The Progressive Dilemma

As a self described Progressive, Bernie Sanders was shut down by the unproclaimed Globalist, Hillary Clinton. The look on Bernie’s face during Hillary’s acceptance speech told the story.

In my view a progressive believes in social services for all provided by progressive tax rates. In all not a bad idea. Of course there has to be a balance, tax rates can not be so high as to be oppressive.

It is when people that receive social services that have a greater worth than the value received by actually working, that you get a dissatisfaction with Progressivism. Of course that was not Hillary’s reason, she is a pawn of the big money Globalism.

So if Progressivism favours the poor, and Globalism favours the rich, where is the middle class left? Shrinking. Well a little bit. The rich are growing and the poor are stagnant as percentages. So the middle class is actually shrinking. Sorry I don’t have the figures but I think I am close.

In reality there has to be a balance between all philosophies, it does not help when there is an idealistic preference towards one philosophy or the other.

Personally I prefer a philosophy of equality and rewards for labor. Business should be encouraged and capital gains(taxes) should be progressive.

As far as I know, Trump does not describe himself as having any philosophy, other than he likes to make deals. Maybe he is an activist pragmatic.


Globalism and the Flag

Noticed Hillary Clinton was not wearing an American Flag pin when she gave her acceptance speech. As usual she was very well dressed, but no pin. Usually politicians wear flag pin as a symbol of their country. I am wondering that if you believe in Globalism you do not wear a flag pin. There may be some symbolism in there.

Interestingly Hillary described Donald Trump as a globalist with manufacturing facilities around the world. Donald also has Towers and resorts around the world. So I would consider Donald a globalist.

The Clintons have their Global Initiative Foundation, so they are also globalist.

Globalism has its pros and cons, with globalisation your more likely to pledge your allegiance to a multinational corporation. The corporations are then able to move internationally to resource Labour, material and customers.

Because Donald J Trump is running for president of the United States he wears a little American Flag Pin. I do not know if there are any rules or edict about wearing pins, but I noticed Hillary’s omission.

Polling Data

I am actually intrigued by polling data. It is not surprising to see that women prefer Hillary Clinton. To be realistic, I must admit that I do not understand the black and Hispanic vote, though I would think that their concerns would be the same as the rest of us. However when you pander to certain segments of the population, maybe it makes sense to segregate the population? Finally college education has also been reported as a separate category. Personally I would break up polling into different segments. Income, how much and where does it come from. Of course that may lead to its own problems.

The Red Spot

The Wall Street Journal had a story about the red spot on Jupiter. It was hypothesized that the spot is created by a crescendo of sound. I found that article to be much more interesting than the DNC convention coverage.

Love Trumps Hate

Big slogan at the DNC is Love Trumps Hate, it’s on posters that have been prominently displayed for the duration of the convention. Hillary mentioned it during her acceptance speech. What does the saying mean? Most Democrats describe Trump as a hater, do they love that he is a hater? Or do they mean that love conquers hate? Actually that would be pretty nice. Or do they really love to hate Trump.

I think it’s the latter, as the party in power the Democrats should be touting their successes. Instead they demonize those who would oppose them. Then riff off the opponent, while promising more of the same.

Bill Clinton

Well I have got to say, compared to the people who spoke before him, Bill talks a good story. I guess that when you can get people to hand you piles of cash, you can tell a good story. Did Bill just say that we have to help the small towns? ┬áNow it’s a laundry list of Hillary’s accomplishments, which of course is only natural.

Seems Hillary has helped people with aids in Africa as Secretary of State. Oh, by the way, Republicans live in a world of make believe.

Hillary is going to give you a ride that you won’t believe.

Finally Bill says to support the people in blue. It is about time.

Joe Sweeney

Something I could understand, simply and sweet endorsement. Hillary helped with the care of 9/11 first responders. It was her job, and she did it. Just too bad Bill missed Bin Laden when he had a chance to get him.

Still more stories of sadness.

Day II of the DNC

Well, I may watch a movie a year. So I don’t always follow what the plot is. I am having the same problem tonight. It seems that we live in a world of injustice and social services. That is what I am hearing. I find it very hard to comment on that.

I can understand the Trump bashing, as Hillary was soundly thrashed during the Republicans convention. The difference is Hillary has a record of public service, and it is not impeccable. Trump has a world famous public brand, and it’s had its ups and downs.

Candidates are fair game for their opponents. We get to choose who we prefer.