On Being Kind

People tell me I am kind. It is my nature. I am not sure why. For many years I considered myself a technician. I fix things. I never thought of myself as fixing People. People confuse me. I am never sure what they are going to do.

I think I have never learned to identify people. When I was young I needed glasses, but nobody knew it. Sure there were a couple of signs I could not see, but I did not know it. It was only when I went to get a driver’s license that I found out I could not see.

When I was young people were just fuzzy blobs. I could not judge people by their looks, I couldn’t see them. I judged by actions. Yet that was also difficult, as I could not remember who did what. I suffered from what could be called disabilities. Everyone seemed the same.

Unable to identify and remember one person from another I had to treat everyone the same. I also have to tell the truth, as I would be incapable of remembering who I told a fib to. Do unto others as you would have them done unto you. Seems like a pretty simple thing.

I am not into manipulation, I just want to help.


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