Debate Night Reflections


Have been watching some of the reviews of the debate. None were like my simple observation. So I would like to add a couple other points before my reflections. I thought it was significant that Donald said he would not use first strike of nuclear weapons. The other point was Donald agreed with with Hillary on a number of occasions.

Full disclosure, I listened to or watched CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NPR, WMUR, WSJ, Drudge, Facebook for fifteen minutes or more. Usually most of of these news sources repeat themselves after fifteen minutes or so. The majority of news sources said Secretary Clinton won the debate. Donald had flubbed on a number issues, from sniffling to being a misogynist. Essentially Trump’s baggage was gone through with a fine tooth comb. Hillary’s, rather substantial baggage, was ignored.

So now I understand her smugness, she managed to set the agenda for the debate. Everything from the questions to the fact checking. No fact checking on the National Debt, Donald’s main point. No mention of racism, Hillary’s significant point.

I watched the entire event, the people in the photo above can attest to that. No mention of Globalism, what I believe is Hillary’s agenda. How is this better for us than Nationalism? Nationalism is what Donald is trying to sell us, and it does seem to set the agenda, until today. Now Hillary is the winner. So many issues have been skipped. The media has set the agenda. Trump will go the way of Bernie. We can now anoint the Queen. However I have one more question that is important to me, how can Hillary justify using paid operatives to attack fellow Americans? Both NPR and Drudge report Hillary uses paid operatives to attack Trump supporters. Two opposite ends of the media spectrum agree on one thing. I have personally experienced paid attacks. I commented in the WSJ and Hillary’s paid operative said they want me institutionalized. For this and other reasons, my opinion is Hillary is the candidate of hate.

That is why I believe that Hillary Rodham Clinton is totally unqualified to be President. I raise my glass to Donald J Trump for taking her on.

By the way, that is me in the Trump shirt.

The Debate Results

Smug politician that cares about words uses the word racist.

Hard nose deal maker talks about trade and debt.

The choice is yours.

Debate Night

In a few hours will be the first Trump Clinton presidential debate! I am not a huge fan of politics, however I enjoy politics better than football or basketball. So I plan on watching the debate with like minded people.

Of course I believe the debate will benefit Trump. Simply because the more people that see him, there will be the more people that like him. He has that effect. The bigger the audience the better for Donald. Most people’s opinions of Donald Trump have been shaped by paid negative advertising or media bias. That is what happens when you run for president in this day and age. To see him will show the bias for what it is.

So let it begin, may the best man, or woman win.

Ten Reasons To Vote For Donald Trump

10, He can afford big blonde hair.

9, He has survived being in crazy debt.

8, He will appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court.

7, He does not believe in Global Consensus Climate.

6, He has a Presidential stature.

5, He has sixteen golf courses around the world.

4, He builds things and employs people.

3, He owes nobody any favors.

2, He is not a politician.

1, Everyone knows his name

Ten Reasons To Vote For Hillary

10, She thinks like I do.

9, She dresses better than that guy.

8, She will build a village for my children.

7, She will “Tear down that wall”.

6, She is favoured by media bias.

5, She will preserve the Unions.

4, She has My special interests at Hart.

3, She will protect us from Global Warming.

2, She will preserve the Obama legacy.

1, She is a Woman!

I present the above list for the sake of fair play. Of course I do not agree. I just want to point out that I am capable of respecting those that do not agree with me.

The Wind In The Willows

Oh so many years ago, on a local stage, I played “Ratty” in a play be Kenneth Grahame. The play was “The Wind In The Willows”. Ratty was a river rat that liked messing about with boats. Something that could describe me, though I like messing about with anything mechanical.

Now the first time I saw Donald J Trump in a Presidential Debate, I immediately thought, It’s Mr Toad! Now I mean that in a good way. Ratty and Mr Toad are friends, sure there is some excitement along the way. But it all ends well. So there, I tell you who Donald Trump reminds me of. Mr Toad.

As for Hillary, for years I have considered her an impeccable dresser. Just like John Gotti. The boss of bosses. Also like John Gotti, Hillary was made of Teflon. Nothing bad sticks to her. I did see certain similarities between the two.

So we have a fictional character and a bad ass. Well till recently that is. With the collapse of Hillary on September 11th, I now consider her to be Humpty Dumpty.

Thomas Jefferson

In a vastly over simplification of history, Thomas Jefferson was the first American president to fight war on Muslim nations. The Marine Corps were actually created to do the job.

The reason for the war was the Muslim enslavement and ransom of Americans. In fact ten percent or more of the national budget was used for paying such ransom to the Muslim pirates. The four Barbary nations were engaged in slavery and ransom of Americans, and Europeans. Enslavement of Americans was not to be taken lightly.

The envoys of the Barbary nations declared “It was written in the Koran, that all Nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon whoever they could find and to make Slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”. The first American response was theTreaty of Tripoli, which in 1797 had attempted to formalize the dues that America would pay for access to the Mediterranean, stated in its preamble that the United States had no quarrel with the Muslim religion and was in no sense a Christian country.

That did not work. Increasing demands from the Barbary nations eventually caused Jefferson to refuse to to pay tribute. The Barbary nations promptly declared war. America more or less succeeded in what is called the 1st Barbary war. In doing so we successfully opened up trade routes in the Mediterranean.