The Bubbatrump Hat Version 1.0

Way back when I first started this blog, I promised a hat. Well here it is, the promise fulfilled.


Of course it is gold. When it comes to the Donald, is there any other color? I selected a nice puffed cheese curl orange for the font. A couple of reasons for this, one would be in honour of his spectacular bouffant and complexion. One of his most commented on attributes. Another reason would b the vast majority of political commentary have no more substance than a puffed cheese curl.

At first I had thought of something nice and embroidered for the official Bubbatrump Hat. But what the heck, I’m cheap. This was about $20 from Amazon. It’s made of vinyl so it is easy to clean. It will make a great work hat as grease will easily wipe off. I am looking forward to mowing the lawn with it.

This is version 1.0, their may or may not be another. That decision has not been determined. Just heads up though. There will be other Bubbatrump items!


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