Hate and Treachery Succeed

Jill Biden is now the president elect. Yes, I know Joe won. However his mental capabilities are fleeting. Every time he meet with his supporters he derided them, so Jill wisely at most times kept him home.

Meanwhile a massive army of propagandists were deployed, at incredible cost. I have to wonder who was footing the bill, and why, for what they were selling was simple. Hate. I talked with person after person, the motivation to vote for Joe was simple hate. Mountains of hate. So sad, the Republic has been defeated.

For the first time I do not support the newly elected president. Joe does not like his supporters. I am in enough trouble as it is. I do not need any more.

I will not riot in the streets, or cause other problems. I will write a few words and call it a day. True, I will wonder what Smiling Joe will do. He has never really professed to any real ideas other than hate, that and plagiarizing. To my surprise he was Plagiarizing Trump commercials. The Jeeps in his latest campaign events are a direct rip off of the Trump caravans. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

So maybe things will not change to much. Biden will just mime Trump and all will be well. No scandals, you think. Who would dare to go up against Joe. Joe outspent the Billionaire Trump like four to one. I am thinking it was more than just union money. Some say it was tech money. Yet, why would tech pay when it is on the dole? Censorship is real. Hollywood, the purveyor of fantasy has sold out. Who has more money than all the rest put together?

Well, I do not want to use the other “T” word. I almost used it in the headline, Then thought better of it. I am not a Nazi. Yet it could be a possibility. The corruption is deep. The swamp was not drained. In a word Trump failed. So we are on to the next chapter in uncharted waters.

Not everyone is a hero. President Trump tried. I respect him for that. he is still my hero for taking on injustice. Despite what many people say, he did good. His detractors, theirs is another story.


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