Rules For Snowflakes


A snowflake is a beautiful and unique thing. A fragile hexagonal crystal composed of Hydrogen and Oxygen is arguably essential for life. With my less than adequate artistic skills I tried to replicate a picture of a snowflake on the blue tennis ball above. The blue tennis ball represents a drop of water that has turned into a snowflake. You probably have a better representation of a snowflake on the air conditioning button in your car.

Why should the billionaires have all the fun? The President has sixteen golf courses, I can barely play the game. So many people cannot afford to play golf, or have the talent to do so. So I have decided to invent a new game that can be played by all.

If there are too many snowflakes in the world, life grinds to a halt. Think a blizzard mucks things up? So it has become time time to move the snowflakes. People use shovels, plows and snowblowers. I am going to use the golf club, see it? It’s going to be a new game, called Bubbatrump.

So in the picture there is the snowflake ball, the golf club, and a hat. What is the hat for you may ask? Simple, the guy, or gal, wearing the hat makes the rules. I will say that the fewest strokes to the windmill wins. The winner then gets to wear the hat. Then a new set of rules! Of course the winner cannot make the game unplayable, can they?



Blessed are the Bloodied at Berkeley

I drove past the local village green this last weekend and the usual protesters with their their homemade signs were there.┬áTired looking they seemed a rather discordant sight in an otherwise vibrant community. I wondered if they would be accepting of a guy with a factory printed Trump sign who just wanted to talk. I didn’t think too long, for I had places to go, things to do and people to meet. Most Trump supporters would like to do more to support the president, but standing around and holding a sign? There are more important things that need to be done. I did not need to incite confrontation.

Easter Sunday I turned on the news and saw a group of Trump supporters in Berkeley being beaten by men dressed in black. This is the third time in three months that this has happened in Berkley. It has also happened in other places. For those that say this is a rare and isolated event, I beg to differ. Although I have not been bloodied by political violence, I have experienced anti Trump violence and hate. I believe it has been both professional and amateur, and I was nowhere near Berkeley. So if I had decided to stop and have a simple political chat with the protesters, how long would it be before some more professional type protesters showed up? At least this time the police made some arrests in Berkeley. I think that is a first.

As a person that wants nothing to do with violence, why would I be a Trump supporter? Honestly, it’s much safer to be a Trump supporter than to be involved in the opioid crisis. It’s probably safer than a lot of things I could do. After careful consideration I believe President Trump is doing the right thing, so I like others want to support him. I just like doing other things more than protesting.

So bless the men and women who go out on the streets to support President Trump, I applaud you. I cannot blame you for defending yourselves. I pray for your safety. Finally I deplore all those who promote violence in the streets.

Golden Shackles of Fascism

To say that I have been disappointed by my favorite media commentators would be a severe understatement. So for some time I have been searching for a new political commentator.

I will admit that there are external influences on the media. The right is influenced by the Koch brothers, the left is influenced Soros clan. Those are just a couple of the big players. There are so many others. Like most people I don’t have the time or inclination to truly understand them all. On occasion something will pique my interest, and I will dig deeper. It is from these excavations that I build the foundations that support the creations that are my opinions.

When it comes to political commentary I am open to opinion, then I would like to hear a reasonable supportive argument. In other words I am open to some bias to a point of view, in fact I enjoy it for the sake of dialogue. What I cannot cotton is blatant misinformation. When I have done my due diligence, built my point of view, and find it directly countered by blatant misinformation, I care no longer for the commentary.

So much political commentary is bound by the golden shackles of self serving fascism. The vast majority of commentators are elitist. Little did I realize, that all the commentators that I used to listen to were slaves. Slaves figuratively bound with what appears to be the highly adored diamond encrusted shackles of gold that represented their absolute fidelity to the fascism of the daily talking points of Alice Travis Germond. I have since opened up my eyes and encompass other views.

So today I enjoy the deeply cynical, and somewhat ambivalent political commentary of Greg Gutfeld. He may not represent my point of view, but he does not directly contradict it.

Ryomyong Street Is Amazing

Said to be more powerful than 100 nuclear weapons Ryomyong Street is a futuristic and modern boulevard. Environmentally friendly skyscrapers with plenty of green spaces line the boulevard. The streets are clean, the architecture is beautifully done with graceful curving lines. The sky is unpolluted and blue. The entire multibuilding complex was reportedly built in 90 days. Any developer would have to be impressed by the audacity of this construction. Little Kim Un unveiled Ryomyong Street a couple days ago in North Korea.

The pictures I saw of Ryomyong Street were indeed impressive, what is even more impressive was the lack of an actual nuclear blast in the latest North Korean celebration. It could be that the North Koreans have taken up building communities instead of bombs.

Truly a Win Win!

More Bling!

20170410_180100Well, I am not really comfortable with lots of bling, but I gave it a try. Of course I have the completely over the top Bubbatrump Hat. Then to deflect all the liberal slings and arrows I have the Trump shield. It is vaguely gear like in shape. This is because I like machines, and like to define things with Science Technology Engineering and Math, or STEM. Something that I would like to see more of in education. Finally the weapon of choice, the golf club. I would be happy if the wars of the future are fought on the golf course. I selected the 4 and the 5 irons because Trump is the 45th president.

Weaving Tangled Webs

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Thank you Sir Walter Scott for stating the obvious. I was watching Chris Matthews talk about weaving a web to ensnare President Donald J Trump the other day. I am not sure what Chris was thinking, but it seems rather obvious that the web being woven is one of the most tangled webs woven in years. Deceitful and crooked I believe that the web will ensnare those that are weaving it.

The Democrats are trying to link Donald Trump to the Russians. They believe that Donald Trump was hand picked by Putin to set up the United States as a puppet state controlled by Putin. This to me is a totally laughable concept. However many Democrats believe it!

I do believe that the Democrats would love to see us involved in a war with Russia. This implausible idea is because they are not in control of the Presidency, the House or the Senate. If the Democrats could goad the Trump administration into a war they would be positively giddy. For the next election would be “Trump started the stupid war”. Think of that the next time you hear a Democrat call for war with Russia.

Unfortunately many members of the public believe in the false propaganda emanating from the Democrats. Of course I believe that Trump is to smart to fall for the rattling of false sabers. It almost seems that he may be capable of ensnaring the Democrats with their own evil web of deception.

As Chris Matthews says, where there is smoke there is fire. I think that the whisp of smoke emanating from the Susan Rice inquiry is indicative of the potential for a much larger conflagration. I see so much fuel just laying about. The threshold of plausible deniability by the previous administration is about to be breached. The vigour and enthusiasm employed by the Democrats to build a web to ensnare President Trump will be the cause of their own downfall. Unable to engage in political discourse they resort once again to treachery. I see it again and again. At some point America will open up their eyes. We will be Great!

Syrian Flatulence

It seems the Syrian regime passed a little gas the other day. This is not done in polite company. President Trump gave a response that was the equivalent of a slap up the side of the head. Hard enough to get their attention, not hard enough to do real damage.

Sure it is not really known what the response will be, it could devolve into a full fledged rumble. Or more likely there will be some hard feelings, and more respect. Such are the results of a well calibrated slap.

Lesson for the international community, passing gas will not be tolerated.

Timothy Would Be Thrilled

As I tap away on a glass to write these words I often wonder what Timothy, or as I knew him Tim, would think about these current political events. We used to talk politics, that is why I dedicate this blog to him. Unfortunately while tending to care of the injured feet of a service dog he was brutally murdered by al-Qaeda. It was a slow painful death. He was a kind person, and had a remarkable mind.

We did not always agree, however we were never angry. Tim was a Libertarian and voted Libertarian. It didn’t matter that the Libertarian candidate had no chance of winning, it was what he believed.

So now we have Trump. I have no way of knowing wether Tim would approve or disapprove. Tim would probably agree with my assessment that Trump is a great salesmen and promoter. Trump definitely has his comfort zone, as he does not stray far from his properties and planes. His campaign must have seemed an epic journey. Trump is most at home holding court in his boardroom surrounded by brilliant people. All of this does not make him a good or bad person, or leader. Sure Trump has the presence, but what are his motives.

Steve Bannon seems to be President Trump’s muse. After a brief analysis I have decided that Steve Bannon is a Libertarian. I have a pretty good history with brief analysis. Tim I believe would agree with this assessment. I believe that in his afterlife, Timothy is thrilled. What could be better than a Libertarian in charge, with the best promoter money can buy? Government will be Tim’s way.

[Edit] – A day after I wrote this the media came alive with rumors that Bannon had fell out of favor. That may entirely be true, or partially true, or not true at all. I will say revolution is a evolutionary and dynamic event. I do not expect the administration to be static in its makeup. For the Trump administration is truly revolutionary.

The Bubbatrump Hat Version 1.0

Way back when I first started this blog, I promised a hat. Well here it is, the promise fulfilled.


Of course it is gold. When it comes to the Donald, is there any other color? I selected a nice puffed cheese curl orange for the font. A couple of reasons for this, one would be in honour of his spectacular bouffant and complexion. One of his most commented on attributes. Another reason would b the vast majority of political commentary have no more substance than a puffed cheese curl.

At first I had thought of something nice and embroidered for the official Bubbatrump Hat. But what the heck, I’m cheap. This was about $20 from Amazon. It’s made of vinyl so it is easy to clean. It will make a great work hat as grease will easily wipe off. I am looking forward to mowing the lawn with it.

This is version 1.0, their may or may not be another. That decision has not been determined. Just heads up though. There will be other Bubbatrump items!

SAD Tom Perez

Try to think of an acronym for SAD. Then watch the video of the new DNC chair Tom Perez, the one where he goes on an major anti Trump rant. The video when he says Republicans don’t give a sh!t about people. The media complains about Trump’s tweets, the ones where he ends up with a capitalised SAD. After watching Tom Perez my view of the word SAD will never be the same. That my friends, is SAD.