The Progressive Dilemma

As a self described Progressive, Bernie Sanders was shut down by the unproclaimed Globalist, Hillary Clinton. The look on Bernie’s face during Hillary’s acceptance speech told the story.

In my view a progressive believes in social services for all provided by progressive tax rates. In all not a bad idea. Of course there has to be a balance, tax rates can not be so high as to be oppressive.

It is when people that receive social services that have a greater worth than the value received by actually working, that you get a dissatisfaction with Progressivism. Of course that was not Hillary’s reason, she is a pawn of the big money Globalism.

So if Progressivism favours the poor, and Globalism favours the rich, where is the middle class left? Shrinking. Well a little bit. The rich are growing and the poor are stagnant as percentages. So the middle class is actually shrinking. Sorry I don’t have the figures but I think I am close.

In reality there has to be a balance between all philosophies, it does not help when there is an idealistic preference towards one philosophy or the other.

Personally I prefer a philosophy of equality and rewards for labor. Business should be encouraged and capital gains(taxes) should be progressive.

As far as I know, Trump does not describe himself as having any philosophy, other than he likes to make deals. Maybe he is an activist pragmatic.


2 thoughts on “The Progressive Dilemma

  1. Activist Pragmatic, what a great phrase. If I understand correctly pragmatics do what it takes to get things done and activists actually do it. That sounds like it could describe Lyndon Johnson, or Joseph Stalin, or Richard Nixon, or Abraham Lincoln, or Franklin Roosevelt or our present president. As for philosophy, if you remember those little blue paperbacks all those Greeks seemed to agree that happiness was the best state for humans, the problem is who’s version.


  2. In my view an activist has an agenda that they work towards enabling. A pragmatic does what needs to be done. An activist sets the agenda, a pragmatic gets it done. The results as you say, can be all over the place. Unfortunately I missed out on the little blue paperbacks. They tell me everybody is happy in North Korea, however I do not think they have as much fun.


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