Double Helixing Out Of Control

At the height of campaign rhetoric I mentioned that the Democrats were genetically incapable of anything but racist hate. At the time I considered it to be a preposterous tongue in cheek statement. There are no genetic requirements to join a political party.

Could I have been wrong? It seems unfathomable they there could be a genetic difference between parties. The most likely predictor on party affiliation is geographical. Additionally for some ethnic groups race plays a even larger role in political affiliation.

When a DNA test is done commercially, the first thing they say is where you came from geographically. Oh doh. So maybe there are DNA differences biased on where you live, or possibly a person may move to where they are more genetically comfortable. Of course I am not any sort of expert, and this is just a wild hypothesis.

This conversation comes about because of labeling by the media, and the widespread belief that Trump supporters are Nazis. Even Obama has used the term. I beg to disagree. In the beginning CNN reported that middle aged working men were the voters that Trump the candidate was targeting. That was very correct. Then as Candidate Trump gathered momentum the narrative changed. Like many a leftist plot, the plan had spiraled out of control. What was supposed to be a easily defeated straw man, ultimately won.

The people were ready for a change, how ready was was unforeseen by those in control. For them, the population was now out of control. Desperate times call for desperate measures, or so they think. I am trying to write this for clarity on both sides. For there are quite probably genetic differences. What I seek is equality for all. Now, I will admit there are out of control folks on both sides. There always is. It is up to the rational to not encourage bad behavior, it is better to moderate it.

So are the rural working people that voted for Trump really Nazis? Let me get back to that in a bit. I am not sure when Nazi’s gained complete control of the media, however they probably had pretty good control just months after Hitler was elected.  If there are parallels between 1933 and 2017, would it be the control of the media by the ruling party? It took a year after the 1933 election for for the SS and the Gestapo to be established. Today, it is not the ruling party that has pre-dawn raids on the opposition. Tactics of intimidation? As far as I know the president has not sent the secret police, or unruly mobs to intimidate any citizen on their political views. Not to say that there haven’t been unruly mobs, and secret police harassment. There has been. However it has not been by the direction of President Trump and his party. True, there have been rallies where people chant lock her up, and build the wall. Last I knew, Hillary was still walking free, and the wall remained un-built.

So two years in we have the showdown, and it is about the wall. Some hate the Wall, they say it represents the worst of mankind. But it is not about the Wall, it is about the gate. With the Wall comes a big beautiful gate. Trump during the campaign talked as much about the gate as he did about the Wall. It just wasn’t reported about. Chuck and Nancy have the power to stop the wall, and they will. I have to presume that it is a power and control thing. During televised negotiations Chuck would not even look at the president. Chuck has the power to stop the Wall, and he knows it. It is not about the Gate, it is not about negotiating. It is about the power of the Wall. As I have noted before Chuck and Nancy are reading from the same script. They even sent the same Christmas Eve tweet. I do not know who is writing their script, but I do wonder what it is all about. Ironically they will ensure that there is no Trump-Gate. Funny isn’t some sort of Trump-Gate what they so desperately desire?

Back to the genetics of the double helix. The left is desperately attacking the right, the right is desperately defending itself against what it sees as unfounded attacks. They swirl out of control around each other. That is the DNA of politics.

So are Trump supporters Nazis? If my knowledge of German history derived from Wikipedia is correct, the working class and Christians did not like Hitler. So if Trump supporters today are members of the working class and or Christians, they are probably not Nazis.

Let’s be careful out there.