Timothy Would Be Thrilled

As I tap away on a glass to write these words I often wonder what Timothy, or as I knew him Tim, would think about these current political events. We used to talk politics, that is why I dedicate this blog to him. Unfortunately while tending to care of the injured feet of a service dog he was brutally murdered by al-Qaeda. It was a slow painful death. He was a kind person, and had a remarkable mind.

We did not always agree, however we were never angry. Tim was a Libertarian and voted Libertarian. It didn’t matter that the Libertarian candidate had no chance of winning, it was what he believed.

So now we have Trump. I have no way of knowing wether Tim would approve or disapprove. Tim would probably agree with my assessment that Trump is a great salesmen and promoter. Trump definitely has his comfort zone, as he does not stray far from his properties and planes. His campaign must have seemed an epic journey. Trump is most at home holding court in his boardroom surrounded by brilliant people. All of this does not make him a good or bad person, or leader. Sure Trump has the presence, but what are his motives.

Steve Bannon seems to be President Trump’s muse. After a brief analysis I have decided that Steve Bannon is a Libertarian. I have a pretty good history with brief analysis. Tim I believe would agree with this assessment. I believe that in his afterlife, Timothy is thrilled. What could be better than a Libertarian in charge, with the best promoter money can buy? Government will be Tim’s way.

[Edit] – A day after I wrote this the media came alive with rumors that Bannon had fell out of favor. That may entirely be true, or partially true, or not true at all. I will say revolution is a evolutionary and dynamic event. I do not expect the administration to be static in its makeup. For the Trump administration is truly revolutionary.


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