White Noise

I am white, so anything I say is considered by some people as nothing more than noise. Because I write unscripted, some people probably consider me a supremacist. So here goes. If you watched the debates, I agree with Maryanne, it’s a dog and pony show. That’s what she called the white noise that was the Democrat debates. As a participant she would know. Genetically incapable of knowing or understanding simple truths, most of the participants traded in lies and hate. I paid some attention, but it just devolved into noise, and in the end, I was incapable of paying attention.

Say what you want, but that is the difference. Unlike the others Trump is genetically incapable of telling falsehoods. He tells it as he sees it. In many cases truth hurts. Viva la difference. I have now gotten my ideas on genetic variation out of the way.

We live in a society where fascism has run amuck. Most people are incapable of independent thoughts. This is nothing new, it has been that way for quite a while. To be educated is to have the ability to repeat what is presented as truth. Analytics typically is not part of the equation. This is the loophole used by those in control. I am not saying our government is fascist, just our society.

World wars happened not that long ago. It is my belief that wars happen because of people using new technology to gain power over others. Today people are attempting to control communications to gain power. This is today’s wildcard. We shall see how this plays out.

Hollywood has major influence on what a majority of people in this country think. Strange how people in Hollywood are people who pretend to be people who they are not. Is it a genetic trait to pretend to be others in their desire for fame?

Politicians have a major influence on what most people do. Unsurprisingly most politicians tell people what they want to hear. A typical politician uses polls, some just have a natural talent to tell people what they want to hear, or in some cases what to think.

So what we have is a confluence of people pretending to be something they are not, saying what they think we want to hear, all being communicated by people who want control what is thought for perceived gain. That is why what I hear is white noise.

Maybe they are projecting. I think that they are simple truths. Here are a couple more simple truths that cannot be told.

Trees like Co2. There are a lot of bad things in the air, however trees like Co2. I simply can not understand why the “Green” party does not like Co2. To do so is to not like trees.

The Pledge of Allegiance ends with “with liberty and justice for all”. To eliminate the pledge, and what it stands for is to embrace fascism. Laws are what protect us as individuals and give us our rights. To advocate the dissolution of these laws strips us of our self evident rights. It’s an evil dark force that wants us to be unequal. Equality of citizens is one of the things that makes our flag unique.

So what is with craven embrace by a large portion of the population of all that is ill in society. Beats me. They think they are smart. I do not know whether to pity them, and conversely should pray for them. For their minds are truly damaged. Or maybe I should just smile and nod, as I do believe that the light will shine. Or I could just write down my thoughts, as they are my thoughts. Not the thoughts of others. Yes, in this day and age I have my own thoughts. I guess that is rather unusual. Or unable to change I could just be white noise.

Actually things are getting better. It is not that hard for me to find news that I agree with. The disturbing thing is news that I do not agree with, has a tendency to advocate violence.


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