M&M’s and Donald Trump

Some people say that Donald Trump does not like M&M‘s. Actually a lot of people, and the press say that Donald doesn’t like M&M’s. Well they are wrong Donald loves M&M’s. He just didn’t like the M&M’s with nuts in them. You can not tell if a M&M has a nut in it by its color. It is actually hard to tell if a M&M has a nut in it. So the easiest way to avoid the nuts is to avoid M&M’s. However M&M’s are so good and yummy. So trying to avoid a nasty MS-13 nut, or a dangerous jihadist nut whilst enjoying M&M’s is actually rather difficult. We are smart people, we should be able to enjoy M&M’s while avoiding the nuts.

Full disclosure, I enjoy M&M’s and am allergic to nuts.

Hillary’s Servile Dogs

When Donald J Trump crosses the undefined line of civility, his staff, his party, his supporters, the media, and even his family will raise objections. Amazingly enough, he listens.

When Hillary Rodham Clinton crosses that same line of undefined civility, well not much happens. Hillary has surrounded herself with servile dogs. Her party cowers in fear. Her staff support her every whim. Even her supporters nod in acquiescence. The press, unconscionably, ignore the danger. As they believe it is for the common good.

A man of reason, or a woman with unrestrained power? I may exaggerate slightly, but really, what can explain the vicious attacks on a mans supporters without outcry?

Great Hat

Make America Great Again Hat Review

So the Trump campaign loves me so much they gave me this hat. Unsurprisingly it is a Great Hat. Of course it is made in the USA, like more stuff should be. The first thing I discovered is that it is a great convertible hat. It does not blow off my head. I think it’s a bit deeper than most hats. Maybe because it has two lines of type. So it firmly hangs onto my head. If I were to choose a Trump hat I would have chosen a red hat because I like Red. However the wise people of the Trump campaign decided to give me a white hat. Maybe because they think I am a good guy? Good guys wear white hats, or so I have been told. Of course they may have just run out of more desirable red hats. So now I have a good guy mentality. It is a bit hard to do because the hat is so white, I have to be careful to not get dirt and grease on it. But all in all, I am happy to be a good guy in a white hat that stays on my head when I drive the convertible.

An unexpected side effect is the reactions of people to the hat. I have always been a peaceful type of guy and have never reacted strongly to what people wear. I have been known to complement people that wear Hawaiian shirts though. So I was not surprised when I received complements on the hat. When I get a compliment, if I am able I will give the person a bumper sticker or a yard sign. The unexpected reactions were of people that I consider my friends, they would not let me wear my hat. I’m actually quite hurt by that. It is a good hat, free, made in the USA, does not blow off my head, keeps the sun out of my eyes, and makes me feel like a good guy. They hate it. What is wrong with my friends?

Maybe if the type on the hat was printed in a mirror image they would not be able to understand it. Not that I see anything wrong with what the hat says. I think America is great, one of my favorite sayings is “Life Is Good”. It’s they that do not like my hat who complain about our country. At least that is my perception. The again is for them, it is the same as saying, Make America Great For Everybody.

Evita Peron

Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher were great leaders. I know some folks would think that Hillary Clinton would also be in their league. My own thoughts are those women rose on their own. Would Hillary be where she is today without Bill? I have trouble separating her achievements from those of her husbands.

Then again some folks like Bills achievements, and would not want to separate them. Then we fall right back into two decades of partisanship. How about term limits on dynasties?

I do not understand the glee and the anticipation of the demise of a major political party that Democrats exhibit when they talk of about the end of the Republican party as caused by Donald Trump. Really? I fully expect Donald J Trump to revitalize the Republican party. Then to play the devils advocate, say if the Republican party ceased to exist. Well we would be in a really scary place. Currently the Democrats party line and media bias are indistinguishable. Then the supreme court would follow the new party ideology. Religion, currently under threat of banishment from the state would be forced to capitulate to state control.

So what would we have left? A single party system that controls the media and the courts. Religion would be eliminated as a cause of racism. No wonder I am fascinated with North Korea.

Frog Jumping Contest

A couple of kids entered the local frog jumping contest. Each child had a system that they were sure would succeed. The little boy had collected frogs from all over town, the little girl just walked around looking at the local ponds. The boy had set up a pool and and old bathtub in the backyard, and in them he kept his collection of frogs. Sometimes they would set up to croaking. The neighbor would call them the Congress and the Senate. The little girl would go to the library and get a book to read under the willow tree by one of the local ponds.

Every day the boy would take his frogs out and have frog jumping contests to see which of his frogs were the best of the best. Sometimes the girl would watch. One day the boy asked if the girl had a frog, she replied no, but she had a big beautiful pond. The boy said he had been in that pond and got the best frogs. He had the best frogs in town.

The morning of the competition the girl went down to the pond and scooped up her frog. She had watched the frogs and knew their habits. When she walked by the pond she would watch them jump. She knew the frogs and had brought her net.

When the boy brought his best frog, as far as the frog was concerned it was just another day in the tub. Only with more noise. The girls frog just wanted to get back to the pond, ASAP! Guess who got the ribbon?

Trump Meeting

The Trump campaign had a county meeting. I really am curious, so I attended. Of course there were more people in attendance than during the primary. Surprisingly women outnumbered men two to one. The reason for the meeting was to promote the usage of a phone app so people could knock on doors. For those without smartphones they would print out directions.

Years ago I attended a few Democrat events, I was angling for a union job. Of course I was completely unsuccessful, but I did participate for a time. Ultimately I found the tone unsettling.

About the worst thing the ladies said about the Democrats was they did not like Maggie Hassens hair. I sat with two guys. One was concerned about the national debt, and the other was there to assemble campaign signs.

One lady was wearing a Hillary for Prison shirt. When she was sitting down all you could see was the top of the capital P, so it looked like she was wearing a Hillary for President shirt. When people saw the shirt there would be a gasp. Then the lady wearing the shirt would stand up, revealing the word prison. Then there would be laughter. Actually pretty tame stuff. Nothing like the media says. The oddest moment was when a former Hillary campaign worker, who now strongly supports Trump, asked if we had heard about the Civil War. Personally I couldn’t figure if she was talking about the past or the future. The collective response was pretty much, huh.

Myself, I took a few campaign signs. I am not into door knocking. The app that they were promoting directs the knocker to doors that have expressed interest in the Trump campaign. So it is certainly not cold knocking as it may be. At least that was my impression. Nope, I will not do any door knocking. Like Donald J Trump I will go my own way. I will just give Trump signs to people that express support for Donald Trump.

I will not tell people who to vote for, and I will certainly not tell people that they are stupid if the do not say they will vote for Donald Trump. I really and personally abhor that. Moreover I will not threaten or attack those that disagree. I’m simply am asserting my right of freedom of speech to say whom I support and will vote for.

These few words are for the half dozen people that read this. Since this website has been censored very few people read it. I have no idea who or why I have been censored. Or who reads it. I just get a number of viewers and a country of origin.


Timothy Carson

Timothy Carson, my drinking buddy for decades, and my coworker. He was the best man at my only wedding, and helper in building my beautiful home. It is to him that I dedicate this blog.

Tim, an avowed Libertarian is directly responsible for my creation of this blog. For it is here where I write my thoughts that I would have discussed with him, be it over a tumbler of gin and tonic, or on the factory floor. We did not always agree, however we respected each other’s point of view.

Tim had a beautiful and brilliant mind, his brain possessed an incredible capacity for for facts and trivia, he was never wrong. I was frequently astounded by his knowledge.

When Tim was not being my buddy, or coworker he would volunteer for many worthwhile and caring organizations. Among the causes he volunteered for was for the care of the service dogs at ground zero.

I am forever indebted.