Red Flag

Crazy people should not have guns. Most people would agree on that. What folks disagree on is the definition of crazy.

I read that there was a disagreement on who should not be allowed to buy guns. The Republicans think that gang members should not be allowed to buy guns, the Democrats say that that would infringe on their constitutional rights. However the Democrats believe that white supremacists should not be allowed to buy guns.

Of course they also believe that all Republicans are white supremacists. Or so I have been told. Now I will be the first to say don’t believe everything you read. However listening to what the candidates and my friends say it is probably not to far from the truth.

When I was young they taught gun safety in schools. Students would carry guns through the hallways of my high school. There were no mass shootings back then. Gun safety was also taught in Boy Scouts. We would shoot guns in Boy Scouts! In fact, until recently it was the only time I had shot a gun.

The distillate of fear of the unknown is hate, at least that is what my liberal friends say. Maybe if they had been a Boy Scout or had gun safety in school there would not be such an obsessive problem with the fear of guns.

Left unchecked, fear is a problem than can run out of control. I think that is happening now, so convinced of their righteousness the left will be severely crushed when the light of truth shines upon them. I just hope that we don’t all get pulled down with them when it comes crashing on around them.


The 9/11 Hijab

Some people did something. Amongst other things they took my best man from this earth. He was smart, kind, understanding, and very caring. That can not be changed.

I try to be understanding, however the hijab is a symbol of the religion that caused so much pain that day. So as I sit with my morning coffee on 9/11 I was surprised to see a segment on the morning news featuring a charity that was supporting a hijab wearing woman selling farm goods.

I think on any other day I would have been OK with the segment. However on 9/11, what were they thinking? Where I live it is not OK to wear a MAGA hat. However a hijab on 9/11 is OK?

Yes I understand that my local news station is staffed by the genetically superior party. However the hijab on 9/11 strikes me as insensitive. I need a safe space. Watching the morning news in my own home can be such a traumatic event. I need, no I demand a support system to relive me of the willful intention to inflict traumatic pain onto my person. The willful triggering of what was already repressed pain at the hands of those who would do me harm absolutely demands reparations to support all necessary efforts to heal any and all of my pains.

If some state sponsored charity can provide for a hijab wearing woman selling vegetables on September 11th, maybe they could force Mecca to by some of my hay during Ramadan.

Hay, I need to sell some hay. Maybe they could use some hay for some goats or something. Funny, if I did sell some hay they would just tax me so they could, well give it to someone else.

The Evolution of a Party

Andrew Jackson was a populist. I have to assume that a majority of the population at the time were tired of the Whigs and Federalists, or whatever the opposing parties of the time were. Anyway a party was born. The party more or less evolved into the pre-civil war south.

Could being the party of the those who believed in the righteousness of slavery infers a certain amount genetic superiority to the party members? I will leave that thought right there, though I may revisit this later. I was going to mention that after time idealism is replaced with a certain amount of corruption to maintain status quo. Essentially this is why we have elections. If the population at large believes the party in power has become a self serving mechanism, instead of a mechanism to serve the population, they get to vote them out.

Corruption can involve fake news, as well as inside deals to enrich some of others. This is almost expected to a certain degree. However outright lying is wrong, and criminal. Elections have consequences. To the victor go the spoils. However we have laws to attempt to keep thing just. A little mutual back scratching seems to be a reasonable outcome. Rape and pillage on the other hand is criminal. Sometimes in search of a bigger payback a Party goes criminal. Too many supporters asking for too much can cause criminal behavior in the name of righteousness.

Criminality is eventually doomed to failure. Once again those who knowingly pursue a career in criminality most likely have a sense of genetic superiority. When I look at the leadership of the Democrat Party, that is what I see. Once I could rationalize their behavior as misguided or whatever. However when they started stealing campaign signs as a party policy so long ago, they then devolved into criminality. Just my observed opinion.

So in my mind the party had normalized criminality quite a while ago. When it comes to Darwinism, where do you go after normalizing successful criminality? Treason? I think they went there. The prima facie evidence is the fact that they accuse the latest populist president of such behavior, with outlandish claims. Yet they ignore evidence of their own outlandish behavior. This blog is filled with examples their past outlandish behavior.

When Bill Maher wished that the economy would crash so that President Trump would be defeated. He wishes ill against Americans. If his words caused bets against the economy, that is treason. I long believed that the economic downturn of 2008 was politically motivated. It was an amazing success and achieved many goals. Genetically incapable of simple satisfaction Bill Maher and his like simply want a repeat performance.

So will these genetically superior beings be successful? Typically they are very well to do. So why do the want to import people from outside of the country to hurt me? For that is what they have attempted to do.

The Biden Appeal

So what is wrong with old school? Joe Biden has an unexpectedly enduring appeal. He, to me, is the embodiment of the old school political insider. I expect to see Old Joe stepping out of his classic Corvette at the family picnic with a beer in his hand.

Without a radical agenda Joe Biden tends to defend the status quo of his party. That is the typical explanation of his popularity. I actually respect Joe for a different reason. He does not savagely attack his opponents. That is something that is relatively rare in today’s politics.

The election is still over a year away and a lot can happen between now and then. However I am happy that a candidate can maintain an appeal without viciously attacking the opposition, or the supporters of of another point of view. It is rare in today’s politics.

Although I consider Joe to be a swamp creature of the first order, I hope that he is not the end of an era when it comes to civility.

When all is said and done, civility is a rather good legacy to be known by.

Class Action

The genetically superior urbain left has class. They continue to attempt to school me. Of course I am a deplorable and repeatedly remind my betters that I am incapable of being schooled. Can’t blame them from trying though.

An urbain friend of mine recently posted that distillation of ignorance inflamed by fear is hate.  So is hate a marker for ignorance and fear? Could be. Today a congealed snowflake once again fabricated faults with the predictable distillate. I had to remind him that I had shook his hand. Didn’t matter, the distillate was the same.

This is why the rules can’t be the same. Deplorables are seemingly incapable of New thoughts. They need harsher penalties than the genetically superior left. At the same time the rules are justifiably relaxed for the classy urbain. It is so inconvenient trying to school those thick skulled deplorables. Double standards are so righteous when it comes to those right winging deplorables.

Can you imagine if the deplorables started wearing suits.


The preceding rant was prompted by a DC type saying that it would take more than a generation to repair the the damage that President Trump has done. This was after he asked for help and I was trying to save him some money, of which he has plenty.

Urbain is French for urban, no offense intended towards the French.

The Stars and Stripes in Hong Kong

Stunning to see many protesters in Hong Kong waving the Stars and Stripes and singing our national anthem. In Hong Kong! Seems they understand what the Stars and Stripes stand for. Equality for all. Something that some folks here do not understand.

I am actually scared for those people in Hong Kong. I think China, the monolithic state that it is, will hurt the protesters.

I pray for them.

Oh Sheet

I rhetorically asked my wife the other day, I wonder who Jeffrey Epstein pissed off? My wife immediately replied that he was a criminal. I replied what he did was normal behavior in the circles he traveled in. The conversation quickly went downhill from there and I dropped my line of logic.

The man was a player, the biggest house in New York City. The biggest house in New Mexico. His own private islands, an apartment in Paris. A fleet of jets and helicopters. And as many women as a Hip Hop star. He was reported to be incredibly smart, and hung out with the best of people.

Did Trump just say he is a pervert, and to go after him. Or did he screw up and somehow piss someone off. I dunno. Anyway they popped him into jail.

Bloggers said he was going to get suicided. Then it happened. People in the know said that the sheets were made of paper, precisely so people could not suicide themselves. So when the press said he hung himself with a sheet. Yah right. Suicided.

Another unionized facility in a Democrat district. Clarity indeed. So figure some professional thugs took him out. Dead or alive? So far no autopsy. Jeffery was not just any pervert. He was a real smart pervert. Just a guess, but Jeffery had information that some people would want to keep quiet. I am sure that they have already gone though all his computers. So I would also have to presume that Jeffery had a certain amount self preservation built into his methods. As a self identified brilliant person he would certainly try to outsmart any sort of thuggish behavior directed his way.

Was it simply a case of justifiable homicide. Or a professional rub out to cover for someone else’s misdeeds. Will Jeffery speak from beyond the grave with some sort of deadman switch? Would he then be worth listening to? I have no clue.