Island Time

Another tempest recedes. Eternally grateful for this new sandy shore. Eyes blinking from the light. Unable to determine light from the day. Everything rearranged, everything new. Work until the day is through.

The watch is gone, unneeded at time. We are working on Island Time. If things work out, it’s all good. Failure doesn’t matter, the party continues, stay happy. It’s Island Time.

Why is there an alarm for island time? Relax, all the time is island time. Earlier to rise and later to bed. It’s just a means to more island time.

Contemplating the sandy shore, I realize it is nothing but more. As I look around I wonder how I arrived. A tempest formed from the calm analysis of the day. I look for a ship, I want to get off.

I need to build a dock, yet all the time is gone. Gone to the island, where nothing really matters. I want my eggs to be sunny side up, yet they are scrambled. I dream of a golden yacht, coming to waft me away.


The Fog Rolls In

Long days and crazy people in an unfamiliar environment. How do I cope with the tangles in my brain. I don’t really, it is just brain fog. Sure I know there are things out there, yet I have a coffee in my hand and I keep on going. I wonder if the fog will lift. My navigation radio is analog in a digital world. The music is smooth jazz as I seek my harbor. A breif reprise reveals a glimpse of a beautiful world, wafting in and out of view, yet I am concerned on the dangers hidden from view.

Poorly socialized I seek safety, fjords to nowhere beckon constantly. Enter and the winds will blow aground. The high seas providing unsustainable comfort. Decisions must be made as mind rejects what is reality.

Age is cruel and beautiful. There will always be a future shared by all. We live in our bubbles wafting in the fog. Never knowing when they will pop.

Mean People

When you surround yourself with people smarter than you are, you become the idiot.

I work with a lot of really smart people. Most of them do not think I am very smart. So they do not pay much attention to my ideas. They have a tendency to ignore me. By doing so I can see what they really think. I am surprised how mean some of them can be. It is how they hold power.

I am simply subservient. It is how I survive. I truly just want them to be happy, that is my nature. My belief is if they are happy we will all be better off. At times my logic is flawed. Life, by nature can be competitive. Yet simple collaboration is probably better.

Most of the time I consider myself to be average, I can learn from half the people I meet, and I can help the other half. That may be an oversimplification yet it is a basic premise. So when I work with so many smart people I can become overwhelmed. Their wheels turn so much faster. Sometimes the results are phenomenal if they have a kind soul. Other times, if people are into control, can be soul crushingly brutal.

Remarkably, recently, my soul was being crushed because of actions of others to others, then in a moment of enlightenment, kindness ensued. My little hart sang. I may not mention it very often, the actions of others to others effect me.

Be kind.