The Shaheen Show

Next week President Trump is coming to New Hampshire. This should be fun. Vice President Mike Pence was supposed to come last month to talk at the Granite Recovery Center with Senator Jeanne Shaheen about the opioid problem in the state. However Vice President Mike Pence canceled at the last moment.

The reason Mike Pence canceled his trip to an opioid treatment facility? Chief Development Officer Jeffrey Hatch at the opioid treatment facility  Granite Recovery Center, was under investigation for distribution of fentanyl.

It appears the guy in charge of the treatment facility was a major dealer.

Within a couple of weeks he pleaded guilty to distributing 1,500 grams of fentanyl.

Governor Chris Sununu said he was surprised by what appeared to be a light sentence of up four years and $250,000. I am sure more than that was spent on the treatment center.

Senator Shaheen said she was incredibly disappointed that trust was betrayed.

This is not good for her, drug rehabilitation has been a centerpiece of her administration. In the past President Trump has called New Hampshire a drug den.

In the past I have heard that Governor/Senator Shaheen was enabling the drug trade. Such rumors did not come from the right either.


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