Obama and the “N” Word

I do not use the “N” word. To do so would be inferred as a clear expression of tolerance, if not outright support for racism and slavery. My ancestors fought and died in the Civil War. There is no reason for me to disagree with their motives.

As bad as the “N” word is, there is another “N” that is even worse. It is a word that evokes the wholesale annihilation of a people. Think death camps and gas chambers. At least slaves were allowed to reproduce. By their efforts they represented an actual value. So as bad as the first “N” word is, the second is a whole order of magnitude worse. Because I have a clear understanding of it’s meaning, it is another word that I refuse to use.

For eight years, even the most casual criticism of President Obama would be seen as simple bigotry, or racism. There could be no argument. You either supported the president, or you were a bigot. Or worse. Now, some people believe if you support the president you are a bigot. Or worse. There can be no argument about that.

Just as a point of reference. Recently in a nearby city there was a self proclaimed White Supremacist. Somebody shot him dead in a parking lot. Nobody cared. Just the briefest of mention in the local news.

So when the first “N” word is strictly forbidden, why is the second “N” word, which could be argued is so much worse, is tossed around so casually.

It is true that I have never experienced the degradation of being called by the first “N” word. It is also true that I have experienced violence because of the color of my skin. It’s also true that I have been lucky to escape violence against me that was motivated by my political beliefs.

Recently former President Obama returned to the campaign trail. He casually used the second, and much worse “N” word to describe some of the current supporters of President Trump. His casualness in the usage of such a vile word is quite mainstream. It is indicative of poor thoughtfulness and leadership. In embracing such a word and causing its common usage President Obama and his many supporters have brought us to a very dark time in American politics.


Pass the Chowder

I enjoy traveling through Canada, it is a very beautiful place. Especially the Maritimes. Driving the roads and lodging at B&B’s, wondering the amazing parks and eating delicious foods at local restaurants is an unparalleled experience. Except for one thing.

The chowder. Used to thick New England style chowder, I was aghast at the thin watery broth that was served as a chowder. What was sold as chowder seemed more like an Asian appetizer. I have nothing against a far eastern soup, in fact I can enjoy the crispness of the cuisine. The problem is when I expect something from down east, and find a bit from the far east that I get confused.

I pondered this discrepancy during my travels upon the fine coastal roads of the Maritimes when I made a simple observation. No cows. It is hard to have a creamy chowder, when there is no cream. I then thought no more about the perplexing chowder. I just did not order any.

Now I hear about the dairy products tax imposed by Canada on dairy imports. I think no wonder they don’t have a good chowder. I certainly do not want to tell Canadians what to do, however I would not mind if they would culturally appropriate some fine New England style chowder. It could help make an otherwise fine country, perfect.

What Would Sir Peter Ustinov Say?

I am going to be charitable and frame the upcoming midterms as a battle between nationalism and globalism. On one side we have Trumpian Nationalism. On the other side we have, ah let me think. Hmmm, eh, ah. Let me introduce the late Sir Peter Ustinov. Sir Peter was the embodiment of what a proper advocate of globalism would be. He was president of the World Federalist Movement and a advocate for UNICEF. I enjoyed listening to his narration of various documentaries. I really have to wonder what he would have to say about today’s political climate.

“Harumph”. That’s what I think Sir Peter would have to say. Wasn’t it overt nationalism that created the great war? I am sure Sir Peter would caution us about unchecked nationalism. Then he would blink, unbelieving what he saw. What was now being called globalism was actually masquerading as populist socialism, powered by cloaked fascism.

Sir Peter spoke many languages, and could use any dialect in any language. A huge talent. Somehow I do not think he would speechless. He could also draw a laugh from any audience.

“Les nourrissons sont en charge” he would say with a thick Russian accent. Precisely.

John McCain

John McCain was a great American politician. I voted for him because I thought his time as a POW made him the most compassionate politician. I also liked his choice of Sarah Palin and agreed with his views on ethanol subsidies.

That being said, I thought that spending to much time in a box could have made him a bit unreasonable. So I was not to surprised that Donald Trump did not call McCain a hero. Usually you have to save a life or two to be a hero.

Anyway, wIth his steadfast opposition to President Trump John McCain made himself a hero to Democrats. Thus he has ensured himself a grandiose sendoff. Yes, more than anything, John McCain is a Great American Politician. Even after death.

I am actually unimpressed with such stubbornness, and a unwillingness to compromise. I wonder if such a stubbornness makes him any better than his captors of so many years ago. For if it wasn’t for his captors, would John McCain be such a Great American Politician?

I do however, greatly respect his service to, and his love of our country. His efforts to make America a Great Country were truly extraordinary. May he rest in peace.

The China Tide?

Conventional wisdom? A midterm blue wave. Alternative wisdom? It will be a red wave. How about a blue tsunami! Or just a red tide. No it it will be a blue blizzard! That’s a lot of snowflakes! If that is the case the augers will win in the end. Boring. The reality is that it is a China tide. Cloaked in the guise of glorious globalisation we are experiencing a new digital reality. We are what we read, and in a digital world what we read can be uniquely tailored.

CNN pays the airports of the word to air it’s content. A strategic strategy to influence. Fox on the other hand, spends it’s time in rebuttal. The “smart” people ignore the interloper trying to influence the national conscience. It is Hollywood that sets the national conscience. Hollywood defines our dreams, and our activities.

Hollywood is now owned by the Chinese, John Wayne has sold out. This is just the first step to controlling the world’s consciousness. The second is controlling the digital world. I believe that is a work in progress, and it is working. Content is disappearing, I will attest to that. There are national databases, that are private. What we think is stored somewhere. I used to think that it didn’t matter. Nobody cared about what I thought. However now some algorithm is trying to tell me what to think.  Will resist until I am unable.

Finally the last triad, fear. As any Trump supporter knows, fear is a motivating factor. It’s not possible to wear a MAGA hat in many places. An internet savvy Antifa will get you. Just yesterday a Bernie supporter carrying an American Flag was bloodied. An army of black clad thugs is allowed free reign, where simple commentators are censured. When I pressed the Trump campaign for tickets to the inaugural I was told by a member of the campaign that I would get beat up. At the time I dismissed it as disorganization on the campaign’s part. Looking back, the Antifa thugs would have probably burned the bus. It is true that they dismissed the charges against the Antifa thugs at the inaugural.

Most people know that people’s political thoughts are tracked on the internet. The Chinese know the most. They know what was on Hillary’s server. They would have liked her. They know how Antifa operates, they know what I write. They know what you think. I write because my father was an activist, I am more of an observer, and commentator.

I have to wonder how many people give no indication of political beliefs, even though they have one. If it is dangerous to be a Trump supporter, then the only safe place to support the President, is in the voting both. This will make it tough to predict the next election.

North Korea has an economy half the size of Vermont. Russia has an economy the Size of Texas. China has an economy twice the size of California. So I really don’t know what to call the globalist tide, however China has huge influence. What I really don’t understand is the globalist agenda. What is wrong with equality under law?

Some people don’t like the phrase America First. For them it symbolizes oppression. I would ask would you feed a stranger before you feed your family? America is our family. It does not mean we cannot be a good neighbor. I am not saying that we cannot be a better neighbor. We can always be better.

Speaking of oppression, one of the symbols of President Trump’s detractors is the woman in the hijab. After earning the right to vote, and equality under law, imperfect as it may be. Globalist take up the symbols of subservience and oppression.

So the tide ebbs and flows. During the election, where will it go?

The Lovely Lisa Page

A most interesting Trump tweet. It says a lot. Maybe this will put two years of Russian collusion to bed. I would hazard a guess that the lovely Lisa Page knows all the characters in the unconstitutional attempt to frame President Trump with an impeachable offense. She was involved with with the top brass at the FBI. She probably heard instructions from John Brennan on how to proceed with what in all likelihood a treasonous plot. The lovely Lisa Page would know all the dates, places and conversations that went into planning on the FBI side. Additionally she would know about CIA efforts to assist in the diabolical scheme. She probably even knows how they used the press to influence public opinion. Most importantly, she is willing to talk. That is what I take away from the single tweet.

I do not think Lisa can make the ultimate Brennan Obama connection, however I could be wrong on that. There was the Strzok text about Obama wanting to know all about it.

Hearings on the Hill in about a month? It would be nice to put the whole Russian thing behind us. Sure Mueller could clear Trump, but that is not his nature. He will just keep digging. It is his dream to make a shattering difference. He is unable to stop.

Sure I realize that Mueller may have something and is not saying anything. That is what some people like to say. Sorry, those people have been wrong so many times before. I would be more willing to say that President Trump makes colossal errors in judgment during his Tweets. Your right, sometimes I wonder why. However, for me it is entertaining. And I just watch people’s reactions. Of course I wonder why on a lot of things.

Anyway I want to hear more from Lisa Page. I wish she would start tweeting.

Deplorables Don’t Vote

I have been watching liberals on TV describe why they believe Trump supporters are deplorables. This is something that bothers me. As I thought Trump was going to win from the beginning, I associated myself with his campaign. I talked with many of his supporters. They are nothing like what is described by the liberal TV commentary.

I had a bit of an epiphany this last week. I am familiar with the type of voters that are similar to those described as deplorable. Let me explain. There are three types of voters, they are roughly equal in numbers. The first group believe in a strong unified government, reinforced by a compliant and unified media that leaves no room for dissent. Strength in unity is their path to success. Dissent is not to be tolerated. The second group believes in enterprise and individual freedom. Equality under law is what provides strength of the nation. It allows individuals to achieve their own individual strengths. It is a believe that the strength of the sum total of the individuals is greater than the constrained whole. Finally the last group, which is sadly the largest group. This is the group that is most like what what is described as deplorables by the liberal media. These are the people that could vote, but don’t. They don’t care and cannot be bothered with governance.

This could be the fascist fanatics fatal flaw. For when when it is endlessly repeated that the largest subset of voters, those that don’t vote, actually voted for a particular candidate. They may just go and vote for “their” candidate. The beauty of this is they will actually be voting for a most kind, loving, caring candidate. Voting is a good thing.