Lessons Learned

I probably will not get involved in politics again, even when I became involved I thought it would be a one shot deal. Involvement in one campaign and see what it was like. For the experience and to do what I thought was right.

The results were not what I expected. The experience has left me changed. We as a nation are at war with ourselves. I do not know if it will get worse, or how bad it will get. Proceed with caution.

Be wary of people with strong political beliefs, their political views will affect their actions. They may not do nice things. Demonization precludes discourse. Voices will not be heard. Sad. As a figurative analogy, have you noticed that when some people when they walk into a room they will rip off your head and poop down the hole. Then they expect you to like it. You really have only a couple.of choices. Nod and agree, or leave the room. Or if you are really sophisticated, you make them believe what you believe.

On a practical side, do not give money to any campaign. They will simply ask for more. I gave a couple of bucks just to say that I am on your side, and now it seems that they have spent more than I gave just to ask for more. Sure ask me once a month or so, however don’t ask three times a day. You won’t get any.

Personally I think that it is OK to support the candidate of your choice. In my mind it is not OK to demonize the opposition. Yet that particular methodology has been shown to be highly effective. Violence in the streets has been shown to be effective. Sad but true, Trump supporters are happy just to wave a flag of support. That is in comparison to the Democrat support of Juneteenth. A holiday that is celebrated by killing blacks and burning their businesses. That is not a holiday that I want to celebrate.I

Yet the biggest lesson learned is, to stay away from politics.


The China Ballot

I have read that in one study eleven percent of voters split their ballot. That could certainly make a difference in the outcome of an election. Yet there was not a historical comparison to past trends. As usual a single data point is not very useful.

My father, the liberal’s liberal, enjoyed the argument. It was not the substance, it was just argument for arguments sake. He was a real pro about taking a single data point and building a argument. To be clear it was the argument he enjoyed, not the substance. I am sure he was not alone in his methodology.

On rare occasions when conversation has turned to politics I have mentioned that I write about American politics. So far nobody has asked who I write for. If they had I would have said for the Chinese. According to my WordPress dashboard the Chinese are by far my greatest viewers. Of course they could be just bots. Or WordPress could be lying to me. Yet that is what WordPress says. The Chinese read what I write.

So it would be reasonable to believe that the Chinese have an interest in American politics. They would be foolish not to. By rights they would also have an opinion. However the question is are they involved, and to what extent. Then it is our responsibility to determine if so and why.

Hollywood is by definition people pretending to be someone they are not, for money. These are the people that influence our society. It is my understanding that China has bought most of the Hollywood studios, indirectly influencing our political opinions.

The contrast between Trump and Biden rallies was unbelievably stark. Something that caused the outcome of the election to be confusing to some, myself included. Yet I know a good number of people that absolutely hate Trump and his supporters. Yet, I know no-one who likes Biden. Even the reported Biden supporters do nothing but trash Trump. This is what the Democrat Party has become, a vessel of hatred. I could imagine them accepting unethical support. It would be OK with Yorick.

So dear readers, what is with the reports of ballots for Biden printed in China? Working people in this country are predominantly Republican. It would be very hard to discreetly print false ballots in this country. It would be far easier for corrupt politicians to smuggle false ballots from cooperating ally. No I do not believe everything I read, yet that is the allegation. So far the evidence is simply circumstantial.

Personally I believe self interest powered hatred has won. This is something that gives me the fear. I suppose the masters would be happy with that. Have a nice day.

Surprise Surprise Surprise

I may have said preceding the election to expect the unexpected. To a certain extent the unexpected happened. I am talking about the split ballot. In my state the Republicans walked away with all the local races. While the Democrats won the national races. Preceding the election there was not a single mention of splitting the ballot. Voting straight ticket was the answer on both sides. Yet the evidence says that a large group of people split the ticket. More on this later.

Florida in 2020 held up the election for five weeks. The story of the hanging chad was the headline news of the day. Their reputation suffered. Yet this year the votes were counted on time, and without indecent. Trump was clearly the winner in Florida. The big winner in the vote was Florida, they succeed where others now failed. In counting the vote. To be fair, I will give President Trump five weeks to make his case.

Voting is a solemn thing, it is how we chose governance. Voting is not graffiti. A throw away line. We determine our future with our collective vote. That is the theory anyway.

I believe hate has spoken, and we shall get our rewards. Yet there is another theory, the vote has been stolen. Something that in a strange way brings solace. Not that thievery has succeeded, but not as many voters have hate in their hearts as they say.

I expect to hear nobody has split their vote. So that leaves only one conclusion. Next time there will be no evidence.

Hate and Treachery Succeed

Jill Biden is now the president elect. Yes, I know Joe won. However his mental capabilities are fleeting. Every time he meet with his supporters he derided them, so Jill wisely at most times kept him home.

Meanwhile a massive army of propagandists were deployed, at incredible cost. I have to wonder who was footing the bill, and why, for what they were selling was simple. Hate. I talked with person after person, the motivation to vote for Joe was simple hate. Mountains of hate. So sad, the Republic has been defeated.

For the first time I do not support the newly elected president. Joe does not like his supporters. I am in enough trouble as it is. I do not need any more.

I will not riot in the streets, or cause other problems. I will write a few words and call it a day. True, I will wonder what Smiling Joe will do. He has never really professed to any real ideas other than hate, that and plagiarizing. To my surprise he was Plagiarizing Trump commercials. The Jeeps in his latest campaign events are a direct rip off of the Trump caravans. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

So maybe things will not change to much. Biden will just mime Trump and all will be well. No scandals, you think. Who would dare to go up against Joe. Joe outspent the Billionaire Trump like four to one. I am thinking it was more than just union money. Some say it was tech money. Yet, why would tech pay when it is on the dole? Censorship is real. Hollywood, the purveyor of fantasy has sold out. Who has more money than all the rest put together?

Well, I do not want to use the other “T” word. I almost used it in the headline, Then thought better of it. I am not a Nazi. Yet it could be a possibility. The corruption is deep. The swamp was not drained. In a word Trump failed. So we are on to the next chapter in uncharted waters.

Not everyone is a hero. President Trump tried. I respect him for that. he is still my hero for taking on injustice. Despite what many people say, he did good. His detractors, theirs is another story.


Aretha Franklin had it right. Fifty three years later we still have not learned. I am saddened. Society has failed.

No, I do not know the results of the election. Yet there will be no real winner. There will be no winner because there will be no respect. People are preparing for violence, that is so sad. We should be better than violence. Yet violence is advocated for, then denied. All for power and control.

Listen to Aretha, listen to music unpoliticized. Watch unpoliticized video. Read unpoliticized stories. It can be done. Beware of politicization. Because then you will never know the truth.