Now the fun has just begun. The money has become exponential, and the truth is nowhere to be found.

With all that is going on in the world, why do people talk about the stormy knight? Random people in random places, I never bring up politics. I just write about it here. Overall life is good, I do not complain. So why do I hear about such an inconsequential moment, and it’s implied meaning?

Was it just the work of a Dark Knight? A Dark Knight that encompassed all that is evil? Hate, corruption, greed, slander. Unfortunately a Dark Knight can ride unimpeded on many paths. Don’t let him ride on yours.

The circle is complete, it was a dark and stormy knight.