The Wind In The Willows

Oh so many years ago, on a local stage, I played “Ratty” in a play be Kenneth Grahame. The play was “The Wind In The Willows”. Ratty was a river rat that liked messing about with boats. Something that could describe me, though I like messing about with anything mechanical.

Now the first time I saw Donald J Trump in a Presidential Debate, I immediately thought, It’s Mr Toad! Now I mean that in a good way. Ratty and Mr Toad are friends, sure there is some excitement along the way. But it all ends well. So there, I tell you who Donald Trump reminds me of. Mr Toad.

As for Hillary, for years I have considered her an impeccable dresser. Just like John Gotti. The boss of bosses. Also like John Gotti, Hillary was made of Teflon. Nothing bad sticks to her. I did see certain similarities between the two.

So we have a fictional character and a bad ass. Well till recently that is. With the collapse of Hillary on September 11th, I now consider her to be Humpty Dumpty.


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