Unintended Consequences

Talk about unintended consequences, Chicago will probably now be MAGA-Country. Jussie Smollett, thank you. Now more than half the voters of the great city of Chicago realise that their esteemed Democrat leaders are nothing more than self serving fascists.

Not only are their elite hearts filled with hate, they don’t care. So plain to see too.


The Good Life

Before I start let me preface this this by saying, by most measurements or metrics, I am below median. That would indicate that most are better off than I. At least in this country. I also realize that many are not as well off.

We live in good times, look at history. Living today is better than living at anytime before. We have food from around the world. Our homes are warm or cool. We live longer, and have easier lives. The poor today live better than the wealthy of before. Jobs are plentiful, warfare is rare. The economy is growing, on the whole, we live in good times.

In terms of history, how many people had flushing toilets? We do! Toilets keep us healthy, and let us live longer. That is just the beginning of advantages we enjoy. Cars, planes, spacecraft too. The list is endless.

So why are so many people dissatisfied? I am not sure, could be simple human nature to complain. Sometimes people just like to complain, it’s their nature. Then again we have so much, maybe some think we have not enough? Could be.

When I was growing up we were taught that we are better than the Russians. I had to assume that the Russians were taught that they were better than us. In the end the space race settled the score. Today what are the measurements or metrics? Economic growth? Something different?

Culpability? Media influence. Pardon, let me rephrase that. Media influence. Could be that I repeat myself. That’s it! The media seeks to influence, to do so they repeat and repeat themselves until they influence. Why do they influence, with all this prosperity they want more. To bad they want it at the expense of others. Bubba’s basic fact. Our major media outlets are completely fascist. The logic for that statement is has been explained in the history of this blog. That brings me around full circle to the MAGA hat. Although I realize that it wouldn’t really matter what was on the hat, hate would be generated because of success. The Democrats political machine would oppose any and all opposition. I do not think anyone expected that the MAGA hat would be so successful. Well actually one person did. The creator Donald. It was the tweak “Again” that exposed the corrupt machine for what it was. For he knew it for what it was.

Again and again corruption is endlessly exposed. We are great, we just have to acknowledge it. To control the media is to control the nation. Unfortunately we do not elect who controls the media. You, I pause for dramatic effect. Yes. You either believe the media, or you don’t.

Headgear Harassment and Headaches

After the election I put my MAGA hat on a shelf in the garage. It has remained there ever since. The harassment I received for wearing it was quite a headache. Trump was president, he needed my help no longer. I raise my glass to his success.

Recently I have read that people should be ashamed to have a MEGA hat in their attic. To have MEGA hat in storage is the same as having a KKK hood. I have read this more than once. I have personally heard people compare President Trump to Hitler on multiple occasions. Typically I respond that I shook his hand. Sometimes the attacks get worse. It is my opinion that the hat for some reason makes people crazy.

I was not offended by Hillary or Bernie hats. At times I have found the Muslim headscarf distasteful. My best man was murdered by Islamic extremists. I also view it as a symbol of the subjugation of women. However I can also accept the headscarf as a stylish accessory. I guess it may be a matter of context. However I have never harassed anyone for their headgear. My pain is my own.

If people are just minding their own business in a public setting, their headgear should not be an issue. Or should it?

I am thinking of the pink hats. Pink hats seem to have been a public call for the overthrow of a legitimately elected government, because of, well hate. Millions of people do not spontaneously don matching headgear and take to the streets calling for violence. Such coordination is not a sign of independent thought. Sorry to say this, but after some reflections the pink hat movement is a sign of singular thought. My definition of singular thought is Fascism. Something that I do not support.

At first I was impressed by the creativity of the pink hat crowd. They are talented people. I also was impressed that they had the time and money to protest like they did. I had to assume that they were members of a privileged class.

It is my observation that the well off are anti Trump, the working poor are very pro Trump. Then there is the geographical differences. Trump had his rallies, and then there were the protests, and protests, and protests…

Endless protests of the false flag variety. The privileged are upset. Why? They call me names because?

White Supremacy? Never met one. According to a website that tracks such things there were fewer than two thousand instances recorded last year. That includes anything like a swastika in a bathroom stall. Any report is tabulated, I looked it up. Compare that to the millions of people with pink hats running around. Their hate has modified my behavior.

I made my own hat. I have never worn it in public, I look at on the shelf next to the MEGA hat, and wonder what to do.


You have to know when to fold them. President Trump lost the shutdown battle, that is quite apparent. Nancy and her anti wall soldiers can claim victory. Personally I thought that there would be a compromise. But I was wrong.

I guess I was quite naive about the state of the Republic. My liberal friends warned me years ago that the Republic did not exist. They did not come out and say we are in living in a Fascist society, however they indicated that deviance from the liberal party line would not be tolerated. I didn’t believe them at the time.

What I have observed in our great society is that pink hats are socially acceptable, and red hats are not. Another observation is that pink hats are well off financially, and the red hats are struggling workers. I could go on but that is the basic observation.

The privileged pink hatted society finds any organization of the working class of red hatted deplorables, well sorry to say this, worthy of attack. Sure the wearers of the red hats find the wearers of the pink hats outrageous. However I am completely unaware of any violence perpetrated against the pink hats, I certainly do not advocate violence either. Not only is there random, and organized violence against red hats. It has been normalized. Not only that, creative forms of entrapment are all the fashion.

Sure the battle has been lost, however the war is not over. Sometimes it pays to withdraw, and then fight another day.

Life Is Good

As I sit here during a cold dark Martin Luther King holiday I will admit to being miffed. Martin Luther King said some very good things that I agree with, I will sum it up with my belief Dr King was an advocate for peaceful equality. My animosity with the holiday is that it replaced an old holiday in this state that welcomed in Spring. I have been told that the change in holidays was due to politics. It figures. I was always happy to celebrate the bright days of Spring.

I still celebrate the bright days of Spring in my own way. The little green shoots of fresh vegetation, the smell of the soil. The joy of mowing the lawn. Life is good. I don’t need a government sanctioned holiday. So to be mindful, I wonder what the Reverend King would think of today’s political world. I would like to think that the teachings of Reverend King were recently on display on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. In the face of aggressive racial hatred one boy stood his ground and smiled, at a multitude of hateful aggressors. I would like to think Dr King would be proud of the actions of the boy. However I am quite sure that Reverend King would be saddened, if not devastated by the actions of the aggressors on the very steps where he announced “I have a dream”.

I watched the video, at first I was confused by what the boy had done to be the recipient of so much hate. Then I was reminded that you cannot spell hate without hat. Yes, our fascist society cannot tolerate a red hat. It matters not who wears it. I am to simple engage in identity politics. Like Dr King, I believe we should be treated equally, and judged by our actions. Fortunately for the boy there is an alternative media in this fascist society. Additional footage provided by the alternative media showed that the allegations against a group of boys was false, and made up. For the time being, there is a alternative to fascist falsehoods propagated by the mainstream media outlets. Without the alternative there would be no justice.

So I raise my glass to Nick Sandmann, the boy who rose to the ideals expressed by Reverend Dr Martin Luther King on the steps of a great monument to freedom of all, the Lincoln Memorial. I am heartened by the fact that there was no violence. I have seen violence against those in the red hats. Violence that has brought me unhappy flashbacks. Hopefully we, as a society can avoid such unhappiness. For somebody in my station, which is below median. I believe we are better off than we were before. For that I am happy, and I believe life is good. For the young, like Nick Sandmann and his friends, the future is theirs. It is my belief that the ideals of morality that they exemplify will defeat the selfish fascism that is prevalent today.

You can’t negotiate with fascism. It has to be defeated. With the principles expressed by Dr King, and Nick Sandmann. It can be defeated.


“Queen E”

Well might as well get used to go it. It’s going to be Queen Elizabeth in charge. Or more formally, President Warren. Take your pick, it will all be the same. Sure there are unplayed hands that will come out in this game of politics. Put down your money and take your chances. However in the long term tectonics are rather predictable. Prepare for geographic uprisings, such is the nature of tectonics.

So why Queen E? It’s the perfect trifecta. First is name recognition, knighted by President Trump as Pocahontas the pink hatted army of millions needs no other endorsement. Trump has delivered their messiah. Queen E will quickly acquiesce to her private army of mercenaries. Fake News will soon fall in with the new propaganda, it will be a wholesome union, fawning and adoring pleasantries will prevail. The deep state finally gives a sigh of relief, again they will have a manageable president. The rule of law will be officially over.

Fear not, there will still be palace intrigue to entertain our days. A few will ask how we can avoid repeating the Venezuelan model. They will be promptly impaled by the press as traitors to the cause, skewered and slow roasted for the viewers pleasure. Real News then, as it is now, will not be tolerated. Learn the fine art of supplication, it will serve its newfound practitioners well.

Do I jest? I think not. All I was looking for was open dialog, I could not find it. It is now my realization that the deep state is firmly entrenched in our society. When it comes to politics the rule of law is very loosely applied. Trump is the revolutionary in a corrupt system. It’s such a rare thing for a revolutionary to succeed, whether the system is corrupt or not. It is true that a corrupt system will eventually collapse, it is a matter of time. There will eventually be a end. So will the revolutionary Trump slay his newest opponent Queen E? I shall not predict. However if he does he would join the Pantheon of the greatest. Otherwise Queen E will get to write history. Her version of history will not be kind to the revolutionary Trump, and his followers.

As I have been reminded in the past, there can be no debate.

Double Helixing Out Of Control

At the height of campaign rhetoric I mentioned that the Democrats were genetically incapable of anything but racist hate. At the time I considered it to be a preposterous tongue in cheek statement. There are no genetic requirements to join a political party.

Could I have been wrong? It seems unfathomable they there could be a genetic difference between parties. The most likely predictor on party affiliation is geographical. Additionally for some ethnic groups race plays a even larger role in political affiliation.

When a DNA test is done commercially, the first thing they say is where you came from geographically. Oh doh. So maybe there are DNA differences biased on where you live, or possibly a person may move to where they are more genetically comfortable. Of course I am not any sort of expert, and this is just a wild hypothesis.

This conversation comes about because of labeling by the media, and the widespread belief that Trump supporters are Nazis. Even Obama has used the term. I beg to disagree. In the beginning CNN reported that middle aged working men were the voters that Trump the candidate was targeting. That was very correct. Then as Candidate Trump gathered momentum the narrative changed. Like many a leftist plot, the plan had spiraled out of control. What was supposed to be a easily defeated straw man, ultimately won.

The people were ready for a change, how ready was was unforeseen by those in control. For them, the population was now out of control. Desperate times call for desperate measures, or so they think. I am trying to write this for clarity on both sides. For there are quite probably genetic differences. What I seek is equality for all. Now, I will admit there are out of control folks on both sides. There always is. It is up to the rational to not encourage bad behavior, it is better to moderate it.

So are the rural working people that voted for Trump really Nazis? Let me get back to that in a bit. I am not sure when Nazi’s gained complete control of the media, however they probably had pretty good control just months after Hitler was elected.  If there are parallels between 1933 and 2017, would it be the control of the media by the ruling party? It took a year after the 1933 election for for the SS and the Gestapo to be established. Today, it is not the ruling party that has pre-dawn raids on the opposition. Tactics of intimidation? As far as I know the president has not sent the secret police, or unruly mobs to intimidate any citizen on their political views. Not to say that there haven’t been unruly mobs, and secret police harassment. There has been. However it has not been by the direction of President Trump and his party. True, there have been rallies where people chant lock her up, and build the wall. Last I knew, Hillary was still walking free, and the wall remained un-built.

So two years in we have the showdown, and it is about the wall. Some hate the Wall, they say it represents the worst of mankind. But it is not about the Wall, it is about the gate. With the Wall comes a big beautiful gate. Trump during the campaign talked as much about the gate as he did about the Wall. It just wasn’t reported about. Chuck and Nancy have the power to stop the wall, and they will. I have to presume that it is a power and control thing. During televised negotiations Chuck would not even look at the president. Chuck has the power to stop the Wall, and he knows it. It is not about the Gate, it is not about negotiating. It is about the power of the Wall. As I have noted before Chuck and Nancy are reading from the same script. They even sent the same Christmas Eve tweet. I do not know who is writing their script, but I do wonder what it is all about. Ironically they will ensure that there is no Trump-Gate. Funny isn’t some sort of Trump-Gate what they so desperately desire?

Back to the genetics of the double helix. The left is desperately attacking the right, the right is desperately defending itself against what it sees as unfounded attacks. They swirl out of control around each other. That is the DNA of politics.

So are Trump supporters Nazis? If my knowledge of German history derived from Wikipedia is correct, the working class and Christians did not like Hitler. So if Trump supporters today are members of the working class and or Christians, they are probably not Nazis.

Let’s be careful out there.