Saw a tweet from John Stuart on Facebook. He was complaining that Donald Trump was like a toddler with a handgun. He has no shame. Thankfully most of the liberal press called a ceasefire to their agenda on Thanksgiving. It was for good reason too. They had been trapped into portraying themselves with a lying colluding agenda. There were rats exposed at the highest places. Most everyone knows, that when you see a rat, there are many more unseen. It was with prudence, that smarter amongst them called for a reassessment of their situation.

Of course John Stuart, who sits at the highest alter of the entertainment left is having nothing to do with any sort of ceasefire. His cause is just, and he will not be slowed. Of course I found it entertaining that John compared Donald to a toddler. My immediate reaction was Mr Stuart was speaking to all the college students with the infantile reaction to the election. Really theTrump is not my president movement is just an infantile reaction by those that had believed the lies of the left and now are dazed and confused by the reality that they had been lied to.

It is true, that at times I have believed the lies of the left. Even if I had my doubts, constant repetition swayed my personal version of reality. So I cannot blame John for leading the lying charge. He has so much to loose. So because John’s lie made it to my Facebook feed, I will take aim at this particular lie. So hear this Mr Stuart. If Donald J Trump is a toddler with a handgun, he is a really good shot. Your compatriots were wise in declaring a ceasefire.

What do you get when you cross a corrupt Chicagoan with a Arkansas bigot? Nothing that a liberal New Yorker can’t handle.

So this brings me to the point of this little essay. VOOM. Voom was a network that delivered HD programming back when HD television was new. Delivered by satellite there were twenty one channels of high definition programming. This was back when only the occasional show on the networks was high definition. Produced by Rainbow Media Voom had something more than stunning clarity. Voom was commercial free! Sure the shows were low budget, but that was the beauty of it. I really enjoyed shows like Grand Tour and Dead Art. There were many other enjoyable shows also. Sadly Voom disappeared under very mysterious circumstances. According to the judge in the case, much evidence was destroyed and the case was settled out of court. My opinion, highly paid people like John Stuart had to much to loose.

Currently there is a struggle over the internet. People like John Stuart would like to limit the ability of people like me “Bubba” to express my opinion on the internet. Fortunately millions of people are posting their stories and videos. Maybe someday soon, we will be free of controlling content in our media.

No wonder the left is worried, they may soon be unable to control the media. Unable to successfully label Trump as dark, they may find themselves in the dark.


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