Trump and the Tesla

As far as I know, what Donald J Trump thinks of Tesla is a unknown. I have a deposit on the Tesla Model III. For years I have followed electric vehicle forums. In the last year there has been lots of anti Trump rhetoric in these forums, also there has been a small amount of pro Trump statements. I have added a couple myself.

By far the anti Trump folks are Carbon Centric. Trump has stated that he (as I) do not believe in global warming. The Carbon Centric folks are very upset about that.

The pro Trump folks believe in energy independence (as I do). We believe the all inclusive costs of Arab oil are too high to pay. Those costs include war and terrorism.

I would like to mention to the Carbon Centric that Hillarys campaign was funded by a third by Saudi Arabia. Oil would have played a big part in her policy. Trump has stated that he likes clean energy. This translates into he doesn’t like pollution. He just doesn’t view Carbon dioxide as pollution. It’s also been pointed out that he doesn’t like windmills. This is true when the windmill is very close to his golf course. It’s the noise that he does not like. In actuality, some windmills are louder than others.

So this brings me to Tesla, some people believe that Tesla is funded by taxpayers to provide the rich with toys. Tesla supporters say the taxpayer unfairly supports the oil industry. I am sure the truth is somewhere between. Personally I would believe Trump would support Tesla. American built, American powered, with American technology, keeping America clean and quiet, and making America fast, safe and Great Again!

I make well below the median wage, however the Model III could be affordable. Even without tax credits. So I am happy to let the Trump team figure out tax parity. However I am sure that President Trump would not be anti Tesla, in fact I think he would be pro Tesla.

Give Donald a chance.


Fireside Chat

I pulled into a local Citgo station to put some petrol into my Chevy Volt. Judging by the vehicle, the Claremont Fire Chief pulled up beside me. I pondered if the Trump bumper sticker had anything to do with it. The man promptly asked me how I liked my Chevy Volt, and I described how I like it and how it works. It was a very pleasant conversation. I then followed up with that I just don’t like giving Arabs my money, and it shouldn’t cost more to fill up the tank than to go out to eat. The man who I presumed was Chef surprised me when he agreed and said that he had a small three cylinder pickup truck that had very good mileage. By now the Volt was full, I said nice chatting with you, and I drove off.

The Emanuel Nine

The Emanuel Nine represents a truly amazing grace, and in my opinion deserving of the Medal Of Honor. I am humbled by the truth, justice, compassion, hope and faith of the nine. Of all the news last year, it was the the faith of the Emanuel Nine that I found to be the most moving.

After years of strife emphasized by the media culminated in the ultimate act of cowardice and hate by a truly lost soul. Unfortunately this will be back in the news soon. I hope that the Christian faith of the Nine is not forgotten in the news. For it is the ultimate part of the story. For us, our faith should rule. The media, and it’s associates would like to scrub faith from our lives.

I am no expert on faith, however it is needed in life. Personally, I believe that simple work provides focus and faith. I am talking avocation or vocation, something that is missing from the lives of the troubled.

The Emanuel Nine was the last big news event before the election, now it may be back in the news after the election. Somehow I hope faith becomes part of the media story.

The Medal Of Freedom

Aye, I am beginning to understand.

Yesterday President Barack Obama awarded 21 Medal Of Freedom Awards. The local news media highlighted three of the recipients. Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Hanks, and Bruce Springsteen. The cream of the privileged elite. What these people have to do with freedom I have no idea. Ellen, highlighted by the media is nothing more than a very well paid host to a daily hour long commercial. At best these people indoctrinate compliant masses into commercialism. Unbelievable these people are awarded the Medal Of Freedom.

Of course I have my own list. How about the inventor of PokeMon Go. This little app managed to get millions of people outside. How about Elon Musk, delivering us from our addiction to oil, and giving us self driving cars. Or even Matt Drudge, giving us an alternative media to counterbalance the mainstream. Then there are a couple of personal favorites, the inventor of earbuds, giving us the ability to take our music with us. Finally Wikipedia, something that gives us the ability to look up more reliable facts. I am sure there are many other unsung heroes that have benefited our lives.

So I look up who some of the other recipients are. Actually there are some pretty good people. A couple of programmers and a mathematician, would top my list. Bill and Melinda Gates made the list along with an artist and an architect. Finally an educator and an advocate finish off my list of the deserving. The rest are mass media entertainment.

I am beginning to understand. The media doesn’t care about the actual heroes. They promote their own heroes in self aggrandizement. The media will favour those who enable their dreams of aggrandizing their own. They are doing well, more than half of the recipients were fluff.


I am an American Indian Muslim, and I do not get much respect.

My father was born into the Sioux Nation. His father, my Grandfather was a missionary. He built a small machine shop and was teaching the Indians how manufacturing would make their lives better. Wonder where I get my interest in manufacturing from? However most people, including myself, consider me to be a detestable Pilgrim. If my father was born into the Sioux Nation, I must be at least half American Indian.

The oldest book in my home is the Koran. It belonged to my Great Great Grandfather. If the oldest book in my home, and by a good margin, is the Koran, I must be Muslim. I have never been in a Mosque, however I have been in many churches. So most people think I am a despicable Christian. Maybe I should visit a Mosque. I used to have a bible, but somehow it moved on to a better place. So I have recently replaced it.

So I really should play up that I am an American Indian Muslim. Then I should be able to get to the front of the affirmative action line. At least that was my plan, until two weeks ago. Now I can just be happy being me.

Keene’s Steakhouse

My part in this election is over. Confident that I have done the right thing it’s time for me to put my feet up and enjoy the show. Then I see a tweet on the news, Donald Trump and family had snuck out for a steak dinner at Keene’s  Steakhouse. There was a photo too. The photo shows a number of airplanes hanging from the ceiling. As I like to hang out at Keene Airport this looks like a cool place to me.

So I decided to look up Keene’s Steakhouse. It doesn’t exist!  Somewhat disappointed that there was no steakhouse wIth the Keene name, I wondered where the Trump family did go. There is a Keen’s Steakhouse in New York. So I googled that, and it looks similar, but no planes hanging from the ceiling. Maybe Trump and company never snuck out and he has his own steakhouse in Trump Tower. Mr Trump certainly likes his planes, I would not be surprised if he likes trucks and tractors too. It would be way cool if he called his own steakhouse Keene’s. That is within driving distance for me.

Why would he do that? Well one of his first big political rallies was in Keene. Maybe it was where Trump and family decided to go Big League in politics. Or maybe there is some other unknown reason. After some further googling I discovered that the Trump clan had visited the steakhouse at the 21 Club. There are planes hanging from the ceiling at the 21 Club. Could be some confused person didn’t really know where they were, or how to spell. The reality is most likely the latter. However the idea of a mysterious Keene’s Steakhouse that celebrates the Trump clan’s pursuit of politics and pays homage to manufactured items hanging from the ceiling and is more appealing to me.

I want it to be a thing.

Vox Populi, Vox Dei!

Congratulations to President Elect Donald J Trump and his family on his new job. He now works for all of us. He arrives unencumbered by partisanship or debit. In his path, the greatest challenge of his life. A challenge ten thousand times greater than his greatest building.

It was just a week ago that the people spoke. They spoke with a voice that surprised most everyone. The people spoke with a voice that makes history. Together the people spoke with a voice of strength. It was with a vote, that a voice was given to revolution.

So far all the principles have said the right thing. Donald and Hillary were gracious. Barack has been accommodating. Both parties are in the process of realigning their priorities. This is in my view a good thing. The media, while slightly stunned, has doubled down on its rhetoric. Challenges do lay ahead.

Compared to some of the historic times of the past, we have it good. With effort we can make life great. For this I pray.

Demoralized Democrats

So what’s next for the Democrat party? It was built around the Clintons, and their policies. I have no idea where they may go. I wonder if the new party will be slavishly pro union. Personally I don’t think pro union will work. At this point it’s the same as  pro government. My view is under the Clintons, the DNC was simply a front for the great super union. The only real agenda was the lie of climate change, which they used to bludgeon anyone who disagreed. Personally I am glad it failed.

George Soros is still around funding chaos. He believes in opportunity through chaos. I certainly hope the new Democratic party does not embrace him, or his money.


Wednesday morning all the deplorable Trumpkins gave each other a high five, then went back to work. That’s what they do. Wednesday afternoon Hillary’s basket of deplorables (to turn a phrase) went protesting, with some even rioting. That’s what they do. Wednesday evening the privileged elite resumed stringing together random negative words into long rambling and incoherent sentences. That’s what they do. So really, what’s changed?

Well, half the population is absolutely incredulous. They had been promised a glorious coronation of the first female president in America. Instead they get that ridiculed lout Trump. How could that possibly be? The Trumpkins know the answer.

Could the media have been lying to America? False polls, false stories, false agenda. What was media bias turned out to be absolute media collusion. Most of America probably doesn’t agree with with that view, yet. Remember this. The media lied.

I am the first to say Donald Trump is not perfect. However, ninety five percent of the negative stories about Donald Trump are false. How do I get that number? Ninety five percent of media contributions to politicians are to Democrats. They have the motivation to shape public opinion to their own selfish goals. This time they pushed to far to advance their own agenda.

I think the result will be fewer people will truly trust the media. People will be influenced, but will they really trust the media. Even Democrats will realise, the media lies.

Update: It is really a mistake to have a title of “Yahoo” in a piece about how the media lies. It really is sad that the media lies to us. The Yahoo was my unintended exuberance about proving in my mind that what the media says about me are lies. All in all, this is a very sad story.

Island Blossoms

Close your eyes and visualize beautiful island blossoms, for you will never believe this true story.

Unlike most people, I was truly excited to vote in this election. Really, for the first time in my life I was excited to vote. Previously it had always been a civic duty. After voting, I stood at the polls for a couple of hours talking with people. It was very apparent that other people were very excited to vote. My town had something like an eighty five percent turnout. I had a nice chat with a Hillary lady, and gave a Trump sign to another lady who was thrilled to hold it. Previously to that moment she had kept her politics to herself and her father. I mostly listened, but I did share a few of my campaign experiences.

During this campaign I was quietly determined to show my support for Donald Trump. I am not comfortable knocking on doors or making campaign calls. So I figured I could put up some campaign signs. During the primary I had disappointing results putting up signs, but I learned that it was OK to put them on State Roads. So I put out a dozen Trump signs along State roads where there were other campaign signs. In a matter of days they all disappeared. I was heartbroken. The other signs were there, but the Trump signs were gone. They even disappeared from the end of my driveway. I thought there might be a local nut.

I talked with other Trump supporters and they all had the same problem. Trump signs had a half life that could be measured in a few days. There was a shortage of Trump signs in the county. To help with the cause I drove across the state with my Truck to get a load of twenty four by eight campaign signs for the county. Local volunteers started to put up the big signs with the thought that big signs would not disappear. Wrong. A call was made to the police, and the next day the was a front page photo made the local paper showing a small Hillary sign that was run over by a car. There were a few large Hillary signs in town, and none were vandalised. Trump supporters have respect.

Demoralized I had given up on signs, I would only drive my Trump Truck, defensively. Why plant signs when they would only be ripped up by the roots. New Hampshire was a battleground state. Then during the last week, Claremont was listed as a battleground city. The superpacs converged. Superpacs of all affiliations. Signs were sprouting up everywhere. Little barren traffic islands that had just a few signs now had hundreds.

Great big beautiful Trump signs started springing up alongside the state roads. Financed by small donations from around the country these beautiful signs had the half life of a few hours. The few Hillary signs in town suddenly become decorated with with big pink signs proclaiming “Her Lies Matter”.  This was war.

As I drove my Trump Truck, I was pleased. I could see, at times three big beautiful Trump signs at once. I could see hundreds of smaller Trump signs at a time. Then there were the thousands of other signs. Suddenly these were different roads, more colorful than the peak of autumn foliage. In the city of Claremont the traffic islands blossomed with color.

Encouraged, the night before the election I placed my remaining signs discreetly on the roads leading to the local polling station. Once again I was going to play my small part. It turned out that my candidate Trump won the national election. I was pleased. Today it was announced that Trump had very narrowly lost the State of New Hampshire. For that I was sad. But then I received an email from the Trump county chair. It turned out that Trump had won the country. A long time blue county had turned red. For that I was happy.

I do not care what you’re political affiliation is. However if there is ever a battleground city in a battleground state nearby, take a drive. It is truly beautiful. Today I went to retrieve the last signs I had put out. They were all gone. Beauty in politics is rare, and fleeting. I wish I had taken pictures.