Trump and the Tesla

As far as I know, what Donald J Trump thinks of Tesla is a unknown. I have a deposit on the Tesla Model III. For years I have followed electric vehicle forums. In the last year there has been lots of anti Trump rhetoric in these forums, also there has been a small amount of pro Trump statements. I have added a couple myself.

By far the anti Trump folks are Carbon Centric. Trump has stated that he (as I) do not believe in global warming. The Carbon Centric folks are very upset about that.

The pro Trump folks believe in energy independence (as I do). We believe the all inclusive costs of Arab oil are too high to pay. Those costs include war and terrorism.

I would like to mention to the Carbon Centric that Hillarys campaign was funded by a third by Saudi Arabia. Oil would have played a big part in her policy. Trump has stated that he likes clean energy. This translates into he doesn’t like pollution. He just doesn’t view Carbon dioxide as pollution. It’s also been pointed out that he doesn’t like windmills. This is true when the windmill is very close to his golf course. It’s the noise that he does not like. In actuality, some windmills are louder than others.

So this brings me to Tesla, some people believe that Tesla is funded by taxpayers to provide the rich with toys. Tesla supporters say the taxpayer unfairly supports the oil industry. I am sure the truth is somewhere between. Personally I would believe Trump would support Tesla. American built, American powered, with American technology, keeping America clean and quiet, and making America fast, safe and Great Again!

I make well below the median wage, however the Model III could be affordable. Even without tax credits. So I am happy to let the Trump team figure out tax parity. However I am sure that President Trump would not be anti Tesla, in fact I think he would be pro Tesla.

Give Donald a chance.


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