The Liability of Liability

Organizations exist for different reasons. Educational or entrepreneurial, philanthropic or holistic, they all have an overriding concern. Liability, or the exposure to Lliability. As a member and participant of different organizations I see a pattern. The concern about liabilities affects the ability to make decisions. In fact just the concern about liability shapes the actions of the organizations.

In my view this is not productive behavior. Unfortunately it is what people think about. Such is our society. We wast time and effort being concerned about liability. We won’t make decisions because we worry about liability. Opportunities and time wasted is massive. Why? Lawyers? I am not sure. Yet we are at a disadvantage.

Go to the hospital and the cost will be something like a thousand dollars a hour. Who pays? Not everyone has insurance. Plus the insurance company will try to have someone else pay. Shift the blame and have them pay. Yet we all pay.

Typically the government does always do things in the most efficient manner. Though they are pretty good at collecting taxes. You do not truly own anything, you just rent it from the government. What does the government have to do with liability? Part of the problem is the laws and courts that apportion blame.

Would universal health care reduce the cost of liability? I don’t know. If you do something silly and hurt yourself it is nobody’s fault. The government will take care of you. Would the savings of the costs of working about liability make up for the inefficiency of government health care? I certainly do not know. Yet it is not something that I have not heard discussed. I admit the ramifications would be huge.

so I actually do not have an opinion on this. Just a bit of wonderment.


The Amazon Effect?

With the exception of Home Depot the retail shopping experience is not what it used to be. From what I understand this is not a localized phenomenon. There are shortages of products and staff. It started with the toilet paper shortages at the beginning of the pandemic. It has only gotten worse. Some people said that the shortages are caused by hoarding. Others say the pandemic has choked production and the supply chain. The other day I heard a theory that was unrelated to the pandemic.

It is the Amazon effect. Because Amazon is such a juggernaut what was once going to retail is now available online. Sure we have noticed price spikes, but there is not much that is unavailable. This theory makes sense to me because the things that you would buy in Home Depot are not available online. Or simply that stuff is to big to ship. When I go to Home Depot I am surprised that the shelves are full and the staff is available and friendly.

The Amazon effect does not explain why there are so few cars at the dealerships. That is blamed on some sort of chip shortage. There is no real explanation on why there is a chip shortage. I could understand if some giant chip factory blew up, yet that is not the explanation.

The Amazon effect is an interesting theory. It is evident that the media and politicians support Amazon. Just yesterday there were riots designed to take out major retailers. Riots are not spontaneous. They are planned. Yet I do not completely buy into the Amazon effect. My view is we are no longer on top. Our statues have been knocked down, we are now here to serve another. It is my view that supply chain that we have become accustomed to is now providing another.

To the Victor goes the spoils. If that is the case it won’t be long before the shelves in Home Depot go bare. It is simply a slower supply chain.


President Joe Biden seems to do a lot of whispering to make his points. I think my favorite is trillions in spending will cost zero. There are other whispers too. My Democrat friends have come up with very long and rather wordy reasons why Republicans are just basically racist slave holders. Thank you Franz. I know plenty of people that think like that.

Even though CNN pays airports around the world to broadcast their propaganda, there are other news outlets. Google “Biden Diary” and do some inquisitive analysis and you might believe Joe Biden is a incestuous pedophile. With a lifetime in politics there is no doubt Joe is the leader of what Trump called the swamp.

CNN is completely silent on the personal life of President Joe Biden. Yet CNN investigated all aspects of Trumps personal life. Then the things they said about the First Lady were even worse. I won’t go on as I have covered this in the past and I really do not want to repeat myself.

In other news, there has been an arrest made in the Trump Russian Collusion Story. Seems the entire story was a fabrication by aids to Hillary. Yet her aids are still highly praised by the mainstream.

I have always considered myself to be a slave to the machine, and I identify myself as centrist Republican. When I started this blog I was looking for conversation, I did not find it. If what Franz says is true, I own myself. Yet to think the thoughts he thinks, he must believe in slavery.

So I will circle back. I am the slave. He is the master. This makes a lot of sense to me. I have been under the liberal thumb my entire life.

Let’s Go Brandon

Three simple words, that could get you fired if you were to say them in the wrong place. Censorship is real, and this is the proof. The three words are simply a meme, expressing displeasure with the current political regime.

I do not get out much so I really do not know how widespread the displeasure is. Expressing displeasure is not a new thing. Four years ago pink hats were all the rage. Unfortunately pink hats also advocated actual rage and violence. Yet to my knowledge no one was fired for wearing a pink hat.

Let’s go Brandon is no call for violence. It is expression of embarrassment. For there are things that can not be said. Like pooping the pants when talking to the Pope. That simply becomes an incident, not to be reported. Yet fake Nazi plants become national news in a local race.

My brother went to buy gas and the was a picture of Joe pointing out the price of the purchase and underneath the image was was the saying “I did that”. The next time I bought gas the same image and saying was also on my fuel pump.

Adding a sticky to a fuel pump is a minor act of vandalism. Yet it is not burning down the fuel station. I am thinking of what was called mostly peaceful protests.

Thank you pink hats. You have brought us change.

On Being Kind

People tell me I am kind. It is my nature. I am not sure why. For many years I considered myself a technician. I fix things. I never thought of myself as fixing People. People confuse me. I am never sure what they are going to do.

I think I have never learned to identify people. When I was young I needed glasses, but nobody knew it. Sure there were a couple of signs I could not see, but I did not know it. It was only when I went to get a driver’s license that I found out I could not see.

When I was young people were just fuzzy blobs. I could not judge people by their looks, I couldn’t see them. I judged by actions. Yet that was also difficult, as I could not remember who did what. I suffered from what could be called disabilities. Everyone seemed the same.

Unable to identify and remember one person from another I had to treat everyone the same. I also have to tell the truth, as I would be incapable of remembering who I told a fib to. Do unto others as you would have them done unto you. Seems like a pretty simple thing.

I am not into manipulation, I just want to help.