Class Action

The genetically superior urbain left has class. They continue to attempt to school me. Of course I am a deplorable and repeatedly remind my betters that I am incapable of being schooled. Can’t blame them from trying though.

An urbain friend of mine recently posted that distillation of ignorance inflamed by fear is hate.¬† So is hate a marker for ignorance and fear? Could be. Today a congealed snowflake once again fabricated faults with the predictable distillate. I had to remind him that I had shook his hand. Didn’t matter, the distillate was the same.

This is why the rules can’t be the same. Deplorables are seemingly incapable of New thoughts. They need harsher penalties than the genetically superior left. At the same time the rules are justifiably relaxed for the classy urbain. It is so inconvenient trying to school those thick skulled deplorables. Double standards are so righteous when it comes to those right winging deplorables.

Can you imagine if the deplorables started wearing suits.


The preceding rant was prompted by a DC type saying that it would take more than a generation to repair the the damage that President Trump has done. This was after he asked for help and I was trying to save him some money, of which he has plenty.

Urbain is French for urban, no offense intended towards the French.


The Stars and Stripes in Hong Kong

Stunning to see many protesters in Hong Kong waving the Stars and Stripes and singing our national anthem. In Hong Kong! Seems they understand what the Stars and Stripes stand for. Equality for all. Something that some folks here do not understand.

I am actually scared for those people in Hong Kong. I think China, the monolithic state that it is, will hurt the protesters.

I pray for them.

Oh Sheet

I rhetorically asked my wife the other day, I wonder who Jeffrey Epstein pissed off? My wife immediately replied that he was a criminal. I replied what he did was normal behavior in the circles he traveled in. The conversation quickly went downhill from there and I dropped my line of logic.

The man was a player, the biggest house in New York City. The biggest house in New Mexico. His own private islands, an apartment in Paris. A fleet of jets and helicopters. And as many women as a Hip Hop star. He was reported to be incredibly smart, and hung out with the best of people.

Did Trump just say he is a pervert, and to go after him. Or did he screw up and somehow piss someone off. I dunno. Anyway they popped him into jail.

Bloggers said he was going to get suicided. Then it happened. People in the know said that the sheets were made of paper, precisely so people could not suicide themselves. So when the press said he hung himself with a sheet. Yah right. Suicided.

Another unionized facility in a Democrat district. Clarity indeed. So figure some professional thugs took him out. Dead or alive? So far no autopsy. Jeffery was not just any pervert. He was a real smart pervert. Just a guess, but Jeffery had information that some people would want to keep quiet. I am sure that they have already gone though all his computers. So I would also have to presume that Jeffery had a certain amount self preservation built into his methods. As a self identified brilliant person he would certainly try to outsmart any sort of thuggish behavior directed his way.

Was it simply a case of justifiable homicide. Or a professional rub out to cover for someone else’s misdeeds. Will Jeffery speak from beyond the grave with some sort of deadman switch? Would he then be worth listening to? I have no clue.

Covering (Up) The Truth

The media likes nothing more than a mass shooting. Two in one weekend? Ah, their joy in pontificating assigning blame, and then issuing commandments. Such an unbelievably good weekend for the propagandists. “Trump’s white supremacist followers are shooting and killing innocents” they instantaneously pronounce. It’s a tragedy.

It is a bit early, and there are still known and unknown unknowns in the story. After just under a week a few things have come out. The first shooter allegedly left a manifesto that describes himself as a socialist that dislikes immigration. what seems like an unlikely combination does have a historical precedent. By no stretch would that person be considered a Trump supporter or follower.

The second shooting of the weekend may have been a reaction to the media reporting of the first mass killing. The many reports that a Trump supporter had killed Mexicans may have caused misguided retribution. Social media postings by the second killer indicated that he was a member of Antifa. Violence against Trump supporters is the primary reason for Antifa. Unsurprisingly the press may have triggered violence. Sometimes I wonder if that is their goal.

Unfortunately when the press glorifies violence all I can do is an eyeroll. My words are pretty much unread. I am prejudiced as a deplorable and therefore unworthy of thoughts by some. To point out violence is to be banned. Look what happened to Mitch.

Ironically I was disturbed by the Democrat candidates reaction. They spoke from Las Vegas. They were there speaking at a union convention. Las Vegas is the home of the largest mass shooting in recent history. So many unknowns in that shooting. The killer was dead. No social media history, supposedly there were missing hard drives. The only “witness” traveled to Mexico before appearing on the Ellen Show. Pretty much appeared to be a union assisted cover up. My only real recollection of the Vegas shooter was his brother saying “he was no white supremacist”. If he were living in a polarized world, that would make the the killer a liberal.

In a strange subjugation there is a move that is supposed to come out next month called The Hunt. It is purported to be rich Democrats hunting and killing Trump supporters. So far nothing is known of any plot twists. Incredibly President Trump came out and said that the movie is racist. Not knowing the plot how would he know that? Maybe because all of the rich Democrat killers are white?

Just another unknown.

The Shaheen Show

Next week President Trump is coming to New Hampshire. This should be fun. Vice President Mike Pence was supposed to come last month to talk at the Granite Recovery Center with Senator Jeanne Shaheen about the opioid problem in the state. However Vice President Mike Pence canceled at the last moment.

The reason Mike Pence canceled his trip to an opioid treatment facility? Chief Development Officer Jeffrey Hatch at the opioid treatment facility  Granite Recovery Center, was under investigation for distribution of fentanyl.

It appears the guy in charge of the treatment facility was a major dealer.

Within a couple of weeks he pleaded guilty to distributing 1,500 grams of fentanyl.

Governor Chris Sununu said he was surprised by what appeared to be a light sentence of up four years and $250,000. I am sure more than that was spent on the treatment center.

Senator Shaheen said she was incredibly disappointed that trust was betrayed.

This is not good for her, drug rehabilitation has been a centerpiece of her administration. In the past President Trump has called New Hampshire a drug den.

In the past I have heard that Governor/Senator Shaheen was enabling the drug trade. Such rumors did not come from the right either.

White Noise

I am white, so anything I say is considered by some people as nothing more than noise. Because I write unscripted, some people probably consider me a supremacist. So here goes. If you watched the debates, I agree with Maryanne, it’s a dog and pony show. That’s what she called the white noise that was the Democrat debates. As a participant she would know. Genetically incapable of knowing or understanding simple truths, most of the participants traded in lies and hate. I paid some attention, but it just devolved into noise, and in the end, I was incapable of paying attention.

Say what you want, but that is the difference. Unlike the others Trump is genetically incapable of telling falsehoods. He tells it as he sees it. In many cases truth hurts. Viva la difference. I have now gotten my ideas on genetic variation out of the way.

We live in a society where fascism has run amuck. Most people are incapable of independent thoughts. This is nothing new, it has been that way for quite a while. To be educated is to have the ability to repeat what is presented as truth. Analytics typically is not part of the equation. This is the loophole used by those in control. I am not saying our government is fascist, just our society.

World wars happened not that long ago. It is my belief that wars happen because of people using new technology to gain power over others. Today people are attempting to control communications to gain power. This is today’s wildcard. We shall see how this plays out.

Hollywood has major influence on what a majority of people in this country think. Strange how people in Hollywood are people who pretend to be people who they are not. Is it a genetic trait to pretend to be others in their desire for fame?

Politicians have a major influence on what most people do. Unsurprisingly most politicians tell people what they want to hear. A typical politician uses polls, some just have a natural talent to tell people what they want to hear, or in some cases what to think.

So what we have is a confluence of people pretending to be something they are not, saying what they think we want to hear, all being communicated by people who want control what is thought for perceived gain. That is why what I hear is white noise.

Maybe they are projecting. I think that they are simple truths. Here are a couple more simple truths that cannot be told.

Trees like Co2. There are a lot of bad things in the air, however trees like Co2. I simply can not understand why the “Green” party does not like Co2. To do so is to not like trees.

The Pledge of Allegiance ends with “with liberty and justice for all”. To eliminate the pledge, and what it stands for is to embrace fascism. Laws are what protect us as individuals and give us our rights. To advocate the dissolution of these laws strips us of our self evident rights. It’s an evil dark force that wants us to be unequal. Equality of citizens is one of the things that makes our flag unique.

So what is with craven embrace by a large portion of the population of all that is ill in society. Beats me. They think they are smart. I do not know whether to pity them, and conversely should pray for them. For their minds are truly damaged. Or maybe I should just smile and nod, as I do believe that the light will shine. Or I could just write down my thoughts, as they are my thoughts. Not the thoughts of others. Yes, in this day and age I have my own thoughts. I guess that is rather unusual. Or unable to change I could just be white noise.

Actually things are getting better. It is not that hard for me to find news that I agree with. The disturbing thing is news that I do not agree with, has a tendency to advocate violence.