Surprise Surprise Surprise

I may have said preceding the election to expect the unexpected. To a certain extent the unexpected happened. I am talking about the split ballot. In my state the Republicans walked away with all the local races. While the Democrats won the national races. Preceding the election there was not a single mention of splitting the ballot. Voting straight ticket was the answer on both sides. Yet the evidence says that a large group of people split the ticket. More on this later.

Florida in 2020 held up the election for five weeks. The story of the hanging chad was the headline news of the day. Their reputation suffered. Yet this year the votes were counted on time, and without indecent. Trump was clearly the winner in Florida. The big winner in the vote was Florida, they succeed where others now failed. In counting the vote. To be fair, I will give President Trump five weeks to make his case.

Voting is a solemn thing, it is how we chose governance. Voting is not graffiti. A throw away line. We determine our future with our collective vote. That is the theory anyway.

I believe hate has spoken, and we shall get our rewards. Yet there is another theory, the vote has been stolen. Something that in a strange way brings solace. Not that thievery has succeeded, but not as many voters have hate in their hearts as they say.

I expect to hear nobody has split their vote. So that leaves only one conclusion. Next time there will be no evidence.


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