I Really Don’t Care, Do U?

Talk about haughty haute couture. A stereotypical elitist point of view. Yes I am talking about our FLOTUS, and her coat. A number of scenarios swept through my mind. Somebody snuck into her closest and wrote that on her coat, nope way to obvious. Then just because she knows how to speak English, does not mean she knows how to read English. I was wondering if that was plausible when I read that it was a simple $35 coat. Then I understood.

It doesn’t matter what Melania wears, the media will hate it. So she picked a coat that states her opinion. Better yet it only costs $35 bucks. For a common complaint is her clothing costs four or five figures. When asked about her coat, her reply was “It’s just a coat”.

The President added a slightly more informative “She doesn’t care about fake news”

The media claimed or declared that Melania doesn’t care about the children. If I remember correctly she was the one that caused the children to be reunited with their parents. That is where she was going when she wore the coat. Make no mistake children were “incarcerated” under Obama, Bush, Clinton. The southern border has been a problem for a long time. Now the media claims that anyone who wants a border solution is a Nazi. My opinion? If this is the worst thing in the world, as the media describes it to be, we are very well off. Let me recap, people that are engaged in criminal activity are temporarily inconvenienced, and are probably be treated much better now than when they were engaged in criminal activity is the worst thing that is going on according to our media. Did I say that the media claims that anyone disagreeing with them is a Nazi?

So what do I think of that? I agree with Melania, I don’t care. Her actions show that she cares and that is enough for me. Additionally I am sure that all the people tasked with taking care of the children care about the children. It now occurs to me that Melania is capable of rather bold trolling. Sure it cost more money to take care of the kids, but it is good PR.

Sorry, but I find this whole story the funniest thing in politics since the Bernie people threw dollar bills at Hillary. Best $35 dollars spent on a coat in a while. I now understand why Donald married her.


A Belief in God

A belief in God is a personal thing. A person has a right to believe in a god of their choice, or not to believe at all. God comes in many descriptors, or interpretations. My view is that we all have the same God. We just live under different interpretations. Our mere existence is proof of my affirmation of the creator.

One may, or may not make a public affirmation of their God. Or, call for the help of God. Some people frequently invoke the name of God, and other people rarely invoke the name of God. Why do I say this? We say many things, sometimes we say things in sarcasm. Taken out of context, I know some things that I say could be used against me. So when it comes to investigations, words out of context should be examined carefully. Politically using words out of context is all to common.

Recently there has been great importance given to a few words out of many. I am speaking of the text messages of FBI agent Strzok. He is quite prolific texting. I have to wonder if somewhere in his many texts there are alternative words of balance. For when I say something that is a bit drastic, I typically counterbalance the words in an alternative paragraph. I would expect someone to point them out if they existed. Interesting that today the words that define the political landscape invoke the name of God. I must admit that they are a pretty definitive affirmation of belief.

Agent Strzok invokes God’s name to declare that I, and others like me are incapable of reasonable thought, or are of substandard mentality. I am OK with that, as I reserve the right to do the same. Although juvenile, speech is free.

There is a problem when the name of God is invoked to justify the the removal of my legal rights as a citizen. In fact, collusion and obstruction of justice are not justified by any reason to remove anyone’s rights as a citizen.

I have to wonder if the proof of God is part of our DNA.