When Everything is A Lie

It is hard to find the truth in politics. Everyone has an agenda. Unfortunately when the truth comes out, it is not tolerated. Like actors, everyone plays a role reciting their lines. This is the reason some people do not like to talk about politics.

Other people, some love the lies. They love to talk politics. I have listened to these people. They are genetically incapable of telling the truth. When everything is a lie, the truth is not tolerated.

I was talking with a group of students about Covid. They definitely thought that it was a government plot. I offered my opinion that Covid was designed by the government to kill old people so the government would not have to pay pensions and social security. They thought I was spot on.

Whenever I check CNN they are still talking about Trump. I have to think that when it comes to lies, the truth can not be tolerated. CNN cannot tolerate Trump. I never paid attention to the Trump tweets. I thought they were irrelevant. Yet more than anything else, they were not tolerated.

Let’s just say they students and I were right. Covid was designed by the government(s) to kill old people. The idea is not unprecedented. In ancient Rome it was a disgrace to be old. It was better to die at your peak. Ancient Rome was quite violent.

President Trump kind of messed up the plan with Operation Warp Speed. Sure there were simple ways to beat Covid, they were made illegal and unavailable. They probably did not believe Trump would actually be successful with a vaccine. He saved the old people.

My wife says I would have survived Covid. My cousin and others did not. I believe Covid was manufactured. I believe Covid was used to kill people. It is hard for me to believe that the government is my friend. Locally they are just a bunch of extortionists.

There are plenty of unknowns out there. Trump is one of them. Yet he might of saved my life.


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